Funny warning signs that will have you running away laughing

Whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian, you’re sure to take notice of signs. Sometimes they provide important instructions or warnings, but other times they seem to serve no real purpose. A sign might tell you to be careful of a slippery surface, avoid a certain road, tread carefully or reduce your speed. Others might simply let you know that a store is offering a promotion, a restaurant is closed, or an apartment is for sale. We see these signs and act accordingly, doing as we’re told or enquiring further. What about when the sign is utterly ridiculous, though? What are we meant to do when the information makes no sense or is completely irrelevant? Naturally, we take a photo, share it, and spread the laughter, and here are some of the funniest of those particular types of warning signs.

What’s the point?

If we see a big red sign as we drive down the road, immediately we look, worried that the road ahead is closed or it is warning us of danger. For drivers along this road, however, a sign may catch their attention but for a completely absurd reason. This sign is there simply to let people know that it isn’t in use, but why?

Is that not a huge waste of time, effort, and money? What’s the need for a sign telling you that it’s not being used when they could just, you know, not have a sign at all? This sign begs for answers to a whole hoard of questions that we feel like we’ll never have answered.

There are more important things

If you’re going to warn someone about an unusable bridge, tell them about the sharp edges of the sign first. Priorities, right? After all, cutting your hand on a sign is way worse than falling from a bridge. More to the point, who’s touching the edges of the sign anyway? We’re severely worried for anyone who forgot their glasses that day though.

All they’ll be seeing is a random sign, warning them not to touch the sign – which we don’t believe would be anyone’s plan for the day. We’re a little worried that the sharp edges are such a big deal though. Does it mean that more people have been hurt by the sign than the bridge that’s out?

Please, help yourself

This person has had to weigh up their options, and they’ve gone for ‘hotwire my car and steal it’ over ‘break the windows.’ Smart choice. Let’s be honest, who wants to drive round in a car with smashed windows? We’d certainly much rather have it stolen altogether, too. In all seriousness though, this concept kind of makes sense.

If a thief opens the car door to find that the sign is correct, and no valuables are inside the car, they walk away empty-handed but not charged for criminal damage. What if they’re bluffing though? Are they hoping no one will try their luck if they’re told nothing’s in there when in reality, thousands of diamonds are stashed in the trunk?

Robert Wadlow, is that you?

Ah, yes, the all-important height restriction warning. These signs are usually essential and well-noted, but this one is a little out of the ordinary, to say the least. While we may notice the ‘watch your head’ sign when we’re walking down some basement stairs, this isn’t one we’d usually look out for. Who needs to watch their head under an 8’ 6’’ restriction?

Even Robert Wadlow, the tallest man to ever live, was only 8’ 2.8”. Even he wouldn’t have to watch his head! It might be one of the only places that he wouldn’t. Do they regularly struggle with giants and people on stilts knocking themselves on the ceilings? We’re certainly intrigued.

They’ve got their priorities straight

It’s nice to see a zoo that knows what their priorities are. You absolutely must not put your life at risk, because you could make the animals ill. Oh, and you’ll get eaten, but that’s not the point. We’re concerned that the zoo needed this sign though – has it happened before?

Did a woman run screaming to a zookeeper that the polar bear had eaten her child and he shouted back “oh no, that will make him sick?” Although, if anyone is stupid enough to lean over the polar bear’s fence and fall in, maybe the animal getting sick is the most important thing. After all, it is survival of the fittest, right?

That’s one way to do it

We feel like this might be just a tad excessive… and illegal. Besides, who decides what qualifies as a validated question or a stupid one? At whose discretion is it? We’d like to know what business this is for – and avoid it.

We wonder if they have training in this, too. Do they get told what counts as stupid and what action to take? We definitely feel like there could be better ways to deal with the situation, but at least they pre-warn you, we suppose.

Coincidence? We think not

We’re pretty sure this one is trying to tell us something. Why else would these two signs be paired? If you’re driving along this road and see a hitchhiker, you’re advised to drive on by.

If we’re correct, this is probably because they’re an escaped convict. If you decide to disobey the sign, however, and pick up a hitchhiker, and they tell you to drive as fast as you can in the opposite direction of the prison, while police sirens seem to be following you, chances are, we guessed right.

Problematic warning

Who’s Heat and why does he hate animals so much? More importantly, why is it the law that Heat must do this? Seriously, though, you’d think people would check their signs before posting them.

They seem to have missed the essential part of the sign that states that the law is not to leave pets in these situations, rather than the law being that it must happen. There’s a serious flaw in this poster, and Gaithersburg City should probably fix their error ASAP.

Not a very helpful sign

Isn’t the whole idea of these mobile electronic signs to give us important information and warnings? We reckon that someone told their employee that they needed to write something on the board about the traffic delays, and they did precisely that.

While we definitely appreciate this person’s sense of humor and feel like it could uplift some of the people stuck in this traffic, we really have to question what the purpose of this so-called warning sign is.

Valuable information

Again, we’re a little concerned that this may have happened before, to warrant creating a sign. Let’s be honest, it would make for a pretty cool tweet, but why would you not think to escape the flames before composing it?

We hope they have some real information elsewhere though. Unless people in this property aren’t allowed any fire escape locations or assembly points – they’re just told they can’t go on social media before exiting. It makes a little bit of sense, we guess.

A date for the diary

If you’re interested in the end of the world, we’ve got a date for you. For anyone who wants to attend Roseburg’s Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s Saturday morning talk, boy, have they got a surprise in store for you!

We feel like there was probably a better way to word this sign unless they really are trying to tell us that the end is nigh. In fact, don’t even bother coming to a discussion on it, we’ll just announce it on the sign, that way everyone can prepare.

We hear you, loud and clear

We see so many signs telling us not to drink and drive, along with the adverts about the dangers, but we can’t say we’ve ever seen a sign quite like this before. The passive aggressive warning could be perceived as a dare, that is, if you fancy a trip to the jail, hospital or morgue.

Although, we aren’t sure they’re anyone’s ideal destination. If you’d rather continue your journey as you were, we’d strongly suggest avoiding drink driving, before you take one of these three intimidating turnings.

Don’t get lost

This group of signs is enough to give anyone a headache. Is it a joke? Was the person in charge hopelessly lost? We don’t know how this came to be, but what we do know is that it’s not what you want to be looking at when you think you’re lost.

What’s even more confusing though, is that the cars beyond the signs are facing in different directions. What happened to it being one way? Where did they enter and where will they exit? We need answers.

Take note, swimmers

Minnesota is adamant that swimmers must not smoke under the water, but the real question is, how would they even if they wanted to? How do you even light a cigarette underwater?

We feel like there are much better things to prohibit in a pool or lake, like inflatables or diving, or even smoking around the area. This is definitely one we’re not used to seeing, though. We don’t suppose the rule will catch on elsewhere. Besides, what even caused this sign to be put up?

That’s not much fun

Sorry, Fido, just a short run today. You can only walk your dogs down the road up until this point. Upon reaching the brown sign, you must commence running with your dogs.

When you reach the green sign, you must stop, and turn around. That can’t be long enough to exercise your dog, surely? It’s a good job there isn’t a one-way sign too, otherwise, poor Fido would be getting abandoned at the green sign for the foreseeable, while you continue on your journey.

A monumental error

We all know the drill – you’re writing an essay in high school or a report for your boss, and you’re told to check your work over and over again. You must use spell check, get other people to check it over for you, and avoid mistakes whichever way you can.

Did this sign writer not get the memo? What happened to checking his work? On first glance, it’s not too noticeable and does the job, but on closer inspection, what were they thinking? Or rather, were they thinking at all?

No parking spaces left

Now where are we meant to park our flying car? There were no spaces left in the trees – above this sign was our last chance. They had to go and ruin it, didn’t they? Was this a recurring problem?

Perhaps something got lost in translation. We can only assume that parking is prohibited beyond or in front of the sign. Although, if parking behind the sign is the problem, should that not be solved by the fence? As for parking in front of the sign, just get rid of it.