Famous & Fabulous Grandmas Of Hollywood

Jessica Lange

Big-screen goddess, Jessica Lange, is a grandmother to 2 girls. In 2013, she wrote and released a children’s book that was meant for 2 granddaughters. The story describes a journey of two sisters on their way to their grandmother’s farm. The gift eventually turned into much larger, that Lange hadn’t planned on in her career. Until this very day, Jessica Lange remains as stunning and talented as ever. However, we’re sure her granddaughters will have to wait until their much older to watch some of her best, award-winning performances.


Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon’s granddaughter, Marlow Mae, calls her grandmother “Honey” at the film star’s request. She has her own reasoning for the namesake, though – Sarandon states, “It seems different and sounds warm and sweet.” Susan is in the honeymoon stage of grandma commitment, as Marlow was just born a year ago in mid-2015. So far, Susan believes that being a grandma (excuse us, we mean Honey), is much easier than being a mother. This doesn’t surprise us, though- Her own daughter Eva was born just 6 months before Thelma and Louise was released! Talk about a tough balance, huh?


Susan Lucci

At age 70, Susan Lucci is looking fierce, in control, and on top of her A-game. She’s also a gorgeous grandmother to 3 equally beautiful grandchildren. In the past, Susan has brought her grandson, Brendan, to walk the red carpet with her after he endured life-changing surgery to treat his cerebral palsy. Susan and her daughter, Liza Huber, work at body image positivity every day with Brendan and support him no matter the cost. The goal is for Susan’s grandson to overcome challenges and feel good about himself. Susan sounds like a great grandma to have around.


Rita Wilson

When Rita Wilson married Tom Hanks in 1988, she gained 2 step-children and had 2 more children of their own. Today, Rita is a grandmother to 2 and a step-grandmother to 1 from Tom’s son, Colin Hanks, from a previous marriage. Tom and Rita’s marriage is famous in Hollywood for being one of the longest and most happy celebrity unions (knock on wood). They’ve had their share of ups and downs, which includes their son Chet entering rehab to beat alcoholism, but they always seem to come out stronger in the end.


Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner may be known as a star-studded actress and mother to Hollywood Hall of Famer, Gwenyth Paltrow, but back at home she’s known as “Lalo” to her grandchildren. Blythe refused to be called to “grandmother” or another derivative of her name by her grandkids, so she invented a new label for herself. Lalo is the respective grandma of Moses and Apple, Gwenyth’s two children with Coldplay musician, Chris Martin. It’s astonishing how Blythe has managed to keep up in the look department with her daughter until now; she’s one hot mama!


Jane Fonda

In a nutshell, Jane Fonda pretty much redefines what it means to be a grandmother in the 21st century. She has 2 grandchildren, Viva and Malcolm, and takes any given opportunity to spend as much time with them as possible. She loves her role as a grandmother, stating “When my daughter first became pregnant, my friends in Atlanta asked what I wanted my grandchild to call me. I said ‘ “Grandma” of course,’ and they were shocked. Their kids called them Dolly, Nanny, anything else. But I like `Grandma.’ I like being a grandparent.”


Naomi Judd

Prepare to be stunned: Naomi Judd is a 70-year-old grandmother! Naomi and her daughter Wynona are known as Grammy-winning recording artists who toured the world and became the greatest Country mother-daughter duo in the genre. After their days in the music industry were over, Wynona gave birth to 2 children, making Naomi a grandmother 2 times over. Elijah and Grace are the light of these two talented ladies’ lives, which is exactly how it should be!


Reba McEntire

It’s a little-known piece of knowledge that Reba McEntire’s step-son (from a previous marriage) is married to the one and only, first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. Reba is technically the step-grandmother to baby River Rose but as the country icon says – “We don’t use the word step.” Reba is a grandmother to 5 more children, which are the offspring of her 3 biological children from the same previous marriage. Kelly Clarkson says Reba is an “the coolest mother-in-law” and idolized her as a child wishing big dreams on a star.


Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn’s vivacious attitude and humorous personality sometimes lead us to forget that she’s a grandmother of 5. Her daughter, Kate Hudson, has two sons named and her son Ryder and Bingham and Oliver has two girls and one baby boy. Goldie has some major street cred when it comes to physical comedy and has a knack for non-stop entertainment. We can imagine that while she’s still just as fabulous as ever, she’s also still just as funny and laid-back as she’s always been. We love our grandma, don’t get us wrong, but having Goldie around would certainly be a hoot.


Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan may be the funkiest grandmother in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean you should doubt her as a responsible guardian. Chaka takes her role as grandma so seriously that in 2011, she filed for full custody of her granddaughter Daija Jade when she was 10 years old. Daija’s parents were unable to care for her the way she deserved to be, so Chaka was granted permanent custody of her grandbaby and the two ladies have lived happily ever after ever since. 2011 was a triumphant year for the legendary singer. She brought home her favorite family member, toured with Prince, and was honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is still the breath-taking Italian actress that took over Hollywood with her exotic charm and endearing personality. Now in her late 80’s, Sophia has 4 grandchildren in total – two grandsons from both of her sons. Sophia has remained single since her husband’s passing in 2007 and has no plans to re-enter the dating world anytime soon. When she’s questioned about her love life, she simply responds with “Now I’m falling in love with my grandchildren and I’m very happy about it.” You go, Sophia!


Priscilla Presley

Lisa Marie Presley has blessed her mother Priscilla with 4 grandchildren. The 2 eldest grandkids are in the 20’s and the younger ones are twin girls. Grandmama Presley is known to spend a lot of time with children but the amount of attention her grandson gets for looking like his late grandfather, Elvis, is justifiable and simply remarkable. The oldest Presley grandchild, Riley, is pursuing a career in music and acting. Priscilla hasn’t remarried since her divorce to the King in 1973 but we have a feeling she likes being on her own.


Sharon Osbourne

We could’ve been a rock legacy if we were born with Osbourne grandparents! Sharon Osbourne is the protective grandmama of 2, both kids from Jack’s marriage to Lisa Stelly. Since the Sharon and Ozzy called it quits in 2016 and the “Godfather of Heavy Metal” disappeared after news of his extra-marital affair went public, the Osbourne family has gone through hard times. However, Sharon is a woman who believes in the sanctity of family and has been spending quality time with her grandkids and Jack during this tumultuous time.


Suzanne Somers

For Suzanne Somers, the art of cooking and healthy living plays a key factor in her role as grandmother to 6. Of her teachings, Suzanne says “Now that I have perspective and can look back on my actions as a parent, I have corrected the mistakes in my relationships with my grandkids. I do feel that as a young single mother, I did the best job I could possibly do under very tough circumstances, so guilt is nonexistent.” She’s chosen to embrace the talents her grandchildren bring to the table and wants to help her oldest granddaughter open a bakery later in life and pursue her passion.


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner may get a bad rep as a controversial stage mom but as a grandmother, she pretty much rules. Kris has a total of 6 children; Saint and North are the children of Kim and Kanye West. Reign, Penelope, and Mason are Kourtney and Scott’s kid. The newest member of the Kardashian Klan is Dream, the daughter of Rob and Blac Chyna. Kris has a full plate with these 6 grandbabies to help raise but we have a feeling she’ll figure out exactly what to do with them in the entertainment industry. After all, she has done it before.


Marie Osmond

We can’t help but notice how fabulous and fantastic this grandmother looks! Marie Osmond isn’t a stranger to professional setbacks and personal struggles, but with the help of her budding family she’s regained a sense of joy that can only be simulated by experiencing a childhood; “Out of all the awards and accolades that I have been blessed with throughout my life, nothing comes close in comparison with the blessings I receive from being a mother to my eight children and grandma of three.”


Tina Knowles

Tina Knowles is the mother of Beyonce and Solange. In 2012, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy into the world and Tina described her new status as famous and fabulous grandmother “the second best job I’ve ever had.” Tina isn’t just a pop-star mama, though. She’s also known for her top fashion brands House of Dereon and Tina by Miss Tina, which will give Blue Ivy a whole lot of fun in style department when she comes of age. We can’t help but wonder whether or not Blue will enter the world fashion with grandma or music with mom?


Sally Field

Sally Field has 3 grandchildren and couldn’t be more proud them. This famous grandmother has kept her family in tact after experiencing the pain of divorce for most of her life, but insists unity is a core value of hers. She’s a supportive mother, especially to her openly-gay son Sam. At 69, the successful film star treasures her career, her 3 sons, and her three grandkids – Sophie, Noah, and Isabel.


Tina Turner

Tina Turner must be one fun grandmother to have! She keeps her personal life on the down low (thanks to some very valuable lessons learned), but we’re sure she shakes it and wiggles well alongside her 2 children behind closed doors. However, traveling to see them must be hard to do, since the singer renounced her American citizenship in 2013 and traded it in for a Swiss passport. She now lives in Zurich and owns two other homes – one in Los Angeles and the other on the French Riviera.


Martha Stewart

It would be an absolute crime if Martha Stewart didn’t have grandchildren to teach all of her culinary and homemaking skills to. Martha has a grandson and a prodigy granddaughter, who began speaking several languages at the young age of 3. She likes to brag about her granddaughter’s intellect; “The little girl is a genius, speaking Spanish and English, [and] she’s going into Mandarin now.” Honestly, we want Martha to be our grandmother just so we can first dibs at those cookies and pies she’s always baking. Plus, she probably makes a mean chocolate milk.


Kate Capshaw

Kate Capshaw, who of course we all know is married to Steven Speilberg, is the mother of Jessica Capshaw – one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy. Mrs. Speilberg is a grandmother to 7 children; 4 from her daughter Jessica and is still waiting for another from one of her 3 children with Stephen. Stephen and Kate first met on the set of Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom and were married in 1991.


Sarah Palin

Politics aside, Sarah Palin is definitely famous. She’s also totally fabulous and has achieved much pop culture fame for grandma good looks. Sarah famously became a grandmother after the 2008 Presidential election when her teenage daughter Bristol gave birth to a baby boy named Tripp. In 2016, Bristol gave birth to another baby and her son Track and his wife welcomed a newborn girl named Kyla. The former Governer of Alaska now spends her time doting her two grandchildren when she isn’t working as a commentator for Fox News.


Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is the French actress that stole Hollywood’s heart in Roman Polanski movies, foreign films, and in major American productions. The cultural bombshell is a grandmother to 5 children – the youngest being 5 years in age and the oldest is around 25 years old. This famous and fabulous grandmother also has a nickname that she likes better than the social norm; “They certainly do not call me grand-mama. I won’t tell you what they call me. It’s a short, very nice name, but it’s private.”


Laura Bush

As we said with Sarah Palin, all politics aside – Laura Bush is a fabulous, famous grandmother. She calls Jenna’s baby Mila, although her full, legal name is Margaret Laura Hager. The former First Lady is an attentive grandmother to little Mila, the nickname taken from her paternal grandmother Mimi Maxwell, and isn’t shy about uploading daily photos and videos to her social media accounts. Mila is the only grandchild so far of the Bush grandparents and by the looks of it, they’re enjoying spoiling their little angel so much that we’d be surprised if they weren’t anxious for another one.


Diane Von Furstenberg

If international fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg isn’t the epitome of famous and fabulous, then we don’t who would be. This stylish and successful grandmother has 4 grandkids to dress up and strut down the runway with. Her two children were a product of her first marriage to Prince Egon of Furstenberg; Diane’s lost her royal title in 2001 after she remarried media mogul Barry Diller, but her grandchildren still hold theirs including young Princess Talita who has been featured in Teen Vogue and Tatler Magazine. We’re sure Talita is picking up a large amount of helpful hints from her talented grandma.


Whoopi Goldberg

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t want to have Whoopi Goldberg as their grandmother? We didn’t think so. The iconic Whoopi is a grandmother to 3 children and at the age of 58 became a first time great-grandmother! When she welcomed baby Charli Rose to the world, she uploaded a picture on Instagram and revealed how long it’s been since she’s cared for a newborn; “I’m doing something I have done in 40 years. I’m actually feeding.” Her caption to the photo read “Everyone meet the new addition to my family Charli Rose and yea I’m a tad awkward it took me a minute been a LONG time! #thankGod4newlife!”


Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight isn’t just a fabulous grandma, she’s a great-grandmother, too! The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Famer has 16 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren to date – and she’s only 72! Not only does Gladys look phenomenal for her age ( she barely looks like she’s aging at all), but she’s certainly be around long enough to see the births of some more great-grandchildren. Do you guys think the soul singer treats her grandkids at her delicious restaurant chain Gladys Knight & Ron Winans’ Chicken & Waffles? We certainly hope that’s a part of the Knight family/grandparents benefits!


Ivanna Trump

Just because Ivana isn’t married to the Donald anymore, doesn’t mean she’ll trade in her Louis Vuitton for a fanny pack. Ivana’s daughter Ivanka has 3 children with her husband Jared Kushner, making the former Mrs. Trump a grandma 3 times over. Ivana won’t give in to the stereotypical image of what a grandmother is supposed to be and continues to dress in high-end designer clothing that bares the subtle amount of skin she wishes. As of 2015, her grandchildren will be getting an up close and personal look at the White House.


Judy Blume

Judy Blume was one of the greatest authors of the 70’s and 80’s with cooks such as “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret” and “Tales Of A 4th Grade Nothing.” Her only grandchild, a grandson named Elliot, is the reason she wrote the popular “Fudge” series. He motivated her to write them and Judy subsequently based the main character on her ex-husband, John M. Blume. Unfortunately in 2010, Elliot was arrested for sexual assault that took place at his grandmothers’ house near Martha’s Vineyard. He struck a plea deal and walked away with probation.


EmmyLou Harris

Country Rock-Star EmmyLou Harris became the coolest the grandma on the block in 2009 after the birth of her granddaughter, Prudence. EmmyLou, the 13-time Grammy-winning artist, even penned a lullaby and recorded it on her 2011 album “Hard Bargain.” for Prudence; the song entitled “Goodnight Old World.” EmmyLou isn’t just a famous and fabulous grandma – she’s one who has managed to keep her lean figure and natural beauty despite the inevitable aging process. We can hardly believe she’s 60 when we look at her!