Most memorable looks of Meghan Markle

If you look in the newspaper right now, you will see a picture of Meghan Markle. If you turn the page of your magazine, you will see a picture of Meghan Markle. If you change the channel on your television, you will see a picture of Meghan Markle. Yes, she is everywhere – and rightly so! As the newest member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle has changed the course of her history. As the first woman of African-American descent to join the royal house of Windsor, Meghan has defied traditional notions of the royals and found her way into the heart of Prince Harry. Thankfully, the world couldn’t be happier about this fact, and have welcomed the former actress with open arms. Of course, we knew of Meghan Markle before she became the love interest of the most desirable prince in the world. After rising to fame in the popular legal drama, Suits, Meghan Markle became a staple of American television.

This, coupled with her humanitarian ways and her love for the people have made her a hugely popular addition to the celebrity world. Yet, the fashionistas of the world have also fallen in love with Meghan because of her impeccable style. From pantsuits to gorgeous gowns, Meghan has slayed the red carpet more times than we can count. Sadly, these racy outfits that showcase her lengthy legs and her beautiful figure will have to come to an end, as just like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle will have her outfits scrutinized by the royals themselves, royal experts, and the public. In homage to the end of this era, we’ve provided you with one last look at the most memorable looks of Meghan Markle…

The lady in red

From now on, we’re going to have to get used to seeing Meghan Markle without her shoulders on show and without her legs on display – because the royal house of Windsor have some strict clothing rules in place! Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t wowed us in the past. In April 2016, Meghan attended the Roland Mouret dinner in Toronto in this off-the-shoulder dress. With a cinched in waist, a cutting neckline, shoes that scream luxury and a clutch that is giving us all kinds of jewel envy, it’s fair to say that she made quite an entrance when she turned up in a Roland design. We love this one!

Out with the girls

Meghan herself admits she has lots of girlfriends – in fact, so many that she couldn’t choose between them who she wanted to be bridesmaids for her wedding! In the end, she decided she wouldn’t have any adult bridesmaids so nobody felt left out. How nice is that? Most of these friends go way back with Meghan to before she met Harry, and before she had to dress like a royal. Here we can see her out with one of her many girlfriends, wearing a slinky black number that shows off both her legs and chest.

The perfect smize

If you’re a fan of the TV competition, America’s Top Model, you’ll know that Tyra Banks is all about the smize. You’ve gotta smile with your eyes, and you’ve got to model from H-to-T (head to toe). We’re not sure if Meghan has been taking personal lessons from Ty-Ty herself, but it’s fair to say that this is one of the most incredible photos we have ever seen of Meghan! Those lengthy legs, that flattering black dress, and that ruffled hair is giving is giving us all of the fire.

Vampire chic

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Meghan Markle is the kind of woman that could pull off a potato sack if she was forced to wear it. She can wear clothes of any style, she can wear any color, and she can rock any trend. During this public event, Meghan rocked the vampire chic look when she donned this high-necked dress. While she may be conservative on the top with her assets covered up and her shoulders out of the picture, the bottom half of her is a whole different ball-game…

Sun’s out, legs out

While she was in the height of her acting career, Meghan Markle and her team did everything they could to get her noticed. She would attend public events, she would take a seat on some of the biggest talk shows in the world, and she would promote herself and the show. During one sunny day in March 2016, Meghan was due to appear on a show in New York – and although we were pretty impressed with her interview, we were even more impressed with this short combo she wore on the day.

Chic and sophisticated

While she may be sporting the same shoes as she was in a previous memorable look, it seems as though Meghan chose a completely different style for this raunchy photoshoot. As a cross between a saucy senorita and a regal princess, this look is one that shot Meghan into the realm of legends. More than anything, it allowed the world to see that there was another side to Meghan that stood pretty far away from her straight-talking character on Suits. We could see the fun in Meghan, and the beauty!

Going neutral

In 2012, Meghan Markle was making her television breakthrough and attempting to schmooze with some of the coolest people in high-society. So, she wanted to make an impression! To do this, Meghan attended the USA Network Upfront after party wearing this neutral combination that both showed off her long legs and her epic fashion sense. While a shirt and skirt may seem pretty simple to some people, Meghan somehow managed to pull the whole outfit off to be one of the best-dressed attendees. How did she do it?!

White on red

Choosing to wear white is always a risky move. You never know whether you’ll drop your food down it, you never know whether someone with a cup of coffee in their hands will bump into you, and you never know how clean the chair you sit on will be. However, it seems as though Meghan is willing to take the risk, as she once again donned a white ensemble for a red carpet event. These wide-legged pants showed off her fashionable side, while the netted top hints at something a bit more unique.

Getting lacy

Over the course of her career, Meghan Markle has taken part in countless photo shoots – and she’s a natural! With perfect cheekbones, dark features that show off her beautiful eyes and legs that seem to go on for days, it seems as though she is completely at home in front of the camera. Need more proof? Well, just look at this photo. With her shirt buttons undone and lacy pants that show off a bit more than usual, we have a feeling that the Queen would not approve of this one.

Young at heart

Because we’re so used to seeing her hanging off the arm of a Prince with her expensive designer outfits, it’s hard to imagine that Meghan was once a young woman with a dream to become an actress. During the very early stages of her career, Meghan would spend her free time hanging out with friends and getting rowdy in the club. Of course, no trip to the club would be complete without an unforgettable outfit, and Meghan definitely complied with the dress code with this low-cut black number.

The sky is blue

In May 2016, Meghan Markle was just a few months away from meeting the Prince of her dreams, so was still wowing the world will her outfits that showed off her figure and showed off her beauty in all forms. During one Instagram dinner in Toronto, Meghan won over her fans with this slightly racy blue number – that is just as blue as the sky outside! Although it may seem a little basic, the tie at the front showed off just the right amount of skin for Meghan and her followers.

All white everything

As a member of the public eye, Meghan Markle has spent her entire career being followed around by paparazzi who all want to get the latest and greatest photographs of her. It seems they struck gold when they spotted Meghan jumping into a cab a few years ago – because her all white everything dress caught the attention of thousands across the world. With her long legs on show, her cheeky smile over the shoulder and her white dress that perfectly showcases her figure, it’s safe to say that this dress was a hit with her fans. You’ll also realize that white is one of her favorite colors!

Just like Diana

This beautiful red dress is one of Meghan Markle’s most famous outfit choices, because it is the spitting image of a dress Princess Diana wore during her heyday. No wonder Prince Harry fell in love with her! However, it’s fair to say that Meghan Markle’s number was much more out-there than Lady Di’s. With Jessica-Rabbit-style hair, glamorous makeup, nude shoes that show off her long, slender legs and a purse that shows she is into the latest fashion trends and designs, Meghan Markle rocked this public event.

The London look

In 2013, Meghan Markle rocked the red carpet when she attended the London Global Gift Gala in the United Kingdom. This ruched black number gives Meghan all of the right curves in all of the right places and shows off her favorite asset – her legs! With her slicked hair and her fancy clutch, Meghan was the definition of a natural beauty during her time in London. We bet she had no idea that she would later be living in that wonderful city with her very own Prince. You never know what life is going to throw at you, hey?

Getting sparkly

You can never have too many sparkles, right? Meghan took to the grey carpet of the Suits Story Fashion Show in New York in 2012 wearing this impressive off-the-shoulder dress that shimmered and shone as she posed for the paparazzi. Always the one to strike a pose or two, Meghan worked the camera with her hand on her hip and her iconic pout. Even with her hair tied back she managed to ooze glamor – and were really not sure how she does it. Share your secrets, Meghan!

Magical in metallic

The metallic trend is one that just doesn’t seem to be going away. Cara Delevingne rocked the metal at the Met Gala, and Lady Gaga has worn metal on way more occasions than we can count. To get in on the trend, Meghan donned her most memorable metallic mini dress to an event in 2015 – and it’s fair to say that she was rocking the robo-chic look we have all grown to love. With her hair placed to the side in her iconic fashion, this is one of our favorite looks she has ever worn.

Young and fresh

In 2013, Meghan proved to the world that she had the inability to age when she attended the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada. With her flawless skin, her sleek hair, her natural smile, her lengthy legs and golden shoes, Meghan won us all over with her beauty. In a bold move, Meghan also chose to wear a tiny dress that showed off even more of her towering frame. With studs on the side, her rebellious and young edge shone through the high neck of the white embellished dress.

Getting the boot

Wherever she goes, Meghan Markle always ensures that she is impeccably dressed – especially now that she is a member of the royal family! During one public event, Meghan was spotted taking a breather and sitting down for a little break. However, she didn’t look like the rest of us when she sat down on the couch. Instead, she looked as stylish as ever with her short skirt, her bedazzled collar, her chic jacket, her fluffy booties and her dazzling smile. I mean, it’s just not fair really, is it?

Green with envy

In 2013, Meghan Markle attended the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the famous Lincoln Center, and she definitely didn’t hold back., Knowing that she would be surrounded by some of the biggest names in fashion, Meghan wanted to impress with her green dress that has since made us all green with envy. This ruffled military-style dress looks as if it was a little homage to her new military husband, but the pair didn’t even know each other then! Perhaps she had a hunch…

Fashion Week chic

However, this wasn’t the only Fashion Week that Meghan absolutely rocked. A year later she donned her favorite color once again and wore this white dress complete with neck detailing that showed a little bit of skin. To top it all off, she decided to pair her outfit with a quirky leather jacket with studs and golden embellishments. Yes, she was a cross between a rock and roll queen and a royal princess – which has basically been the theme of her life. We love you, Meghan!

A striped look

Meghan is showing off her incredibly long legs in this matching striped shorts and blazer combo. She paired the set with a classic white t-shirt that shows just a tiny bit of cleavage, and finished the look with a pair of tan high heel pumps and an oversized bag for some extra oomph. Meghan loves wearing her hair down, and in this case, her hairdo adds some Old Hollywood glamour to what’s already a classy outfit.

Casual in navy

This is one of Meghan’s earlier outfits, before the Duchess came into our lives as the fashion icon that he is. In this picture, she’s wearing a loose-fitting, casual navy dress that’s perfect for a beach party. With spaghetti straps and a flowing fabric, this light dress brings out a more playful part of Meghan – one that we probably won’t get to see much now that’s she’s a princess, and will have to undergo a more conservative wardrobe change.

Crop top summer

The Duchess of Sussex is an absolute vision in this crop top and skirt outfit. The light blue and white colors are perfect for a seaside stroll in the early evening, and her clutch purse completes the look, taking it from day to night. Meghan paired the outfit with strappy sandals, as well as an elegant touch to her hair and makeup. We love this refreshing outfit that shows off Meghan Markle’s awesome summer style.

Engagement dress

This, of course, is the dress that Meghan donned for her engagement photo session with her now-husband, Prince Harry. Meghan looks glimmering in this evening gown, shown on the right as it was worn on the runway. The dress’ top half is comprised of a sheer black fabric decorated with a leaf shaped embellishments, and a long, elegant ruffled skirt. This is an incredible look for Meghan, who also seems to be glowing with bliss.

Rust and gold

Meghan looks dazzling in this rust colored cocktail dress, which she wore to the GQ Men Of The Year Party, back in 2012. The Duchess showed off her impeccable sense of style when she wore this laid back deep cut dress, finished with some lovely gold jewelry and a matching sparkly clutch purse. The former actress matched the dress with a pair of snakeskin peep toe pumps, that work surprisingly well with this particular look.


Every girl should own a good pair of  these leather pants, and Meghan sure knows how to rock that sleek leather look. In this photo, she’s wearing those leather leggings with nothing but a deep cut blazer. She went for that black on black look, except for those strappy nude pumps, which give the look an interesting finish. With her hair slicked to the side and a bold red lipstick, Meghan is rocking that elegance vibe.

Casual chic

Who said you can’t be both casual and chic? Meghan proves this to be possible in this incredibly cool ensemble. She’s rocking that denim on denim look with a deep cleavage denim shirt, and dark jeans. To complete the look, she threw on a long, tan pea coat, an elegant shopper bag, and some cool shades. There’s no doubt this Duchess knows how to rock an everyday outfit that still has a bit of glam in it.

Multicolor vision

Our beloved Princess wore this multicolored bodycon dress to TV Guide’s Hot List Party, at the Mondrian’s SkyBar in Los Angeles. Her strapless dress shows a bit of cleavage, and the colors make it really stand out. The white top is finished with a navy colored belt-like feature, and the black skirt has just a little hot pink in it to make it pop. Paired with black pumps and purse, this beauty looks truly stunning on the red carpet.

Back to black

Meghan went for the all-black look again, wearing a scalloped black crop top that shows off her abs, with a scalloped black skirt, and of course – black sandals (which we’re completely in love with). The Duchess went for the smokey eyed look with a clear gloss and left her hair down, which compliments the simple yet sophisticated look. While it’s clear Meghan put a lot of thought into the outfit, we love seeing her in more colorful getups than this.

The Husband Shirt

This picture is taken out of Meghan Markle’s Instagram page, and features her wearing a button down white shirt. Meghan left some buttons open for an extra cheeky look. The princess is looking particularly cute in this deleted Instagram post, wearing The Husband Shirt designed by Misha Nonoo. Meghan also wore the same button down shirt to the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, in her first official public appearance together with her now-husband, Prince Harry. Looking good, Meghan!