Deaf dog shows that she understands commands in an unbelievable way

Pets are the beautiful animals that have kept our lives filled with love for many years. Cats, dogs, reptiles, fish – there are so many creatures that can fill the empty space in our hearts. These four-legged friends can make such an impact on our lives that we will often do anything to make sure they are kept comfortable and happy. So what about if we were given a way to communicate with them? Sound pretty impressive, right? Thankfully, there have been some incredible stories of animals learning our language over the years.

Alex, the African Parrot, was able to learn and understand 100 words, including how to count to eight and identifying different shapes and colors. Peter the Dolphin was another to prove he understood the English language. This dolphin moved into a special house with a researcher, and the pair lived together for ten weeks. That’s right; they ate, breathed, and slept together all thanks to the adjustments.

Throughout this time, Peter learned many names of objects and was even able to retrieve many of them on command. He might not have been able to communicate back, but the study was a huge learning curve as to how animals can process our language.

However, this dog didn’t have the joy of hearing on her side. Instead, it looked as though she would need all her other senses to make it through life. Amazingly, this deaf dog shows that she understands commands in an unbelievable way…

Lending a helping paw

Over the years, many of us have relied on dogs to make it through life. Whether they are a companion in the home or used as a service dog, they can make a significant impact on our lives. After all, many of us wouldn’t be able to perform many daily tasks without their help thanks to their time as seeing eye dogs. However, it seemed as though it was time for us to help them back. If only there were a way this couple could communicate with their deaf dog…

Time to extend their family

Jane and Tom Cannone live in Norfolk, Virginia, and have been together for many years. Ever since tying the knot, this couple have dreamed of building a life together. The pair have traveled to many places and destinations, and enjoyed many experiences together, but it was time to take things to the next level. They wanted a new addition for their family, and there was room for one more in their life. No, there were no children in sight. Instead, Jane and Tom started looking for another way to bring life to their home. A different pitter-patter of feet.

A new four-legged addition

The couple both decided that adopting a dog was the way to grow their family. What could be better than slobbery kisses and cuddles on the couch? The plan was perfect! Now, they just needed to decide on what breed they wanted to bring into their lives. Thankfully, they both agreed that a big, gentle dog was the way forward. As they both loved boxers, why not choose one as the new addition to their family? It wasn’t long before they hunted down the Carolina Boxer Rescue. Plus, the couple knew they wanted to adopt a pooch in need; it was just time to find one.

Care all around the community

The Carolina Boxer Rescue has built up a healthy reputation for itself all around the states of North and South Carolina. The center has cared for many boxers over the years that have been mistreated, have lived on the streets, have been impounded, or merely had to be handed over by their owners. Plus, the rescue works with the community to find foster and permanent homes for the canines that enter their care. As if that wasn’t enough, they have also started working in Virginia to care for dogs that need their help in this state, too.

Plenty of pooches to choose from

The couple were delighted to have found a rescue center so quickly into their search. Plus, they specialized in the breed of dog they were looking for – it was almost as if it had been written in the stars. Unfortunately, there was a problem: the center was four hours from Jane and Tom’s home. Rather than give up hope, the couple looked through the rescue’s website to browse the dogs in their care. There were so many to choose from, but it was one in particular that caught their eye.

The perfect choice for the family

There she was: Boombox. The female boxer was eight years old and seemed perfect, but there was something else that made the couple fall in love with the canine. She had one blue and one black eye. Neither Jane nor Tom could understand why no one had snapped up the loveable pooch. After all, she had some of the most striking photos on the website. They contacted the rescue to make sure they were doing the right thing. Amazingly, they had some news about Boombox.

Always born to be different

The results were in, and there was no one on the waiting list to adopt the dog! Surely there had to be something from her past that was stopping people from taking her home? Many white boxers are sadly born deaf. This is due to a lack of pigment found in their ears meaning they don’t form properly when they are puppies. Although there are only 5 – 8% of deaf boxers, Boombox was sadly one of them. There was nothing anyone could do.

Making adjustments at home

Jane and Tom both knew and understood that living with a deaf dog was going to be an incredibly difficult task, but they were willing to give it all they had. After all, they had already fallen in love with the pooch – they couldn’t imagine a life without her as part of their family. They just couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling and bring Boombox home. The couple now just needed to get their home in place so they could welcome their four-legged friend with open arms.

Looking for the right approval

The pair sat down together and filled out everything on the application. They had to get it all right. Without being approved, there was no way Jane and Tom would be able to bring Boombox home. At last, they heard the news they had been waiting for: Boombox was going to become part of their family! Neither of them could wait for her to arrive. However, there was another issue. Boombox was living in foster care in South Carolina that was even further from their home than they imagined.

Meeting the entire crew

Nothing was going to stop Jane and Tom from bringing Boombox home. That’s why the pair both climbed into the car as soon as they got the news. It was time for her to find her rightful place. Two days after they set off for South Carolina, the couple arrived back at the house with a special addition: their new pooch. Jane and Tom wanted Boombox to get settled at her new home but couldn’t wait until they could introduce their new dog to all their friends and family.

Trying to learn a hidden past

It wasn’t long before Boombox became part of the family. However, Jane and Tom knew nothing about her previous owners. The rescue center didn’t appear to have any details about her former life. However, this boxer just seemed happy to be in a loving home. Jane believed Boombox must have come from somewhere pretty special as their new friend was incredibly affectionate towards her and her husband. They just wished they could find out why she ended up in a shelter.

A trip to the vet

The couple soon arranged for Boombox to take a visit to the neighborhood of Ghent where she could be seen at the Dog and Cat Hospital. Although the rescue center would have run a full health check on their new pooch, Jane and Tom wanted to have one of their own to make sure she was still in full health after the move. They just wanted to give Boombox the best years as she had already changed their lives in so many ways. All they had to do was wait for their name to be called through.

Given a look over

Dr. Layne Brett was the specialist vet put in charge of treating Boombox at the clinic. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to diagnose the canine was in tip-top condition. However, the vet also had some news about Boombox’s condition. Jane and Tom had done so much research on deaf dogs. Surely they couldn’t have missed something? They began to worry about what Dr. Layne Brett had to say. Thankfully, it seemed as though it was going to be good news for a change.

A different kind of training

The vet explained there was nothing they could do to treat her deafness, but many dogs living with no hearing or those that belonged to deaf owners were taught hand signals to communicate. She wanted to see if Boombox had received the same training in her life. The vet wanted to start simple so she didn’t overwhelm the dog. After all, she had no idea if Boombox had ever been trained let alone if she would listen to a stranger. Dr. Layne Brett started by asking Boombox to sit.

Learning the language

As soon as Boombox saw the signal, she knew just what it meant and satisfied the vet by sitting down. No one could believe it had worked! It seemed as though someone really had gone to the time of training the pooch, even if she had ended up at the rescue center. Jane and Tom wanted to learn all the commands and signals, too. This way, they would at least be able to talk to their dog with sign language and begin to form an even stronger bond with the new member of the family.

Speaking on the same level

It wasn’t long before Jane and Tom learned their new four-legged friend’s favorite signal. Like many dogs, Boombox loved to hear that she was going for a walk. The couple uses one finger to motion to Boombox that they’re heading out, and it’s not long before she is jumping around with excitement. Jane is more than overwhelmed they can finally talk to their new family member and bring joy to her life. However, it also seems as though having a deaf dog has some unusual perks that no one would have expected.

Keeping focused no matter what

Whenever the couple take Boombox out on a walk, people are surprised to see how well their dog behaves on the leash. Tom admits that because their dog can’t hear, Boombox is never scared by loud noises that would usually be an issue for others, such as thunderstorms or fireworks. Therefore, no sounds or distraction on walks are an issue for this family. This also gives her the chance to keep focused on her owners the entire time. Perhaps being deaf doesn’t have to be all that bad after all?

Some drawbacks to it all

As Boombox doesn’t have her hearing to help her through the world, the pooch relies on her other senses, such as smell and sight, to learn about the world around her. All those smells and sights give her incredible access to the things on offer. Only, Jane and Tom have noticed some strange habits about Boombox that have caused a few issues over the years. Their pet doesn’t like any dark spaces and hates being left by herself. Thankfully, Boombox loves getting into new places and being around her owners.

Finding a solution to the problem

Jane and Tom knew they had to find a solution to the Boombox’s dislike of being left alone. After all, they both have productive careers work full time which means there are often times the house is empty. Rather than one of them having to stay home all the time, the couple shopped around until they stumbled upon Muddy Paws doggie daycare. Now, their four-legged friend can check in each day and play with the other dogs at the center before returning home each night. Although Boombox likes other dogs, she loves humans even more.

A simple yet life-changing addition

Although Jane and Tom knew that taking on a new dog would change their lives, they never know how much of an impact Boombox would have on everything until she was part of their home. Now, neither of them can imagine a life without their new four-legged friend. As if that wasn’t enough, neither of them would change a thing about their pooch. In fact, it’s Boombox’s deafness that makes her so unique in the first place, as well as what has made Jane and Tom love her even more.