Chinese superweapons that the world needs to know about

Following the demise of the Soviet Union, China’s military forces faced a few major problems. One of these issues, and perhaps the most primary one at this time, was where they would now get military hardware, equipment, and technology from. Since the Soviet Union was the main source that supplied China with their technology and weapons, they needed to come up with a new solution. Though there were several Chinese weapons that were made locally, their hardware – including most of its AK-47s and their fighter aircraft as well – were manufactured in the Soviet Union.

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Disclaimer: We do not promote or argue for neither war nor the increased buildup of weapons by any side and in any conflict. Our only aim is to provide with technical information of the weapons in question. The article is not aimed to promote any kind of weapon manufacturers.

As the Iron Curtain fell, China suddenly found itself far behind other industrialized countries when it came to advanced weapons manufacturing, as well as their economy. With China being one of the highest populated nation in the world, it needed to come up with solutions to get their economy and military up to date, as soon as possible.

China then created its own programs of making military hardware, like ships, missilies, tanks, helicopters, and of course, weapons. Although they used their own inventions, they also hacked into mainframes of other militaries over the world, with the purpose of acquiring the information necessary in order to build their version of these countries’ weapons.


It took some time, but China managed to slowly raise its profile when it came to its military. China now possesses a massive army, with the amount of soldiers that actually surpasses the number of residents of many nations around the globe. But it has also modernized its weaponry and technology a great deal.

As China has now risen as a regional force with potentially global ambition, it’s now posing a threat on United States supremacy in regions in south-east Asia. Along with their newfound weapons and technology, they are flexing their muscle to overpower islands like the Philippines, Japan, and their main opponent Taiwan.

This projection of power would not have been possible without the renovations made to the Chinese navy and the quick development of locally produced advanced planes and missiles. China also developed the capability of a nuclear second strike, which only adds to its military’s competence and ability to pose a potential threat to other countries.

These cutting-edge weapons, tanks, ships, and other technological developments, bring the Chinese military forth as one of the most advanced and powerful armies in the world. These superweapons, along with its sizeable army, are the ones that give China its military power.

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