Famous Women From The 80s – Then & Now

The 80’s will always be remembered as an iconic decade where big hair, bright jewelry and boomboxes were the big thing at the time. It was also a time for some of the biggest names in Hollywood to enjoy a prosperous career. Here’s a wicked flashback to 29 of the greatest and most famous women from the 80’s, and a look at where they are today.

Mia Farrow – Then

The actress turned model, was mostly famous for her unforgettable role in the horror film, Rosemary’s Baby back in 1968, which even earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. Farrow was also famous for dating the legendary Frank Sinatra and for having a long term relationship with director Woody Allen whom casted her to appear in many of his movies during that time, in fact 13 films.


Mia Farrow – Now

Farrow today is a proud mother to 14 children, 10 of which she adopted. She’s also very socially active as being a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Sadly, one of the ways she’s mostly remembered is due to the bizarre relationship between her famous ex, Woody Allen and her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Until recent years she made on stage and television appearances.


Dianne Wiest – Then

The two time Academy Award winner was famous for her roles in Footloose from 1984 and the Lost Boys three years later. Her Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress were given to her for her roles on both Hanna and Her Sisters and Bullets over Broadway.  Her Broadway debut was in 1971 when she landed the role of the daughter in Robert Anderson’n play Solitaire and later plated Honey in the epic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?


Dianne Wiest – Now

Wiest’s career is still very much alive as she recently starred in two films: Rabbit Hole in 2010, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and the comedy, Sisters. She’s also starring on the small screen in Life in Pieces. She also famously starred in actor turned director, Ron Howard’s film, Parenthood. This role earned her her third Academy Awards nomination.


Sandrine Bonnaire – Then

The French actress  who was born in Gannat, came from a big family with eleven children. She rose to fame when she was just sixteen years old in the early 80’s when she appeared in the film, A Nos Amours. She is probably mostly familiar for her Cesar Award win for best actress for her role in Vagabond. Vagabond made her rise  rose to international fame in 1986 when she was the lead actress.


Sandrine Bonnaire – Now

Ever since then, Sandrine has starred in over forty films, as well as perusing a career in film direction and screenwriting. The French actress kept making film appearances for example she played in 1995 in a movie called La Ceremonie, which earned her a Volpi Cup for Best Actress. In 1991 she met actor William Hurt whom she started a relationship and had a daughter with named Jeanne.

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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – Then

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, started her acting career on Broadway in 1980 when she appeared on the West Side Story. The American actress was nominated for her part in Following a part in The Color of Money in the mid eighties and was mostly famous for her role as Gina Montana in the 1983 film, in Scarface where she played Gina Montana, Al Pacino’s sister.


Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio – Now

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio did not stop her acting in the eighties, in fact she kept playing in more movies. In the beginning of the nineties she starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Since then she played in the movie, The Perfect Storm in 2000. and today she played in the Limitless TV adaptation.


Nina Hartley – Then

Born Marie Louise Hartman, Nina Hartley was studying nursing at San Francisco State University when she became an exotic dancer during her Sophomore year and starred in her first adult film when she was a junior. She came out of that university Suma Cum Laude of her class, yet decided to remain in the adult film industry as it was both more lucrative and something she enjoyed. She has also become a vocal supporter for the industry’s right to exist.

nina hartley then

Nina Hartley – Now

Nina Hartley continues to star in and direct adult films. She has starred in over 1,000 different films and has directed close to 20. Nina Hartley has also written several books and guides for couples and has starred in several documentaries about the adult film industry. She has won many industry awards such as Best Actress and even a Lifetime achievement award. Nina is known also as a feminist who fights for women’s rights.

nina hartley now

Geena Davis – Then

The actress seems like she’s got it all figured out since her early days as she was a model who turned into an actress and later a writer and a producer. In the eighties she acted in films such as The Fly and Beetlejuice in 1988. The Award winning beauty finally got her break when she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Accidental Tourist in 1988.


Geena Davis – Now

Besides the fact that she is still considered one of the most beautiful women on television, she kept her acting career which had another peak in 1991 when she starred in Thelma & Louise alongside Susan Sarandon. Today she plays Dr. Nicole Herman in Grey’s Anatomy’s 11th season and will also have the leading role in the current The Exorcist TV show.


Kelly McGillis – Then

McGillis most definitely got her big breakthrough when she starred as the beautiful instructor, Charlie Blackwood on the eighties hit movie, Top Gun alongside Tom Cruise. This roler changed her career life forever. She later played Rachel Lapp in the 1985 film, Witness where she co starred with Harrison Ford and in the 1988 film , Accused, alongside Jodie Foster.


Kelly McGillis – Now

McGillis film career did not really continue to rise since the peak of the eighties, however she did make a few appearances in movies in recent years. These movies include The Inn Keepers, Grand Street and Blue. The actress went through two divorces one in 1981 and the other in 2002 and in 2009 she came out as a lesbian while she was interviewed on SheWired. McGillis is a mother and teaches drama.


Jamie Lee Curtis – Then

Jamie Lee who made her acting debut in film in 1978 was on a good roll in terms of her movie career. The actress’s first famous role was in the horror film of Halloween as Lori Strode which pretty much gained her fame. The Golden Globe winner also starred in Prom Night and The Fog. She later starred in many more films in the eighties including the Halloween sequel, The Fog, Prom Night and Terror Train.


Jamie Lee Curtis – Now

Ever since the 80’s, Curtis has become a big star and appeared in many movies including the 1994, True Lies which earned her many awards, one of them being the MTV movie awards for Best Actress. She even has some closure today with her Horror related roles, as she stars in Screm Queens, a comedy-horror tv series. Freaky Friday, You Again and Spare parts are among her more recent works.


Joanna Cassidy – Then

The 1988 hit film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Blade Runner where she played Zhora, a film from 1982, are the movies that Joanna is mostly recognized by and which boosted her acting career. The American actress won her first Golden Globe for Who Framed Roger Rabbit when she played Dolores, a waitress on the film. Cassidy also played in some less familiar films. Her television career included an appearance on a miniseries named Hollywood Wives in 1985.


Joanna Cassidy – Now

Cassidy’s TV career has been very successful as she had a lead role in Six Feet Under, Boston Legal, In addition to appearing in a host of other movies she had a starring role as Margaret Chenowith in Six Feet Under which ran from 2001 to 2005, and guest starred in Star Trek: Enterprise, Boston Legal and Bones. She also played Joan Hunt on ABC’s Body of Proof for two years.


Sissy Spacek – Then

While most people would remember the actress for her legendary role in Carrie, she actually came to be publicly famous after her role in Terrence Malick’s Badlands. Sissy Spacek is a multiple Award nominee, in fact six times. Although she came to fame with her 1973 film, Badlands, it was her role as Carrie White that gained her the most fame. Her 1980 film, Coal Miner’s Daughter won her an Oscar for Best Actress.


Sissy Spacek – Now

Sissy’s biggest role ever since her earlier career was in the multi Award Winning periodic drama, The Help. Today Spacek plays in the Netflix TV series, Bloodline as Sally Rayburn. The show, however got cancelled through its third season. Her latest nomination she received for her role in In The Bedroom in 2001, a movie that also earned her a Golden Globe for the third time actually.


Kathleen Turner – Then

Famous for her unique voice, Turner was the voice behind the iconic Jessica Rabbit. She was also co-starring with Michael Douglas in Romancing The Stone. The American actress rose to fame when she starred in the 1981 film, Body Heat and the 1984 movie, Crimes of Passion. She has two Golden Globe Awards and an Oscar nomination and she has been very busy in the film industry during the eighties. 


Kathleen Turner – Now

In recent years Turner made an appearance in Dumb & Dumber and in Marley as well as made some guest appearances in TV Californication. The nineties and the next decade were also very bust years for the actress. She starred in movies such as The Virgin Suicides, Beautiful and Baby Geniuses. One of her most recognized television guest roles was onNBC’s Friends when she played Chandler’s cross-dressing dad.


Fanny Ardant – Then

The French beauty, who dated the famous French director, Francois Truffaut, back in the days, played in many movies, in fact she acted in more than a hundred movies, one of them even won her a Cesar Award for the role she played in Pedale Douce.


Fanny Ardant – Now

The French actress who grew up in onaco is still going strong at the age of 67. Fanny appeared in French TV Mini-Series Resistance. And she has three movies pencilled in for release soon. She has done a lot of directing in French movies and even starred in her first short movie that she directed in 2010, Absent Chimeras. The actress who speaks both Italian and English has appeared in a music video for singer Mika.


Jessica Lange – Then

Jessica Lange is a multiple award winner including two Oscar Awards, three Emmys, five Golden Globe Awards and many more. While she started her career as a model, her first film debut was in 1976 when she starred in the remake of the King Kong film from 1933. A nice fact is that in 1982 she actually was the first actress in 40 years, to receive two Academy Awards nominations in one year.


Jessica Lange – Now

She has won the so-called Triple Crown of acting (Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award) in 2016. And most recently she has a recurring role in American Horror Story.  The actress also had a nice number of film appearances during the nineties which included her Oscar winning role in Blue Sky where she played a manic depressive wife. One year later she co starred with Halle Berry in Losing Isaiah, another memorable performance.



Lori Singer – Then

There’s no doubt that Lori Singer’s 80’s career was a bountiful one as her played Ariel Moore in Footloose where she actually debuted her film career. Singer also starred in the glorious NBC’s TV hit, Fame when she was part of the very famed cast and played a dancer named Julie Miller. Some of her eighties movies include The Falcon and the Snowman where she starred alongside Sean Penn and Trouble In Mind in 1985.


Lori Singer – Now

As much as her acting was a glorious one back in the days, Lori ended up later spending most of her time behind the scenes as a producer. Later in the nineties she appeared in movies such as Equinox, Sunset Grill and Short Cuts, a movie which earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Ensemble. In 2011 she made a television turn when guest starred in Law & order: Special Victims Unit.


Sigourney Weaver – Then

Weaver’s maiden name is actually Susan Alexandra Sigourney Weaver and ever since her Annie Hall film in 1977 where she had a small role, her career just kept rising. The American actress’s big break came when she starred as Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise. Weaver was also very famous for her appearances in the Ghostbusters films in 1984 and in 1989. She also had an Off-Broadway appearance which she was nominated for a Drama Desk Award.


Sigourney Weaver – Now

Weaver is still going strong as she had an unforgettable part in the epic 3D film, Avatar. She also did some voiceover work for WALL-E and Finding Dory. Weaver was nominated for a Golden Glove seven times and she won twice for Best Actress in Drama and Best Supporting Actress for her 1988 features Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl. In fact she became the first person to land two Golden Globe nominations in the acting category within the same year.


Elizabeth McGovern – Then

The multi talented actress is not only a television actress When she was only 20, the young actress, who used to appear in Ordinary People, was nominated for her 1981 role in Ragtime. For Ragtime she received an Academy Award when she played Evelyn Nesbit. Her eighties were very bust years as she played in films such as Once Upon a Time In America, and Ordinary People.


Elizabeth McGovern – Now

Today she’s mostly recognized for her role as Countess Cora Crawley in the British drama series, Downton Abbey. She’s also supposed to appear in The Commuter that will be launched in 2017.Her famous films from the nineties include Handmaid’s Tale and The Wings of the Dove that was released in 1997. In 2017 she is expected to play in a film called The Commuter.


Molly Ringwald – Then

When you think of teen idols from the 80’s, Molly’s face is probably the first to pop in your head. The sweet red head appeared in some of the 80’s most classic films: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles, all directed by John Hughes. These really turned Ringwald to the great eighties teen idol that she was, which probably until this day is a title that is attached to her.


Molly Ringwald – Now

Today Molly has three kids and her most recent acting took place in The Secret Life of an American Teenager between 2008-2013. Her films from the last two years include Jem and theHolograms, Bad Night and King Cobra. Her television appearances include a role on raising Expectations. In 2009 she was awarded for a Teen Choice Award for her role in The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


Carrie Fisher – Then

Fisher is mostly known for becoming a sex symbol after starring as the sexy Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies between the years 1977 and 1983. Carrie also appeared in the all time romantic film, When Harry Met Sally. Although she was mostly recognized for her role as Princess Leia, which also gained her a status of a sex symbol during those years, she also had a few other films such as The Blues Brothers and Hanna and Her Sisters.


Carrie Fisher – Now

Carrie regained her Stat Wars’ stardom when she later played in the latest movie of the franchise. She turned to writing and even published an autobiography novel which became a best-seller and was later turned into a movie. Fisher has had a couple of television appearances including a guest role on Entourage’s seventh season in 2010. Her autobiography, The Princess Diaries was released in 2016. Sadly, Fischer passed away on December 2016, after suffering  from a medical emergency during a flight.


Jennifer Connelly – Then

It was her Labyrinth role that made her a big star eventually after she tried her shot in the beginning of the 80’s with different roles, one of them was in Once Upon a Time in America in 1984. Connelly started her career in modeling when she was just a child, and the beauty appeared everywhere. Her first leading role was was in the horror feature Phenomena in 1985.


Jennifer Connelly – Now

Jennifer starred, among others, in drama films where she played alongside Russell Crowe in two of them – A Beautiful Mind and Noah. She also appeared in the controversial picture – Requiem For a Dream, where she played Marion Silver. Her nineties films include Career Opportunities and The Rocketeer. In 2009 she starred in the romantic comedy film, He’s Just Not That Into You alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest stars.


Sean Young – Then

Young played as Kate Gekko in Wall Street, a drama film from 1987. She was also very known for her roles in Blade Runner where she co starred with Harrison Ford, and the movie  Dune. Her film debut was in Jane Austen in Manhattan in the beginning of the eighties and in 1981 she starred in Stripes. Her television career also started in the eighties when she played in Under the Biltmore Clock.


Sean Young – Now

Her success didn’t stop in the 80’s as she later starred in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and recently in Bone Tomahawk. Her latest and most recent works in films were in Star Trek: Renegades, Darling and Bone Tomahawk. In 2012 she had an appearance on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.


Karen Allen – Then

Karen Allen actually appeared in the first Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. The role on the Indiana Jones blockbuster was pretty much a game changer for her and her career changed for the better. She won a Saturn Award for her outstanding performance. She later appeared in more movies such as National Lampoon’s Animal House and Cruising. She had a couple of minor roles in films later on including Until September and Starman.


Karen Allen – Now

Going back to her roots of acting, Karen later regained fame with her role in a more recent Indiana Jones film – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She also made an appearance in Bad Hurt which came out in 2015. The actress was married twice, first time to songwriter Stephen Bishop and later to actor Kale Browne , but the two divorced in 1998.


Helen Mirren – Then

The talented and epic star starred in films back in the 80’s, one of the more familiar ones was the A Midsummer Night’s Dream production. Her 1984 role in Cal was also very notable, as she even won Best Actress in the Cannes Film Festival. At the end of the eighties she went back to England to star alongside Bob Peck Arthur Miller’s Two Way Mirror.


Helen Mirren – Now

Mirren’s glorious days came a bit later when she won an Oscar for her amazing role in The Queen, which even got her to be appointed by the Queen herself the title “Dame”. The actress even received the Triple Crown of Acting award that many actors yearn for. Her latest role was in the sweet film The Hundred Foot Journey.


Glenn Close – Then

The versatile actress is probably mostly recognized back in the days for her role in Fatal Attraction that was released in 1987, a film she was nominated for Best Actress. The famous actress rose started her acting career back in 1974 when she played in Love for Love, but her first steps were mostly on New York stage where she played in musicals and Broadway productions such as Barnum and The Real Thing.


Glenn Close – Now

Some of her latest and most memorable roles include the evil Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and as Patty in the TV hit, Damages. The nineties were very good years for Close when she won two Tony Awards, once for Death and the Maiden and the second time for Sunset Boulevard in 1995. That same year she won an Emmy for her television role on Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story.


Dame Judi Dench – Then

Another British actress which landed the celebrated title of Dame, Dench started her acting career as a Shakespearean actress. In the 80’s she played in the TV shows Cold Climate and A Fine Romance from 1981 till 1984. Dench has definitely been established as one of Britain’s most prominent actresses and during the eighties she had some supporting roles in big pictures such as A Room With a View.


Dame Judi Dench – Now

Finding closure in Shakespeare in Love, Dench received an Oscar for her spectacular performance in the movie. She also had unforgettable appearances as M in 7 James Bond movies. The talented actress acclaimed her global fame when she played the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service in the 1995 Bond film, Golden Eye. In 2011 she became a member of The British Film Institute.


Mia Sara – Then

Mia starred is mostly known for her role in the 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when she played Sloane Peterson. She also played in the film legend alongside Tom Cruise. Her other famous eighties movies include Queenie, Shadows in the Storm, Bug Time and Till We Meet Again in the late eighties.


Mia Sara – Now

Mia took her talent mostly to television with her role as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. One of the actress’s secert pleasures is flying and she even has a private pilot license. In 1996 Sara married Sean Connery’s son, Jason Connery., whom she met on the set of Bullet to Beijing but the couple divorced in 2002. These days she is married to Brian Henson, the son of the Muppets creator.


Anjelica Huston – Then

Huston won an Oscar in 1985 for her role in Prizzi’s Honor, continuing her famous family’s film heritage of Academy Award wins. She later received an Academy Award nomination for her role in Enemies, a Love Story and The Grifters. Her love life began quite early on and when she was only 18 she dated Bob Richardson. Soon after she began a relationship with the famous Jack Nicholson on 1973, however the two did not survive Hollywood’s curse on relationships.


Anjelica Huston – Now

The unique star was famous for her unforgettable role as Morticia in The Addams Family. She also acted in The Royal Tenenbaums and The Witches. Huston won a Golden Globe twice for her nineties films of The Addams Family. The Royal Tenenbaums was a Wes Anderson film and it’s no surprise she acted in that film as she liked working with the director. She later published two autobiographies.


Barbara Hershey – Then

With over 50 years of a career in acting, Barbara has quite an impressive and very versatile record of roles. She did not stick to one genre, instead she played in all kinds of movies including comedies and Westerns. Barbara’s big shot came when she landed the role of Mary Magdalene in The Last Temptation of Christ, that was directed by Martin Scorsese, a role she also received a Golden Globe nomination for.


Barbara Hershey – Now

The nineties were great for the actress as Hershey won both a Golden Globe and and Emmy for her lead performance in the miniseries category for A Killing in a Small Town in 1990. She received  another Golden Globe nomination as well as an Oscar nomination for her role in the 1996 Jane Campion film, Portrait of a Lady. Recently the actress starred in the fantasy show Once Upon a Time where she played Cora Mills.


Daryl Hannah – Then

The blonde actress made her splash in the acting world with her role in the 1984 hit film, Splash where she costarred with Tom Hanks. Hanna will always be mostly recognized as the beautiful mermaid named Madison. She also had a supporting role in Blade Runner. Her film debut was actually in 1978 in the horror movie, The Fury and later she continued in that genre when she had a role in The Final Terror.


Daryl Hannah – Now

Her fondness for fantasy films was probably one of the big advantages she had when she auditioned for Tarantino’s epic Kill Bill movie sequence. Her love life was also on a high profile when she reportedly dated John F. Kennedy and famous singer Neil Young. Her most recent works include appearances on Netflix’s Sense 8 and in a couple more less familiar movies.


Lea Thompson – Then

Famous for her Back to the Future roles, Thompson also starred in Howard the Duck and Jaws 3-D in 1983 where she actually made her film debut. Thompson however will always be mostly remembered for her role as Lorraine Baines McFly, Marty McFly’s mom on the Back to the Future trilogy. The sweet actress kept landing role after role and appeared in movies such as All the Right Moves, The Wizard of Loneliness and a prominent performance in Nightbreaker.


Lea Thompson – Now

Lea gave the small screen a shot and pretty much switched from film to television. Her most recent work on television is playing Kathryn Kennish on ABC’s drama series, Switched at Birth which tells the story about two girls who were switched at the hospital and follows the loves they earned and could have potentially had. Just like many former stars, Thompson was a part of the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars.


Linda Hamilton – Then

Hamilton’s acting career started with television before she turned to the big screen. It was her big role in the prime time soap opera in the beginning of the eighties, Secrets of Midland Heights that really pushed her forward. Her film debut came not much later when she played in the TAG: The Assassination Game, a role which enlisted her as one of the most “Promising New Actors of 1982” in one of the famous publications by John Willis, Screen World.


Linda Hamilton – Now

Hamilton didn’t really pursue with her acting career and she focuses most of her time on being a mom. She did however have some minor TV roles, for example like on the show, Chuck. Hamilton’s first marriage to Bruce Abbott ended on bad terms after he reportedly left her while she was pregnant in the eighties. Hamilton later started a high profile relationship with director, James Cameron whom she had a daughter with, however the two had a very expensive divorce, in fact a $50 million agreement.


Nancy McKeon – Then

Every 80s and 90s kid knows Nancy McKeon, but they probably call her Jo. Jo (Polniaczek) was a beloved character in the 80s hit sitcom “The facts of life”. McKeon landed this life changing role, when she was 13 years old. Less than four years after moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to become an actress.


Nancy McKeon – Now

After the show has ended, almost ten years and nine seasons later, McKeon guest starred in several TV shows. In 1994, she auditioned for the role of Monica Geller on Friends. But we all know who eventually got this part.


Connie Selleca – Then

Connie is an actress, model, and producer. Her name is well known throughout Hollywood for both her talent and her beauty. In 1987, Connie was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama for her role in the show Hotel. In the 80s, Connie also took part in The Last Fling and Downpayment on Murder.


Connie Selleca – Now

Today, Connie is in her early 60s and aging all too well. Her most recent roles were in television films such as All About Christmas Eve, Anna’s Dream, and The Wild Stallion. Connie is also an activist and a born again Christian.

42nd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Nancy Kerrigan – Now

Nancy Kerrigan was a skating prodigy in the late 80’s, who would soon become the infamous victim of a Winter Olympics scandal in the mid 90’s. By 1989, she was s prized figure skater who placed 4th in the national rankings and was a veteran of the National U.S. Junior Skating Competition. She went on to perform successfully in the 1992, 1993, and 1994 Winter Olympics, medalling in each competition that she competed in. In 1994, her primary rival, Tonya Harding, enlisted the help of her husband at the time to assault Nancy just before competing in the U.S. National Championships in Detriot. Kerrigan was severely injured and the assault became known as the “Whack Heard Around The World.”


Nancy Kerrigan – Now

Following the attack, Nancy regained her strength and rehabilitated her knee, which led to a $9.5 million endorsement deal before she continued competing at the Olympic level throughout the 90’s. Today, Nancy runs the Nancy Kerrigan Foundation to combat struggles for the legally blind. She has also written an instructional book on figure skating, performed in a variety of on-ice shows, and enjoys retirement with her husband and children. In 2004 she was indicated into the Figure Skating Hall of fame.