After going to an open house, this lonely couple found private photos in the kitchen

Seeing those “For Sale” signs pop up around the neighborhood can only mean one thing: spring must be on the way! After all, the spring and summer are the most popular times for anyone to move. Perhaps it’s got you thinking about a change of scenery? It could be that dream house you’ve had your eye on all these years or an entirely new area as you start your life all over again. Whatever it is that gets you thinking about upping your roots, it’s a huge decision to make. That’s why moving is said to be in the top three most stressful events in our life. So why do we do it on average 11.7 times in our lives?

We have no idea. One way to get a feel for your potential new home is by visiting an open house. Now, we can see how it feels to stand in the rooms. Perhaps you even start to imagine where your furniture could fit in the room? A nice lamp over there, a couch in there, the TV on the wall there – the possibilities are endless! However, this couple were in for a surprise when they visited an open house. As they searched through the home, this lonely couple found private photos in the kitchen, but how did they get there? Why would someone leave them lying around like that? They couldn’t help but take a look.

Looking for contact

Having a family is a game-changer for any couple, but what happens when the kids are all grown up and ready to fly the nest? Unfortunately, children moving out of the family home can leave parents feeling lonely. The rooms are quiet. There is no one to talk to. This is when loneliness becomes a huge issue. After all, you can all live in America and still be over 3,000 miles apart. Although social media and technology help us stay in contact with our family, it’s just not the same. Karen and Donald Klickovich were two parents realizing what it’s like to say “goodbye” to their children. All of a sudden, life was about to get very empty.

Spreading their wings

Karen and Donald both live in Florida and have been married for four decades. Here, they could enjoy everything The Sunshine State has to offer. From fantastic beaches to a number of museums, there is always something going on in this bustling state. Donald has two daughters, Kristy Byers and Lisa Dougherty, along with their son, Donald Jr. However, Donald’s daughters both live in California – over 2,700 miles away. Donald Jr. had also left the family home and was raising his young family across the country. Although Karen and Donald wanted their children to enjoy their own lives, they often felt lonely without their youngsters around.

Going it alone

Loneliness doesn’t just affect people’s mental health; it can also have many people’s physical health, too, such as the risk of developing high blood pressure. In fact, loneliness in the elderly has been proven to increase the chance of passing away earlier, as well as the risks of dementia. There can be many aspects that stop us from seeing our elders regularly, such as distance or time, but missing a phone call or visit could have devastating effects.

Time to get nosey

Karen and Donald had been living in their Florida home for many years, but could it be time for a change? After talking to their family and friends, the pair were convinced to book an appointment at a local open house. They hadn’t thought about moving, but they didn’t want the opportunity for the perfect house to pass them by. Little did they know, there was a surprise waiting for them inside the home. A surprise that could be about to change their lives.

Falling for the house

Karen and Donald arrived to take a look around the home. However, someone was secretly filming them. Who would want to tape an elderly couple looking around a house? Something didn’t add up. It’s not long before Karen and Donald start to discuss what they think of the house. Donald thinks the rooms all have beautiful floors, and thankfully Karen agrees. It looks as though the house viewing is off to a good start. As they make their way through the house, everything seemed like a typical viewing.

Exploring each new room

After looking in the rooms at the front of the house, it’s time for Karen and Donald to make their way into the rest of the property. That’s when they stumble across the kitchen. The open fireplace is one of the first aspects to catch their eye. It’s stunning! Plus, there is so much more to take in from the incredible room. Although they are enjoying the view, the couple still have no idea that someone is secretly filming their entire time. Now, they are almost face to face.

An unexpected addition

It’s only then that the couple notice there is something odd about the kitchen. There are photographs, and they’re everywhere. Karen and Donald don’t think much of the additions. After all, they are in someone’s home; they shouldn’t be going through their private belongings. Only, they can’t help themselves – they have to take a peek. That’s when they spot something strange about the photos. Who could have left them all over the counter like that? It all started to seem odd…

Taking a closer look

These weren’t just any photos. No, Karen and Donald were looking at pictures of their family! Now things were making even less sense than before. How had their private photos got into the home? Plus, why were their pictures on display for anyone to see? That wasn’t all. Karen had sent these snaps to Donald Jr. There were pictures from family moments to tattoos. Why would Donald Jr. plant them all over the kitchen of an open house? Especially when he lived across the country.

Coming up with a solution

The couple knew there could only be one answer to the mystery. The realtor had to have planted the pictures there before the couple arrived. How else could their private photos have made their way to a random open house in Florida? Many real estate agents will go as far as they can to secure the sale. Perhaps this was their way of making sure Karen and Donald fell in love with the property? After all, they could now picture themselves in the house. Literally.

A strange silhouette

Karen and Donald knew it was a weird gesture, but they had to keep moving around the home to see if they liked the rest of the property. It was time to head out to the yard and put the strange photos behind them. Only, as the couple made their way outside, a small figure appeared behind a door in the kitchen. Could the house be haunted? Was this where the pictures had come from? No, there was nothing supernatural. In fact, the person filming whispered for the mystery person to follow the pair outside.

Unmasking the figure

The figure wasn’t just anyone. No, it was Cole, their grandson. How had he got into the kitchen of their open house? That’s when everything started to fall into place. It wasn’t just anyone filming Karen and Donald, but it was Cole’s dad, Donald Jr. Although there were answers to some of the questions, it still didn’t explain what the pair were up to. Could they be about to pull off a major prank on their family?

In for a shock

Cole ran outside to find his grandparents who couldn’t believe their grandson was now standing in front of them. Little did they know they were about to be joined by their son, too. Donald didn’t hesitate to wrap Cole in a huge embrace. In fact, the grandfather even said “You guys are gonna give me a heart attack” while he came to terms with what was happening. As if that wasn’t enough, Cole had even brought his grandfather’s favorite movie with him as a present. Donald couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

No time to see the house

Finally, Donald Jr. could find out if his parents liked the house. He had caught a lot of their reactions on camera, but it was time to find out face to face. Donald admitted they hadn’t got a chance to see all the house yet but loved what they had seen so far. However, they didn’t want to see the rest of it now. They just wanted to spend time with their family. It had been so long since they had seen each other; there was no time to waste.

A very important question

There was more to their visit than catching up with their family; Cole had an essential question to ask his grandparents. Did they want to see his room? What? His room? How could Cole have a room if the house was on the market? He must have got confused. That’s when Donald Jr. asked if his parents would like to see his room, too. Karen and Donald had no idea how to react. Could they really be hearing what they thought?

The grand move

Donald asked his son if they were going to be buying the house. It was the only way they would have bedrooms, surely? No, Donald Jr. had already purchased the home! Both Karen and Donald were left speechless by the news. The new house was just down the block from where they lived at the moment. At last, their family was going to be reunited. They finally had a reason their private photos were in the kitchen. It was Donald Jr.’s way of giving them a clue.

A family embrace

Although they had no idea how to react, Donald just had to hug his grandson once again. No longer would he have to wait months to see him. Now, Donald and Cole would be a few miles apart. Donald Jr. continued to film the entire thing while Karen tried to understand what was happening. To top it off, their son wished them a happy Thanksgiving. Could this be the best present anyone could have asked for over the holidays?

A tragic twist

Tragically, the family’s happiness wasn’t meant to last. Just 18 months after the video was uploaded to YouTube, Donald passed away. He was 73 years old. Sadly, Donald had been battling cancer in the years before he passed away, and he had finally lost the fight to the illness. Although he is now gone, Donald was able to enjoy his final months in peace as he was surrounded by his family at last. Had the move been any later, Donald Jr. might have missed out on the final few months.

Missing their loved one

The family put out a local obituary report that expressed their love for their late family member, as well as speaking about all the wonderful things they will miss now Donald is gone. Apparently, Donald passed away while in the arms of his wife, Karen. Everyone knew how much he had inspired them over the years, and how Donald’s passing was a reminder to make sure the entire family stuck together in their time of need. They will always be there for one another.

Helping to move on

Karen still lives in Florida, but she doesn’t have to worry about getting lonely anymore. Donald Jr. and Cole still live in the state and are just a few miles away. Donald might be gone, but that doesn’t mean Karen has to give up family life. Now, she enjoys life with the younger generation instead. While we might not all be able to move across the country, perhaps it could be time to pick up the phone and give all those relatives a call?