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Halloween decoration fails

The chair of doom

Okay, we’re a little torn with this one. On the one hand, this is one of the most creative DIY Halloween decorations we have ever seen – and we may or may not be trying this out in the office this year. Alright, we definitely will be. On the other hand, it really isn’t that scary. Instead of looking like a venomous snake with huge fangs that will send you running for the hills in an instant, this just looks like the adorable dragon from the animated movie, How To Train Your Dragon, and we all know that Toothless is harmless.

Our what?

There’s nothing worse than spotting a spelling mistake out in the wild and we’re surprised that nobody has kicked down this headstone just yet. While these homeowners have obviously tried their hardest to make it seem as though there are spooky goings-on in their front yard, they really should have given their decorations a little test run before going the full hog. After all, we have no idea what’s next. We hate to be a stickler for grammar, but this has lost all of its meaning. Quite literally.

The dad joke

Halloween is the chance for you to whip out your dark side, but also to get in touch with your hilarious side – because no Halloween celebration would be complete without some cheesy jokes. We can tell that a dad was in charge of this year’s decorations because this is taking the dad joke to the extreme. While we have to question just how long the legs of his supposed kids are, we also have to give him credit for this masterpiece and the effort that went into it. It truly is something special.

Popcorn is ready

Of course, we know this isn’t really supposed to be popcorn. However, we definitely have a hankering for a big ol’ bowl and a scary movie right about now. This witches cauldron is actually a pretty cool idea for Halloween, and it won’t take much to pop it in your front yard and fool your neighbors that you’re concocting some form of curse or pimple potion. Yet, we know that you can do better than this. These popcorn style bubbles just aren’t doing anything for us. Apart from making us super hungry.

A crash landing

This may be a Halloween fail, but we absolutely love it. The crash landing may have been planned or unplanned, but the fact that someone has gone to such an effort to create this flying saucer, the alien, and the cordoned off police line is definitely something to be proud of. Of course, aliens aren’t normally what you’d expect from a Halloween display, but we are loving this whole set up. The only thing that would make this better would be Elliott riding off into the moon on a bicycle.

Caught in a trap

No Halloween decoration display would be complete without a few spider webs. It’s basically the law. You can string these webs from door to door, from tree to tree, and even from skeleton to skeleton. However, this person obviously got a little web-happy on this occasion, because they decided to teepee their whole house in spiderwebs. While it’s great for the effect, we have a feeling that most people would try and commando roll underneath these webs and jump over them just to get a few pieces of candy.

Beware of the shark

If you’re low on funds, it can be difficult to really get into the spirit of Halloween. Yet, there are some people who won’t take this for an answer, and they make it their mission to decorate their home and scare the heck out of those nearby. This person had to get a little inventive with their decorations, and they went with the scariest thing they could find in their garage. The result? A great white blocking the doorway! We reckon this would do the trick because these sharks don’t mess around.

Beware walkers

Zombies and Halloween go together like peas and carrots, and it’s no surprise that more and more people have been making “The Walking Dead” decorations over the years. They have laden their front yard with zombies, they have baseball bats covered in nails on their front porches, and they have blood everywhere. Nevertheless, this person decided to do something a little different, and prove to the world that they should be afraid of the Walkers. We don’t think they’ve quite got it. We admire the attempt, though.

Trick or troat

Would any celebration be complete without cake? We think not. These celebrations are even better when these cakes are tailored to the occasion, and this person decided to order a pumpkin cake for their Halloween shenanigans. The more you look at it, though, the more you start to realize that it’s all gone wrong. Not only is the pumpkin smiling when it should be scowling, but there are also a few spelling mistakes. After all, we’re not going trick or “troat”-ing on “Halloween” this year. That’s next year instead.

Teddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is one of the most infamous scary movie characters of all time, so it should come as no surprise that he is often incorporated into Halloween decorations. He is pretty darn scary. However, it seems as though this house couldn’t hire Freddy for their event, as they decided to go for his lesser-known cousin instead. Teddy Krueger just looks as though he has a giant pimple on his face, and has spilled his dinner down the front of his sweater. It’s not scary at all. Sorry, Freddy.

How spoopy!

If you can’t make your own Halloween decorations, you’ll be happy to know that your local department store will always have your back. They may have whole aisles dedicated to the orange and black decorations, and they will almost always feature skulls, pumpkins, fake blood, and all kinds of spooky antics. At least, that’s what we thought was the case.This particular store decided to do something different this year and go for a more “spoopy” theme, whatever that means. We can’t say we’ll be adding this to our cart.

It’s a nope

Hard pass. It’s a nope from us. Although we appreciate the fact that someone has scrupulously spent their time attaching these fake bugs to the wall of this bathroom, we won’t ever be going to the restroom ever again. Thanks very much. This is more of a Halloween decoration success than a fail, but the fact that it will probably cause the imminent demise of anyone who walks in this room, we’re going to call it a fail. This just isn’t cool, and we would like to move swiftly on…


From an early age, we’ve always been told to reduce, reuse, and recycle – and that’s exactly what this person has done. Rather than throw away a perfectly good snowman to make way for the Halloween decorations in this person’s yard, they have decide to be a good citizen and save the world. They bought a Frankenstein’s Monster mask and simply placed it on top of the snowman. Sure, it doesn’t quite fit, but that just adds to the creepy illusion of Halloween. In our eyes, it’s a genius Halloween decoration fail.

How very creppy

Bless them. This bakery really tried with their Halloween cookies this year, but they just didn’t quite hit the mark. Not only is the spider-to-web ratio completely off, but the green icing just looks appealing rather than unappealing. We’d happily eat that cookie with a smile on our face, rather than hating every second because it’s creeping us out. This is further heightened by the fact that whoever was in charge of the piping didn’t quite know how to spell “creepy.” Oh well, “creppy” kinda works. Actually, no it doesn’t.

Like a wrecking ball

We can only assume that this person really doesn’t like Miley Cyrus because they really didn’t want her to come in like a wrecking ball anymore. Either that or they really love Miley Cyrus and incorporate her within every single aspect of their lives; including their Halloween celebrations. While the skeleton is creeping us out a little with her wig and her necklace, we can’t deny that this is totally original. It’s something we’ve never seen before, so kudos to the hallowed geniuses behind this Halloween fail.

The friendly ghost

The story of Casper the Friendly Ghost is legendary, but it seems as though our friend Casper has someone who is hot on his heels. Or cold on his heels, because ghosts don’t have any body heat. Yes, it’s fair to say that this ghost wouldn’t exactly scare off the neighbors. Not even with the giant “DOO” attached to its chest. If we walked past this house, we’d actually be inclined to give it a hug and listen to its problems, because he’s obviously a misunderstood little ghostie.

The lacy pumpkin

Have you ever walked around a store, seen a completely random product and wondered why the heck anyone would buy it/need it in their life? Well, this is one of those products. Lace doesn’t really fit the vibe of Halloween, but it seems as though this store thought people might want to cover their pumpkins in lace to add a little sauciness into the mix. As if the concept of this pumpkin lace kit wasn’t enough, it will also set you back $9.99! We think we’ll pass on this one.

Spooky Mingos

Yes, this is another useless Halloween product to add to the list. On this occasion, it’s clear to see that this store was just trying to make a bit of extra cash to go towards their Christmas party. While they probably sell normal pink flamingos for people to put in their front yard, they decided to exploit the spooky holiday and give them the chance to add an orange and black one to the flock. We really hope nobody got sucked into this marketing ploy because what relevance do flamingos have to Halloween?

Pearly whites

It doesn’t matter how old you are; you always need to carve a pumpkin during Fall. You can keep it outside to show that you’re embracing the changing weather, and then you can leave it there for when Halloween finally comes around. It’s a win-win situation. However, it’s important to note that pumpkins always need to be scary. That’s just the way it works. If you follow in this person’s footsteps and create a pumpkin with a toothy grin, the hardcore trick or treaters just won’t take you seriously. No teeth, please.

Trick or trat

What’s unfortunate about this Halloween decoration fail is that we actually love the idea. Simply using candle holders and string lights to adorn the outside of your house can result in a pretty cool effect… if you get it right. When choosing their candles in the store, this homeowner obviously had a slight lapse of judgment and forgot how to spell. You know, unless they do something differently in their town and a “trat” is some form of yummy Halloween cake. If that’s the case, we’d love to try the cake.

Halloween supplies

The holiday season is the best time of the year, and Fall and Winter are full of the coolest holidays on our calendars. You’ve got Halloween, you’ve got Thanksgiving, and then you’ve got Christmas. However, it seems as though some stores can’t keep up with these ever-changing holidays, because they all happen so quickly. Because of this, shoppers were surprised to see that this store had just given up and decided to sell their Santa Claus’s and their snowmen during the spooky period. This is shoddy work.


There are some people in this world who just aren’t into Halloween. They don’t celebrate the holiday, they don’t care about it, and decoration is the furthest thing from their minds. Yet, it seems as though this person was pressured into putting some form of decoration on their office door after his co-workers decided to go to town on the spiderwebs. While we appreciate the effort, we have to admit that it is a poor attempt. I mean, they didn’t even print it on orange paper or add a pumpkin into the mix.

A ghostly presence

What is it with these happy ghosts? Everyone knows that ghosts are supposed to be creepy and spook the heck out of you. These ghosts just aren’t doing that for us. Instead, we kinda want to go up to them and give them a pat on their rather odd heads. We’re not sure whether it’s the fact that they are so small or the fact that they have a giant smile on their faces, but these guys are making us feel both happy and uncomfortable at the same time. Can you remove them from your front yard now, sir?

Trick or Treak

There have been so many variations of this phrase that we don’t really know what’s real and what’s not anymore. Yet, after much deliberation and a Google search just to make sure, we can confirm that it definitely isn’t “Trick or Treak.” Sorry, guys. Even if this Halloween decoration wasn’t such a fail with its spelling, we don’t think we would want to buy it anyway. After all, that vampire looks much too happy to scare away the kids in the local neighborhood. We didn’t buy candy for a reason, you know.