Everything you wanted to know about the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of a couple of people called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Know them? Yes, we thought so. As the hottest new couple on the block, the world has been waiting in the wings for their upcoming wedding… and the time is nearly upon us! On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Meghan will make her way down the aisle and pledge her allegiance to her real-life prince, and the British Monarchy. No pressure, Megs. Over the years, royal weddings have brought in millions of viewers from across the world, and if Prince William and Kate’s wedding is anything to go by, the numbers will make your brain hurt. In 2011, the royal wedding ceremony between Prince William and the new Duchess of Cambridge brought in a whopping 72 million live-streamers on YouTube, as well as 26.3 million viewers in the United Kingdom alone.

With Meghan’s American roots behind her, we can only imagine that even more viewers from across the pond will be tuning in to watch the former Suits actress become a member of the British royal family. Who’d have thought it?! While he may not be the first in line to the throne, Kensington Palace has still kept pretty tight-lipped about their impending nuptials. It’s not certain who will be attending, what Meghan will be wearing, what they will do after their wedding, or even how Meghan will fit into her new royal position. Thankfully, we’ve been able to uncover some of these juicy facts about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. You can thank us later.

Meghan will break royal tradition

Whether you love her or not, Meghan Markle is here to stay. Since the pair announced their engagement, critics from around the world have dug up everything they could about her past and her life that could stand against her. As if that wasn’t enough, many have also discredited the former actress for being a divorcée – but after Harry’s father married Camilla, it seems as though the royal law has changed somewhat. Thankfully, Meghan is not letting the media attention burst her royal bubble, and it seems she is even going to break royal tradition during her wedding reception! Normally, the bride never makes a speech during her wedding breakfast, but Meghan is going to do things a little differently…

The guests have to adhere to strict dress codes

Have you ever seen Kate Middleton floating around in a strapless dress? No, of course you haven’t! The royal family are expected to wear respectable and proper clothing at all time, and showing too much skin is frowned upon. Yet, it seems the guests to any royal wedding will also have to adhere to a few dress codes. For the men, they are either expected to wear their full military uniform or smart morning suits. For the women, the dress code is a little more difficult. While they can wear dresses of any color or style, showing your arms or too much leg is a no-no. Ladies are also expected to wear a hat out of respect for the royals.

Prince Harry had to ask the Queen an important question

When Prince Harry popped the question to Meghan Markle, he probably believed it would be the most important question of his life – but it seems that was only the start. As per the law of Britain, any member of the royal family who wishes to get married must obtain approval from the sovereign of the state. In this case, it was his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Thankfully, Harry didn’t have to wipe the sweat off his brow for too long, as ol’ Lizzie decided to grant him his wishes. God save the Queen!

The bride-to-be will hold a new record

At just 36 years old, it’s fair to say that Meghan Markle is a spritely young soul. However, in the world of royals, Meghan is the oldest bride to ever grace their family! Traditionally, the royal family tends to get married in their late teens or their early 20s, and Meghan will take on a new record as the eldest. Before Meghan, this record was in the hands of Catherine Middleton, who was still incredibly young when she got married to Prince William. Kate was just 29 years old.

Meghan won’t get to choose her wedding ring

Let’s be honest, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is an absolute smacker. In fact, we have to wear sunglasses every time we look at it. Unfortunately, her wedding ring will not be quite as remarkable – owing to the fact that she can’t choose it herself. Every royal wedding ring is traditionally always made out of a reserve of Welsh gold that the royal family owns. This comes from the famous Clogau St. David’s mine and has been used for the likes of Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, and Princess Anne.

The royal family will be forking the bill

Have you ever wondered how much a royal wedding will set you back? Well, considering a normal wedding will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, we don’t even want to think about the cost of this one – and were guessing Meghan’s family doesn’t want to either! Luckily, Meghan’s choice in man has worked in their favor, as they don’t have to pay for any aspect of the wedding. Instead, the royal family will be forking the bill and paying for every little detail of their big day. That’s not a bad deal at all!

The most beautiful royal is not being invited

As the big day gets closer, press from around the world have been buzzing around and trying to determine who is invited to the royal wedding, and who didn’t make the cut. In an awkward turn of events, it seems as though the woman who has been dubbed ‘the most beautiful royal in the world’ has not been invited! Yes, Lady Amelia Windsor – who is the third cousin of Prince William and Harry – has not been given an invitation to their nuptials. The model and Instagram star is said to be “surprised” about her non-invitation.

Meghan will be upholding the royal flower power

One of the main reasons we love the royal family is that they are traditional. They hold quintessential values, and they know exactly what they want! Because of this, there are many royal traditions that must be upheld during each royal wedding – and Meghan will be sporting this flower power on her own wedding day. Just like the Duchess of Cambridge and all of the former brides before her, Meghan will be holding sprigs of myrtle within her wedding bouquet. This is traditionally known as the flower of marriage and love.

One particular dish is banned from the wedding menu

Although we can’t imagine that Prince Harry and Meghan would be having a spit-roast or a barbecue for their wedding meal, we do wonder what the royal cooks will be serving on their special day. However, it seems that there is one dish that is banned from every single royal wedding menu – which means it’s a tough blow for Meghan if she really wanted to slurp a few oysters on her big day! In fact, shellfish has been banned from every single royal event in history to avoid food poisoning.

The cake will have to go a long way

You can almost guarantee that Meghan and Harry’s wedding cake is going to be exquisite, and definitely not one that you would find on the epic baking competition, Cake Wars. Unfortunately, the newlywed couple won’t be able to take their expensive cake on their honeymoon with them, as most of the cake is reserved for guests! Even if they eat a piece at the reception, it is still the royal custom to mail another slice to all of the guests after the wedding. How the heck do you mail cake?

The couple have chosen their own flavor

As we’re on the subject of cake, it’s about time we let the news slip… Meghan and Harry have once again deferred from royal tradition! Within any royal wedding, it’s customary for the bride and groom to choose a fruitcake for their dessert course. Yet, the couple isn’t too fussed about having apricots and raisins in their cake, so have opted for a completely different flavor. They have chosen to have a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream and fresh flowers, and we kinda want a bite.

Meghan had to get her dress approved

Although we can’t wait to see Harry and Meghan finally tie the knot, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t more excited about seeing Meghan’s dress. After Kate Middleton’s wedding gown went down in the history books as one of the most beautiful royal wedding gowns, all eyes will be on Meghan and her dress on the big day. Yet, it seems as though choosing this dress hasn’t been an easy decision. In fact, Meghan had to get her dress approved by the Queen before she could make a final decision!

Meghan has had to be baptized

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Church of England, and the rest of the family are devout followers of the religion. Because of this, anybody who wishes to become part of their family has to be converted and baptized into the faith. This is one thing Meghan has already ticked off her wedding planning list, as she has recently undertaken a royal baptism ceremony where she was anointed with holy water that had been shipped over from the famous River Jordan, which flows through the Sea of Galilee.

Harry doesn’t have to invite his pals from the world of politics

When Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip in 1947, the pair invited a whopping 2,000 guests from across the world – and nearly all of them had high status in other royal families or in politics. This was also the case for Kate and William, who invited 1,900 guests. However, Harry gets to do things differently as he is now sixth in line to the throne. Because there is a very slim chance of him becoming King, he does not have to invite his pals from the world of politics.

Harry may have to ditch the beard

For as long as Meghan and Harry have been together, the Prince has always sported his dashing beard. Yet, as a former military man, Harry is expected to wear his military uniform on the big day. Although to the average person this wouldn’t be an issue, those within the British military are not allowed to wear their uniform on their wedding day without being clean shaven. This calls his wedding day attire into question. Will he shave the beard and don his medals? Or will he keep the beard and wear a normal suit?

Prince Louis won’t be attending

In the past few weeks, the world has welcomed a brand new royal into the world – Prince Louis. As Prince William and Kate’s latest child, people around the world were wondering whether the newborn would make an appearance at their wedding. Well, it seems as though Kate and her team of royal experts have made the executive decision to leave the new baby at home. Thankfully, we’ll still get to see the adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who will be one of the page boys and a bridesmaid.

Meghan will not have a maid of honor

It’s very common for women around the world to have an older sister or friend to stand next to them on their wedding day as their maid of honor. Although we were all waiting on tenterhooks to see if Meghan would choose Kate Middleton as her own maid of honor, it seems as though Meghan has decided to ditch the tradition entirely. It’s been confirmed that she won’t have any adult bridesmaids beside her, as apparently she couldn’t choose between them. Prince Harry has confirmed that his older brother, Prince William, will be his best man.

Meghan’s brother has made things difficult

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, but Meghan’s estranged family has made these plans even more difficult. At the start of May 2018, Thomas Markle Jr. wrote an open letter to the press and directed his words to Prince Harry himself. In this letter, he stated that “It’s not too late” to call off the wedding. He also hinted towards the idea that Meghan was not getting married because she loves Prince Harry, but that the fame and fortune of Hollywood have gone to her head. He called their marriage a big mistake.

Her father has also found himself in hot water

It seems as though her brother isn’t the only one making the royal couple’s lives difficult. Just a few weeks ago, photos of Thomas Markle were sold to the press across the world, showing the father of the bride getting measured for a wedding suit and looking at pictures of his beautiful daughter online. However, reports have since confirmed that Thomas Markle set up these paparazzi shots for himself, and was paid a large sum to pose for the photos. He later confirmed that he wouldn’t be attending the wedding as he didn’t want to cause any more embarrassment to Meghan or the royal family.

We’re not sure whether Meghan’s father will walk her down the aisle

After pulling out of the wedding, Meghan tried her hardest to convince her father to walk her down the aisle. Yet, things took a turn for the worse just one week before their wedding when Thomas confirmed that he had had a heart attack, and had ended up in hospital. At the moment, we’re not sure whether Meghan’s father will walk her down the aisle or whether he will even be able to attend her wedding. The jury is still out on this one. Watch this space.

Tiara envy

One of the biggest parts about becoming a princess must be getting to wear a tiara, right? After all, you are now officially a royal – it’s time to start enjoying it. However, Meghan won’t be wearing a tiara for the time being. At least, not until after May 19. Why? The royal rules state that no unmarried woman is allowed to wear a tiara. So while Kate Middleton has been spotted sporting the latest jewels at all the biggest events since her big day, Meghan will have to hold out for just a few more days.