Kate Middleton’s most memorable looks

The British Royal Family, a family that has us on the edge of our seats whenever there is an announcement coming our way. The news recently may have been filled with the talks of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, but there is another royal couple that dominated the media coverage long before their ceremony – Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The Duchess of Cambridge is often in the headlines for her work with charity, but there is something else that has us all talking.

We’re talking, of course, about her fashion. Did you know it’s reported the royal visits the salon three times a week to get her signature blowout? That’s not all. She is one of the first celebrities, let alone royals, that has been spotted out and about in the same outfit. Her shoes, jackets, and even dresses are often recycled. However, there are other looks that have the world talking. We mean the most memorable looks of Kate Middleton. Yes, she may be the epitome of grace and modesty, but that hasn’t always been the way for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Shining bright

Long before her days as a royal, Kate was often spotted out and about on the town with friends as she hit all the latest nightclubs. This was no exception. Kate was ready to stand out from the crowd as she donned her sequin number ready to boogie the night away.

The future royal also opted for some knee-high boots to bring the whole look together. Kate was attending a 1970s themed night at a nightclub in London when the paps spotted the star out and about. She kept things as fresh as ever and brushed off her encounter with a smile and wave before heading out into the night. Could she get any better?

Little black number

Many women have a little black dress tucked away at the back of the wardrobe. However, it can often stay there to collect dust and only come out once a year for the important occasions. This snap is in the days leading up to her big day with Prince William.

Rather than panicking, Kate was keeping things calm with a last minute shopping trip. Plus, the future royal proved that she could pull anything off when she hits the streets thanks to her incredible fashion sense. Kate opted for a brown bag and matching shoes to bring this dress from glamorous event to a casual outing. Perhaps we need to start taking a few style notes?

Vision in the sky

Kate had just announced that she was expecting her second child, Princess Charlotte, back in 2014 when she stepped out in this sky blue number. However, that didn’t stop the royal from rocking the red carpet at the Wildlife Photographer Awards.

The floor-length back gave the perfect contrast to the revealing skirt at the front. Plus, the high-low hemline effect gave us a chance to take a peek at the elegant nude color peekaboo heels that brought the look to life.

Ready to party

This photo was taken back in 2008 when Kate and Prince William were on a break (allegedly initiated by Will). While the world was left wondering if they would rekindle their love, Kate was ready to party the night away at a roller disco.

The future royal opted for a sequin number that would dazzle on the dance floor while the canary yellow short-shorts showcased her tanned legs. The outfit didn’t only catch the eye of the media as it wasn’t long after that Prince William picked up the phone to apologize.

Covering the modesty

A black outfit is perfect for any occasion. Here, Kate Middleton shows how she can rock even the most daring look. The Duchess has opted for a black mini dress that she has paired with a black blazer jacket and matching fascinator with a clutch bag.

However, it was the length of the dress that made this outfit so controversial. Thankfully, in true royal style, Kate knew how to cover her modesty. All it took was a simple clutch bag, and she was safe!

Lady in lace

Who doesn’t love a bit of lace? It’s both teasing and elegant. So it might be no surprise that Kate chose some lace additions for her red carpet look as she arrived at her alma mater, St. Andrews University, to celebrate the school’s 600th birthday back in 2012.

However, it was the length of the dress that made this outfit so controversial. Thankfully, in true royal style, Kate knew how to cover her modesty. All it took was a simple clutch bag, and she was safe!

Suited and booted

Back in 2011, we got the chance to see Kate in a much different outfit to the elegant dresses that we are so used to seeing her rock. The Duchess arrived at the Calgary Stampede while on a trip to Canada where she rocked a sheer lace-fronted blouse and a pair of dark denim jeans.

Kate Middleton’s daring outfit was complete with a shining white cowboy hat and jeweled belt buckle as she got in full swing of the rodeo.

Military meeting

It was 2011, and Kate was on her first overseas tour to see the military. All eyes were on the Duchess. Would she pull it off? Sadly, it looks as though the wind had other ideas, as Kate’s billowing dress got caught up in the breeze. Thankfully, the Duchess was able to maintain her modesty.

However, this daring outfit was a close call and almost caused a picture we’re pretty sure the Queen wouldn’t approve of. Oops.

Witching around

Halloween is a time for all those saucy costumes to come out to play as people all around the world want to have the most daring outfit they can. Back in 2007, Kate was one of the many that hit the nightclubs in a sultry costume.

The future royal went for a sequined mini dress, fishnet stockings, and a black cape as she hit London dressed as a witch. It is rumored the costume was a bid to win back Prince William. Even if it wasn’t, the plan certainly worked!

All in the detail

This royal sure knows how to pull off even the most daring of outfit choices. 2012 was no exception as Kate arrived at the Royal Albert Hall theater in London for this red carpet event. Kate was there to stand out as she went for this turquoise number crafted by British fashion designer (and a Kate favorite), Jenny Packham.

The Duchess showcased her slender figure by nipping in her waist with a jeweled belt as well as teasing a bit of skin with this lace-backed detail.

Urban street fashion

Only someone as full of class and elegance as Kate Middleton could make this outfit shine. Although we are so used to seeing her immaculately dressed, we can’t imagine this daring outfit would make it past the royal stylist. After all, have you ever seen a princess in a denim skirt?

The Duchess showcased her slender figure by nipping in her waist with a jeweled belt as well as teasing a bit of skin with this lace-backed detail.

Gone with the wind

It seems as though the wind has never been Kate Middleton’s best friend as it was back to wreak havoc in 2013. The Duchess was supposed to be on maternity leave but instead found herself attending a London charity event instead.

However, it looks as though a navy pleated skirt might not have been the best choice for this royal. To top it all off, the paparazzi were there to capture the unfortunate moment before it was too late.

Stealing the premiere

Kate Middleton was one of the many guests invited to the red carpet premiere of the biographical drama movie A Street Cat Named Bob in 2016. However, the duchess managed to steal the show thanks to her elegant all-white gown.

It wasn’t all plain though; Kate livened up the outfit with a dark red broach as well as a matching clutch bag as she graced the crowd with her elegant style. To top it off, Kate also flashed a bit of leg thanks to the side split.

Plunging new depths

The Duchess has always been a style icon for many, but this photo had people talking for more than one reason. The media were amazed how much she had slimmed down as Kate was preparing for a charity boat race in 2007.

Kate showcased her weight loss when she stepped out in London wearing this navy sequin number. Although she made it daring by opting for a neckline that plunged downward for days, Kate still knows how to keep things classy.

Country lady

From early childhood, Kate has always been a fan of getting outdoors. So when she was offered the chance to pose for a few photos at Blenheim Palace Game Fair in 2004, the Duchess jumped at the chance.

Kate rocked the look as she teamed a tweed mini skirt with a matching coat, long country boots, and a striped shirt. Kate really knows how to turn country into chic as she smiled in the sunshine. Could she get any more perfect?

Pink perfection

Getting the right ballgown can be hard. Do you go for something subtle or pick a bold color? Plus, do you need any little extra details or should it be kept plain and simple? Kate proved that she doesn’t need any help when it comes to finding a dress to suit after appearing in this pink gown back in 2008.

The snap was shortly before she announced her engagement to Prince William. It looks as though this duchess has always known how to steal the show.

Feeling blue

Kate wanted to prove that she was feeling anything other than blue when she split from Prince William back in 2007. However, that didn’t stop Kate from wearing her heart on her sleeve, well, dress as she went for a sheer blue outfit with a daring satin detail.

Plus, the knee-high boots were back as she stepped onto the streets of London for a night out at the local nightclub. This snap was also back before three weekly visits to the salon. Oh, how times have changed.

Backseat blunders

Getting in and out of taxis is fodder for any paparazzi. These can give the craziest angles on some of the most elegant individuals no matter how hard they try to keep their modesty.

Kate was one of the many that fell victim to the snap-happy photographers, but someone managed to keep her daring outfit choice in check thanks to a careful pose. Instead, Kate has kept her little black number hidden away under a stylish jacket as she hides from the cameras.

Stepping out in style

Even battling morning sickness can’t keep this duchess away from the world of fashion. In 2014, Kate appeared in London at the Action on Addiction Autumn Gala as she showed how a little black dress could be transformed into something so much more.

Fashion rules are there to be broken anyway, aren’t they? In a bold move, the Duchess chose a gown with several sheer crochet details as she wowed the world once again. If only we all knew how to be rule breakers and still rock.

Pre-royalty blues

In 2005, six years before the royal wedding, Kate was snapped wearing a very different outfit to the choices we are so used to seeing today. The stylish dresses and perfected hair were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, we got the chance to see the future royal sporting some relaxed jeans with a braided belt teamed with a lace-topped tank and some simple jewelry. This is one of the most daring looks of Kate Middleton that we’re pretty sure didn’t make it past the Queen’s checklist.

Athletic Kate

As one of the most beloved royals in the family, it’s fair to say that Kate Middleton has a lot of fans – mainly because she has blown us all away with her style and her beauty. However, it seems as though Kate Middleton didn’t want to get her best designer dresses dirty in October 2017, as she donned her best athleisure look.

With Nike sneakers and sporty-yet-chic black zip-up sweater, Kate definitely didn’t look as though she’d just worked up a sweat playing tennis with the kids.

Wimbledon ready

The royal family loves to show their faces at Wimbledon, because who can turn down a game of tennis and a few strawberries? Kate turned heads when she rocked up to the stands of Wimbledon in 2017 with this incredible summery dress.

Because most of us know Kate for wearing dresses that cover her knees and showcase the modesty her royal title expects of her, we were all a little taken aback to see Kate take things a little shorter. Of course, we’re not complaining, she looks dazzling!

Flirty in florals

In the words of Miranda Priestly, florals in Spring really is groundbreaking – but Kate knows exactly how to pull them off. During one BAFTA Awards ceremony, she strutted her stuff on the red carpet with her Prince, and the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of her.

For one night only, Kate decided to get her shoulders out and stun us all with a bit more skin than we’re used to. In fact, this is the most incredible she’s ever looked! She would have definitely won our award for the best dressed.

The Duchess

It’s always weird when we see the Duchess of Cambridge don her civilian clothes for the day, and it was no different when she wore simple denim jeans and a polo shirt for a day on the water. Yet, while she may have worn clothes like other people around the world, it’s fair to say that she definitely didn’t blend in with the rest of them.

Instead, she stood out like the Princess she is in her personalized shirt and colorful laces on her sneakers. After all, she’s gotta make a statement.

Off the shoulder

Whenever Kate Middleton attends a royal event, you can almost guarantee that she will be wearing a mid-length dress with a military coat over the top of it, sensible heels, and her token curly hair. It’s basically her trademark.

However, there are times when even Kate herself wants to step out of the royal box and dress herself up in finery that wasn’t picked out by the royal stylist. With this white off the shoulder number, she completely blew our minds. How can she look this good?!

When in Paris

In March 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband took a trip to Paris to have dinner at the British Embassy. As you do. Of course, she couldn’t just represent her country in any old dress. She had to wow the French over with her Jenny Packham gown that perfectly clung to her body.

The lace detail and the bow add a perfect hint of femininity, but the low neckline, the cinched in waist and the floaty hemline show that she’s not afraid to dress outside of the box.

Powerful in print

As one of the most powerful couples in the world, we have a feeling that Kate would often like to dress accordingly – but with royal dress rules behind her, she sticks to her dress-and-coat combination that we love so much. Yet, things took a different turn when she visited The Eden Project in Cornwall with her hubby.

Instead of going plain, this Princess decided to amp up the volume and look powerful in print. This bright and eclectic print showed off her enviable legs, but she still looked as royal as ever.

Plain sailing

In 2016, Kate decided to ditch her royal duties and have a bit of fun. So, she went sailing! Of course, she couldn’t wear a perfect royal dress for this occasion, so decided to dress down for her casual Friday.

With her beautiful brunette curls pushed back into a messy bun, her clothing was covered up by safety gear and a life vest, and all sense of style went out of the window. We have a feeling that the Queen won’t be putting this photo up in Buckingham Palace…

Going for a hike

As part of her role as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton often finds herself traveling to far-off places and checking out what the local area has to offer. In April 2016, Kate found herself embarking on a three-hour hike around the Himalayas.

Instead of looking like a sweaty mess like most of us, Kate looked absolutely stunning in a casual ensemble of knee-high boots, and khaki clothing that looked incredible on her. How does she do it? As if that wasn’t enough, her hair is still perfect after such a long hike!

Blowing in the wind

Kate Middleton is known for rocking A-line dresses. Every time we see her she is rocking a brand new color and style – and she just knows how to work it. However, over the course of her life as Duchess, Kate has realized that A-line skirts don’t always go hand in hand with the wind.

On this occasion, Kate had a Marilyn Monroe moment when her skirt was blown up by the wind. Luckily, Kate styled it out and acted as if it never happened. She’s a natural.

The lady in red

With royal duties taking up most of her time, Kate spends almost every day in designer finery and clothes that are perfect for official visits and occasions. Yet, there are also times when Kate likes to chill out, ditch the starched suits, and opt for something much more floaty and feminine.

The world went wild when Kate stepped out in this cotton off-the-shoulder dress last year, and we’re not sure we’ve even got over how incredible she looks when she’s not wearing her form-fitting outfits. This dress is ridiculously beautiful.

All in the back

As a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton has entered into a life of modesty. She is not allowed to wear short dresses, she is not allowed to have her arms out on show, she is not allowed to wear inappropriate clothing, and she always has to adhere to these strict rules.

Yet, Kate normally seems to find loopholes in these rules, and finds her own little nook where she can express her character and her femininity. Need an example? Well, just look at this backless dress, complete with a sheer overlay that is both modest and daring.

Getting sporty

Over the years, we’ve grown to love Kate Middleton for more than her title. We’ve learned that she’s an incredible mother, a loving sister, and even a sports fan! After playing hockey for her university team, it seems as though Kate still loves to get in a game or two whenever she can.

For this hockey visit, Kate decided to don her most casual outfit in sneakers, jeans and a hoodie – but she still looks as fabulous as ever. After all, she couldn’t leave the house without her royal blow dry…

Down with the kids

The royal family often embark on tours of the world to meet the people of the Commonwealth and show their support for other countries around the globe. During one world tour, Kate decided to go modest with a colorful patterned dress that looked incredible against the backdrop of the rolling fields.

Unfortunately, this modesty didn’t stay intact when she started to play with the children and jump around cones on the floor. In fact, she suffered another Marilyn Monroe moment. Don’t worry, Kate, it happens to the best of us.

Shocking in sheer

Perhaps one of her most shocking outfits to date is this sheer number that she sported during her University days. Before she met William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate walked in a college fashion show where she sported a black bikini with a sheer overlay.

It’s safe to say that this outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination, and has since followed the princess around ever since her entrance into the royal family. Well, we have a feeling that ol’ Queenie won’t be happy with this one.