Geordie Shore women – where are they now?

Reality TV shows have been a big part of popular culture for nearly as long as television has existed! Over the last few decades, things have really taken off in the reality TV world, and the stars of these shows have become celebrities in their own right. Many Brits will remember the first ever Big Brother and its contestants, for example. Reality TV stars seem to be everywhere you look; releasing fitness DVDs, working on their own TV shows, hitting the headlines, and even entering other reality TV shows… However, what happens when the camera stops rolling? Geordie Shore is one of the biggest reality TV shows in Britain, but what happened to all of the Geordie lasses who used to be the stars?

Across the globe, there are millions of people who tune in every week to reality shows like The Hills, Ex On The Beach, Teen Mom, Just Tattoo Of Us, Single AF and Catfish. Yet, there is one MTV reality show that reigns supreme. Do we even need to tell you what it is? Of course, it’s Geordie Shore! With a whopping 16 series under its belt, Geordie Shore has entertained fans since 2011 – and it’s not hard to see why. Based on the American reality show, Jersey Shore, which brought infamous figures such as Snooki, The Situation, JWoww and Pauly D into our lives, Geordie Shore is not just your average insight into the life of an average English lad or lady. Instead, this show follows the life of the Geordies from The Toon, and you just know that everything sounds so much more dramatic and exciting up north. Cameras follow all of the ups and downs of these guys as they all live together under one roof, and as you can imagine – things get pretty darn intense. There have been breakups, there have been makeups, there have been messy incidents in the street, there have been catfights, there have been arrests, and more, and we’ve been able to watch it all!

While the northern Geordie Shore guys are always ready to ‘tash on’ and get their moves ready in the club, the women of Geordie Shore are the real heroes. They bring beauty, they bring banter, they bring brains, and they bring their bite. Yet, have you ever wondered what the women of Geordie Shore are up to nowadays? Well, we’ve got the scoop. You can thank us later.

Vicky Pattison – Then

Vicky Pattison joined the Geordie Shore cast in 2011 and quickly settled into the ways of the house. In fact, she was an immediate hit with the viewers. Throughout her time in the house, Vicky’s northern accent, loud and brash personality, and don’t-give-a-darn attitude attracted the attention of Ricci Guarnaccio. While on holiday in Mexico, Ricci popped the question on camera, and the pair announced their engagement. Their epic romance came crashing down in Season 5, and Ricci swiftly announced his exit from the show. Awkward.

Vicky Pattison – Now

After leaving Geordie Shore, Vicky didn’t have to move too far to use her camera-ready personality on MTV’s other popular reality show, Ex On The Beach. As well as becoming a panelist on the daytime talk show, Loose Women, Vicky Pattison also wowed the British public after she won the survival show, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! She donned her jungle hat once more in February 2018 when she appeared on the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Where she finished in 4th place.

Marnie Simpson – Then

Before making her entrance into the Geordie Shore house, Marnie Simpson worked as a waitress and was awarded the runner-up crown in the Miss Newcastle beauty pageant. Yet, her career really took off when she was chosen to take part in Season 7 of Geordie Shore. Throughout her wild 5 years on the show, Marnie entered into a hot and fiery on-and-off relationship with her fellow cast member, Aaron Chalmers. However, one last heated argument with Aaron was the last straw for Marnie and her Geordie Shore experience, and she confirmed that she was leaving the show in March 2018.

Marnie Simpson – Now

While still a major cast member of Geordie Shore in 2016, Marnie Simpson took part in Season 11 of Celebrity Big Brother and managed to fly through the competition to finish in 4th place. Nowadays, Marnie is still a pretty prominent public figure and has an extensive social media following. Thanks to her fan base, her hard work and determination, Marnie has managed to create a hugely popular makeup brand called Both Ways Cosmetics, which sells makeup for both men and women. She has also formed her own cosmetic coloured contact lenses company!

Chloe Ferry – Then

Just a few months before she was announced as the newest cast member on Geordie Shore, Chloe Ferry proved to the world that she was a natural in front of the camera and a total party animal when she appeared on a BBC reality show that saw young party-goers, secretly followed abroad by their parents. She then joined the 10th season of Geordie Shore and immediately proved that she was just as loud and ready to party as her co-stars. She found herself quickly fitting in with her housemates – although she definitely had a few catfights to contend with.

Chloe Ferry – Now

After joining the cast of Geordie Shore in 2015, Chloe Ferry is still a current cast member – but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t used her celebrity status for other ventures. As a true lover of the MTV brand, Chloe has also appeared on Ex On The Beach, and she made waves with those who did not watch Geordie Shore when she appeared on the 19th series of Celebrity Big Brother. Unfortunately, fans weren’t too impressed with her television persona, and she was evicted soon after.

Sophie Kasaei – Then

Fun fact: Sophie Kasaei is Marnie Simpson’s cousin! After joining the Geordie Shore cast in 2011, Sophie stayed on the show for two years, showing off her outgoing personality and her rocky relationship with her fellow cast member, Joel. As if that wasn’t enough drama for you, Sophie also had a rather large and public catfight with Vicky Pattison which caused a rift not only between the two of them but also the rest of the house. In 2013, it was announced that Sophie was fired from the show, but she made a triumphant return in 2016.

Sophie Kasaei – Now

Since 2016, Sophie has been a recurring character on the show, which means that fans can get a better insight into her life a few years on from her infamous sacking. Since her original stint in the house, Sophie has since lost over two stone in weight and now inspires her 1.7 million Instagram followers with her workout routines, her weight loss journey, and her own nutrition brand, which includes diet plans and supplements. She has also released her own fashion line, which she promotes on her social media pages.

Chantelle Connelly – Then

Unlike many of the other women on this list, Chantelle Connelly only appeared on Geordie Shore for one and a half seasons, but she certainly made an impression on the viewers at home. During her time in the house, Chantelle made it known that she was a “lads lass” who got on with the men more than she did with the women. While she didn’t always see eye to eye with the other ladies in the house, she did manage to catch the attention of both Aaron Chalmers and Scotty T, which often caused rifts in the house.

Chantelle Connelly – Now

After just a year and a half on the show, Chantelle upset her fans when she confirmed that she was leaving. According to her, there are “more important things than reality TV.” Immediately after she confirmed her split from the rest of the cast, major public feuds erupted on Twitter, which kept fans entertained for a little while. However, things have taken a slightly different turn for Chantelle now, as she was recently found guilty of grievous bodily harm after a night out went wrong in October 2017.

Rebecca Walker – Then

One of the main phrases we’ve taken from obsessively watching Geordie Shore is that it’s not a Saturday night if you don’t “get mortal” – and we have Rebecca Walker to thank for that. With her love for partying and her loud lifestyle, it’s fair to say that Rebecca didn’t get on with all of her fellow cast members. In fact, she entered into some pretty high-profile feuds with both Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby. While she left the show in 2012, after just two seasons to pursue new projects, we can’t help but think that these fights aided that decision.

Rebecca Walker – Now

Since leaving Geordie Shore in 2012, it seems as if Rebecca Walker has not only changed in terms of her looks, but also her personality! After ditching the fake tan and dying her famous black locks blonde, Rebecca has also ditched her love of nights out in favour of staying in at the weekends with her son. While she still impresses her fans with her beautiful Instagram shots and her epic new look, Rebecca fills her feed with posts of trips to the park, rather than trips to the pub.

Elettra Lamborghini – Then

Fans were pretty impressed to see Elettra Lamborghini on their screens during seasons 14 and 15 of Geordie Shore – because she was famous before she even stepped foot into the house. Yes, you can probably tell by her name that Elettra is related to the famous car legend, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and is often referred to as the Italian version of Paris Hilton. That can’t be too bad, right? Throughout her time on the show, Elettra got pretty close to two of her fellow cast members, Gaz Beadle and Marty McKenna. Sadly, she was only kept on for a few seasons.

Elettra Lamborghini – Now

Now that she is no longer a cast member on Geordie Shore, Elettra has used her fame and her fortune to take her back to Italy to pursue a singing career. In fact, she’s pretty good! After releasing numerous singles, Elettra has since travelled around the world to showcase her singing skills and work with some of the best producers in the business. She also updates her 2.5 million Instagram followers with snaps of her awesome life, as well as some revealing photos of her intimately placed leopard-print tattoos.

Chelsea Barber – Then

Known to Geordie Shore fans as Barbs, Chelsea Barber made her entrance into the Geordie Shore house in season 14 of the show – and although she wasn’t kept on for any more seasons, she definitely made an impression. One of her most memorable moments on the show came through her feud with Chloe Ferry. Yes, it turns out that if you steal someone else’s man, they get pretty annoyed, and that’s exactly what Barbs tried to do! Ouch.

Chelsea Barber – Now

Unlike many of the other women on this list, Chelsea Barber has not landed herself any more TV gigs since leaving the show. Despite this, she is still hugely popular on social media and likes to keep all of her fans up to date on her life through her saucy Instagram snaps. It seems she still enjoys going out in the Toon, but there are no signs of the other Geordie Shore cast on her page – so we have a feeling she left the show on a rather sour note. Despite this, there are still hardcore Geordie Shore fans who love to know what life has been like for her after the show.

Holly Hagan – Then

Like Sophie, Holly Hagan has also had two stints on the reality show – the first of which occurred between 2011 and 2016. During this time, Holly proved that she was a definite hit with the men of the house, as she entered into relationships with both Kyle Christie and James Tindale. She eventually decided to leave the show at the end of Season 13 but made a pretty epic return in 2018 when brought back her flirty personality and her dramatic lifestyle that all of her fans tune in for.

Holly Hagan – Now

Now that she is a full-time cast member once more, fans have become impressed with Holly’s incredible weight loss transformation. Thankfully, Holly is on hand to give them all of the information they could possibly need to embark on their own journey, and she created Holly’s Body Bible to help them do that. Alongside this, Holly has also worked up a massive social media following, with many hoping to get a glimpse of her life outside of the Geordie Shore house.

Charlotte Crosby – Then

Hardcore Geordie Shore fans will know that Charlotte Crosby was one of the original cast members. Indeed, Crosby landed herself a part on the first ever season of the show and soon made an impact with her party lifestyle, her loud opinions, and her standards. After all, she would never kiss anyone without a six-pack! Throughout her time on Geordie Shore, Charlotte also rose to fame thanks to her on-and-off relationship with her fellow Geordie, Gaz Beadle.

Charlotte Crosby – Now

While still on Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby managed to work up a major fan following – which soon landed herself a new role outside of the Geordie Shore house and into the Big Brother house. Amazingly, Charlotte won Season 12 of the show in 2012 and has since been on a whirlwind journey of fame and fortune. After leaving Geordie Shore in 2016, Charlotte has since landed herself both radio and TV hosting gigs. On top of this, her very own fly-on-the-wall reality show was announced in 2018 and will appear on our screens in March 2018. We can’t wait!