Celebs Who Live a Surprisingly Simple Life!

When you think of celebrities, you picture them living a lavish lifestyle with parties and riches. But for some celebs, they like to live a more modest lifestyle. No huge mansions with Olympic-sized pools for these guys and gals. Give them the simple life any day!

Tom Shadyac

You might not recognize the name, but Tom is the producer behind Bruce Almighty, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Nutty Professor II. Despite his wealth, he opts to live in a tiny 1,000 square feet beachside trailer in Malibu instead of a mansion. He chose to abandon his Beverly Hills Mansion and a life of excess following a bicycle accident. Sometimes a smaller home is the coziest plac to rest your head at night!


Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett may be a billionaire, but that doesn’t mean he wears his wealth on his sleeve. He lives in the modest house he bought in Nebraska. He bought the home for $31,500 in 1958, which admittedly was quite a bit of money then, but without a mortgage or any financial woes at all, surely the frugal businessman could upgrade a little? On the other hand, maybe he has a penchant for nostalgia. The home is now over half a century old. Surely, that means something to him.


Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci and her husband recently moved into a Brooklyn brownstone building which boasts lots of original features but is tiny in size at just 2,205 square feet. Before this, she lived in a petite Hollywood Hills house for over 10 years. It’s all very modest for the popular actress who has amassed millions over the years. We can respect the actress for wanting to raise a family in a moderate sized home instead of a lavish, over the top mansion. Her children will learn the value of a dollar this way.


Meredith Vieira

The game and talk show host, Meredith Vieira, lives in a small three-bedroom house in Los Angeles. She often talks about being frugal with her money, after managing to find a family property in LA for just $1.1 million; and with a view of the Hollywood sign, too, we happen to agree with her. This way, she can have he view of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour by seeing the sign from a distance and still live modestly, like she prefers to.


Jennifer Lawrence

We’ve all seen how humble Jennifer is at red carpet events, and we’re sure we’d be best mates if we ever met her. Her modest nature extends to her home life, too. Until earlier this year, J-Law lived in a 1,400 square foot starter home in Hollywood. She’s now bought a bigger house, but we can’t blame her for celebrating her success a little. The girl next door bought her $7 million pad from Jessica Simpson in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Hopefully, there are some good vibes surging through this place.



Kesha lives in a super-cute 1920’s bungalow in Venice Beach that just oozes character and it was a bit of a bargain too! The 1,400 square feet home is just the right size for a singleton living on their own. We know that Kesha is far too sensible to want a great big party pad anyway, especially with the unfortunate trouble we’ve seen her go through in the media and at her record label recently. This pop-star deserves a quiet place to rest where she feels comfortable and strong on her own.


Matthew McConaughey

Before Matthew settled down and became a husband and father, he lived in a small 2004 Airstream Trailer which he settled by the beach so he could have beach parties and surf as much as he wanted. Speaking of the time fondly, he once said it was two seconds from bed to getting the coffee on the stove. If only mornings were that simple all the time! We aren;t too surprised by Matthew’s down-to-earth charaacter, as he appears to be a laid-back simple guy in interviews and on the red carpet. He just gets more endearing with every new piece of information we find out about him.


Mark Zuckerberg

He may be a billionaire, but that doesn’t mean that Mark and his family live in a gigantic mansion. For years he rented a property in Palo Alto despite having enough cash in his pocket to buy most of the neighborhood. He’s also dedicated 99% of profits from his personal Facebook shares to making the world a better place. Clearly, The Social Network made him seem a bit more malicious than he actually is. He appears to be a stand-up guy to us.


Pete Wentz

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz could easily afford a bigger house than the one he lives in now, but he prefers to live in this modest home. Despite his rock star lifestyle, this house looks relatively normal. He also embraces the straight edge lifestyle, in which he consciously avoids all drugs, alcohol, and caffeine. Between his clean living, both internally and environmentally, Pete is a great parental role model to his children who probably enjoy his comfy, cozy home just as much as he does.


Brandon Boyd

The lead singer of Incubus lives on a tree-lined street in a classic 1923 home with gorgeous hardwood floors. Not exactly the kind of property you’d expect to see a rock star hanging around in. He’s also a keen surfer and likes embracing a simple way of living by avoiding gluten and unhealthy foods. Brandon also likes to think of himself as a homebody; when he’s isn’t outside surfing or bicycling, he’s inside his home sketching or creating some type of visual art. Now, this is the kind of rockstar we wouldn’t mind kicking it back with.


Lauren Conrad

Savvy TV star and fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, recently sold her cute condo in California for $1.35 million dollars when she married her husband William Tell in 2014. Despite being a small space, she managed to cram in lots of design features which make it ideal for her to relax and do yoga. The Hills star never had a flashy personality and like to keep things simple, even during the height of her fame. She preferred heading home instead of staying at a nightclub until 3 am and kept a low-profile when she wasn’t on the clock for MTV.


Tori Spelling

Tori may have grown up in the famous Spelling Manor with 90210 Producer and father, Aaron Spelling, but that doesn’t mean that she lives extravagantly now. She has struggled with an abundance of financial difficulties over the years, which meant the whole family had to downsize a lot in terms of housing and possessions. They now live in a modest home and are said to be much happier. Their current state of content may have to do with the lack of paparazzi following them since the cease of their reality tv show. Just saying.


Vincent Kartheiser

You may be wondering why this home is on the list, after all, it looks amazing. But the thing is Vincent’s ‘house’ is actually just a small one room cabin which he’s renovated to his taste. Amazing, right? He’s crammed in lots of space saving elements to make the tiny area look comfortable – and for a snip of the price of most Hollywood mansions. If we were given the opportunity to construct and design a small home for ourselves, we would do it without question. Regardless of the size of the house!


Robert Pattinson

Robert sold his LA home to The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons a couple of years ago and moved into a much smaller property in the Hollywood Hills. The Hacienda style home looks so relaxing, we could just see R-Patz lounging out on that hammock while playing his guitar. The instrument is said to be one of the few things he spends cash on and rightfully so. Since his days as Edward Cullen in the Twilight trilogy, he’s chosen to spend his millions wisely and take some well deserved time to himself.


Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley doesn’t need a massive mansion to make her happy. Instead, she’s plumped for a traditional London apartment in Islington. She’s also careful with her cash and knows how to spend her millions wisely. She budgets $50,000 for her annual costs and keeps the money she has earned from her movies (like Pirates!) to accrue interest for the future.


Hilary Swank

Hilary allegedly grew up in a trailer with her mother, so it is no surprise that she’s careful with her pennies now. Most of her time, she lives in a small Manhattan apartment measuring up to just 1,400 square feet. Despite the home’s stylish appearance, she reportedly bought most of its contents and decorations from thrift stores and sales. This is one successful actress who knows how to get a bang for her buck.


Shaquille O’ Neal

For an extremely wealthy basketball player, Shaquille knows how to keep hold of the reins when it comes to money. Believe it or not, but his home cost just $250,000 – a snip compared to what most people with his piles of cash would buy. The interior of the home isn’t as modest as the outside, admittedly, as he’s built a great cinema room and pool. Since his divorce, Shaw has downsized quite a bit in recent years. He knows prefers a more laid-back house that’s easier to take care of on his own.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey has to be one of the coolest girls on the planet, and she’s also fairly frugal with her money as well. Earlier this year her monthly income was coming in around $95,000, but she spends just a quarter of that by checking out deals and shopping in thrift stores. Her home is pleasant and charming, and not nearly half as big as some of her modern competitors in Tinseltown. The It girl has kept it classy and casual with this Southern-style, one story house and garden home.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah grew up on welfare, which is probably where her attitude on careful spending originates from. Despite her and her husband’s net worth estimating over $100 million combined, she spends carefully and invests in property housing to keep her family’s future secure. She’s admitted to dressing her children in hand-me-downs, too. This type of budgeting is an interesting contrast to her shopping-addicted character on Sex & The City, Carrie Bradshaw.


Taylor Lautner

Scream Queens star Taylor currently lives at home with his parents, which enables him to stick to a budget. Don’t worry, though, he’s not too famous to help out with household chores and washing pots. We’re glad that he’s not let the bright lights of Hollywood go to his head. We wonder if Taylor is used to bringing his famous girlfriends home for dinner instead of to his own singing bachelor’s pad in Hollywood?


Emma Watson

Emma may be one of the most successful child actors of all time, but that doesn’t mean that she’s spending her cash like it grows on trees. Proving that she’s got brains as well as beauty, the Harry Potter actress has been careful with her money, investing it in her education at Brown University. She currently lives a low-key lifestyle in London with her boyfriend. The Harry Potter star also owns a property in New York.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., are rarely photographed on the red carpet and live a humble life. Sarah has even confessed to clipping out coupons as a money-saving method and shops on a budget to keep her children comfortable for a prolonged period of time. She believes in charitable giving and often donates money to volunteer and research causes. As usual, Buffy teaches young girls just how a strong, independent, female should treat herself and others.


Dave Grohl

Listen to any interview with Dave and it’s clear that he’s still an easy-going guy, despite losing a close friend and talented musician in the past. The rockstar dad is also easy-going when it comes to his spending habits – he knows how to live comfortably without splurging on unnecessary luxuries. He’s previously discussed that he feels reluctant when spending a large amount of cash because he never received a high school degree and worries that he wouldn’t have a fall-back plan in the future.