This expectant mom was having a nice day on the beach, but something was lurking in the water

Although everyone says that ‘life is an adventure,’ it can often seem as though life is a shift at work that just never seems to end. Children spend their childhood years working in school, teenagers work towards their college degree, and adults work to put a roof over their heads. Things get even more challenging when you bring a child into the world – and sometimes you just need a chance to unwind, and think about something other than work. Because of this, we have to make the most of our days off. We need to take ourselves to the movies, we need to surround ourselves with nature, and we need to do what makes us happy.

Want to know the best way to unwind? Take yourself to the beach! The beach is fun for all of the family, no matter your age or where you are in the world. You can tan yourself on the beach, you can frolic in the water, you can swim a few lengths in the ocean, and you can even take a beautiful maternity shoot. Yes, more and more couples are choosing to take their love and their bump to the seaside to commemorate their pregnancy. After all, this photograph is going to stay with them for their whole lives, so it needs to be perfect. However, it’s also important to note that the beach offers certain dangers. Just as we call terra firma our home, there are countless sea creatures who call the ocean their home – and sometimes they’re not too happy for their homes to be invaded. One pregnant mother faced the full brunt of this when she was having a nice day on the beach, but realized that there was something hiding in the water behind her…

A day at the beach

If you’re the kind of person that finds themselves snowed under with school, college, work or a pregnancy, it’s important that you take yourself away from these responsibilities and actually enjoyed the world around you. One of the best ways to do this is to take yourself off to the beach! Yes, not only is the beach a great place to unwind and chill out in the sun, but it’s also the perfect location to have a maternity photo shoot. The location is beautiful, the backdrop can’t be beaten, and the lighting is golden. However, a trip to the beach should be made with caution. After all, there are many creatures lurking under the sea – and one expectant mother discovered this during her own photo shoot…

The couple in question

Although you might be wondering what was lurking in the shadows, we can’t truly understand this story without knowing the events that led up to his fateful day. So, we should probably say hello to the couple in question! Dan and Angeline Mozer were over the moon in 2015 when they discovered that they were expecting a baby. As this was their first child, the couple were new to all of the thoughts and feelings that were going through their minds, but they did know that they wanted to mark their special occasion with something that they could remember forever. They racked their brains and eventually came up with the perfect solution.

The perfect photo

The couple, who had recently relocated to Jacksonville in Florida, wanted to create the perfect photo of their bump and decided to follow in other couples’ footsteps with a maternity shoot. Although they debated using a professional photographer for the shoot, they decided against it. Dan was a keen photographer himself, and while he wasn’t a professional, he knew a thing or two about cameras. When they finally decided to snap the photo, Angeline was in her third trimester and was finding it increasingly difficult to move around quickly with her large stomach.

A spanner in the works

As the couple made their way down to the local Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, they believed that the blue skies were a sure sign that they would have the perfect weather for their photoshoot. However, the couple were new to the area and had not got to grips with the weather patterns – which were notorious for changing in minutes. In fact, by the time they reached the shores of Atlantic Beach, they were faced with a completely different backdrop. Instead of blue skies, the dark sky was alive with thunder and lightning.

Doing research

Reluctantly, Dan and Angeline retreated to safety and away from the beach. Although they knew they could choose another location for their maternity shoot, they were set on the beach. To ensure that they were prepared for a second attempt, Dan decided to do some research on the weather patterns in Atlantic Beach so they could return another day. Yet, it was during this research that Dan stumbled on some new information. This information went into detail about the creatures that lie beneath the surface of the ocean…

They weren’t alone

Incredibly, Dan soon discovered that they were not alone on the beach. Over the years, Atlantic Beach had built up a reputation for itself for housing some of the most dangerous sea creatures in the world, including sharks and stingrays. Dan was obviously taken aback by this new fact but knew that it shouldn’t stop them from enjoying their time on the beach together. After all, they were going to snap their maternity shoot on the shore, and his wife wouldn’t be going anywhere near the ocean. They would be absolutely fine, right?

The perfect day

After he dug out all of the information he possibly could about weather patterns and the weather forecast on the beach, Dan and Angeline eventually found an alternative day for their maternity shoot. It was a Sunday afternoon in 2015, and the sun was shining brightly. There was not a cloud in the sky, and it was warm enough for Angeline to wear a beautiful dress. Dan looked at their backdrop and knew they had picked the perfect day. The surf was rolling in, and Angeline looked amazing primed by the water’s edge.

A new commotion

Of course, Dan and Angeline weren’t alone on the beach. As it was a lovely summer’s day, the beach was crowded with beachgoers who were chilling on the golden sand and hanging out with their friends and their family. Yet, as they went about their business, several visitors noticed a commotion in the water. In the distance, they could see a dark shadow that seemed to be getting closer and closer. The people on the beach started to retreat, but Angeline was much slower than the rest and was struggling to get away from her spot on the shore.

Rushing away

As the beachgoers were rushing away from the shore and retreating to the sands behind them, Angeline was straggling behind them. With her large stomach, she struggled to walk at the best of times, but it was even harder on the soft sand. She could see that the dark shape was getting closer to her, and she was starting to panic. Thankfully, Dan was able to help his wife further up the beach, and they were both safe from the ominous figure coming towards the shoreline. What was it?

In search of the perfect shot

Before too long, the dark shape seemed to retreat, and beach-goers watched it get further and further away from the shore. Business soon returned to normal, and Dan and Angeline continued with their task to get the perfect shot of mom and her bump. However, the pair were so determined to get the most incredible shot they decided to once again get close to the shoreline. So, they grabbed their camera and walked back down to the ocean’s edge. It was then that Dan noticed something in the water behind his wife…

Racking his brains

As Dan looked at the spot behind his wife, he noticed the dark figure had appeared in the water, and that it was once again coming towards the shoreline. The father-to-be was completely overwhelmed with emotion as he saw it coming closer, and he started to rack his brains as to what it could be. Could it be the sharks and stingrays he had heard so much about? As he looked into the ocean, Dan convinced himself it was a shark and knew that he had to do something…

Determined to succeed

Although Dan was extremely concerned that the creature coming towards them was indeed a dangerous shark, he also seemed to be stuck in the sand. He knew that he needed to get his wife out of the way, but would a shark really come up onto the sand? He knew it would be incredibly unlikely as sharks cannot move on land, and he also knew that he was determined to succeed. He knew that he wanted to take the photo of his wife, and he wasn’t going to give up.

Appearances can be deceiving

Before Dan had a chance to make a decision, the decision was made for him – because the creature soon reared its head and popped out of the water. One of the main reasons Dan believed the animal was a shark was because he could spot a fin lurking its way out of the water, and he wasn’t wrong about that! However, he was wrong about the animal, because the sea creature was not a shark at all. Instead, it was a dolphin who just happened to be playing close to the shoreline.

Moving too quickly

Dan was over the moon to realize that the creature swimming around his wife was not a shark, and even more overwhelmed to see a dolphin so close to the shore. In an attempt to capture the moment on camera, Dan tried to snap a photograph of the dolphin as it jumped out of the water. Unfortunately, he soon realized that he just wasn’t quick enough. As soon as he pushed the trigger on his camera, the dolphin would dart back into the water and Dan would lose all sight of it.

A new option

As a keen photographer, Dan knew that taking a photograph of his wife and their bump was their main priority, but he couldn’t help but realize that a new door had opened. What if he could take a photograph of his wife with the dolphin in the background? As he considered this option, he also remembered that his camera came with an shutter option he rarely used. This ‘Burst’ option allowed him to take three photographs straight after one another. But would it work, or would the dolphin still be too quick?

The ultimate photobomb

Dan tried his hardest to press the button as soon as he spotted the dolphin jump out of the water, but he didn’t think he would ever capture the incredible moment. Yet, as Dan looked at his camera, he realized that he had captured the ultimate photobomb! Located just behind his smiling wife was the dolphin – which looked as if it was flying on top of the ocean. As soon as he noticed what he had done, he knew that this was the kind of maternity shoot that would go down in history…

Didn’t get to see it

The father-to-be was incredibly proud of herself, and Angeline was amazed that her husband had been able to capture something so magical that had happened in a split second. However, there was a part of her that was upset. After all, her back was turned away from the dolphin when it came out of the water, so she didn’t get to see it with her own eyes. Yet, she knows that she can always look at her maternity photo whenever she feels upset about this fact. That moment is immortalized forever.

A viral sensation

When Dan and Angeline looked closer at their photo, they realized that they just couldn’t keep it to themselves. So, Dan decided to send the photograph to WJXT4 The Local Station, where it was posted on their Facebook page. Immediately, their maternity shoot became a viral sensation, with thousands of shares and likes. At the time of writing, the photo has more than 53,000 likes, as well as a whopping 5,097 shares! An impressive achievement for a couple who just wanted to snap a picture of their baby-to-be.

A healthy baby

Although people around the world were amazed at what Dan had captured on his camera, the same question was on everyone’s lips… how is the baby? Just a few weeks after this incredible photo was taken, Dan and Angeline welcomed their bump into the world. Courtland Thomas Mozer was born healthily and happily, and the couple are overwhelmed with love for their first child. To make their experience even better, they know that Courtland will always hold a special place in the heart’s of people across the world, thanks to their photograph.

An incredible story

It’s safe to say that the story of Dan and Angeline is one that has sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions. After several attempts to snap the perfect maternity shot, they eventually found a day that would give them the weather that they would like. Yet, as the story went on, they realized that appearances aren’t always as they seem. What they thought was a shark turned out to be a beautiful dolphin, and what was supposed to be a normal maternity shoot turned into an extraordinary one that would go down in history.