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This boy wasn’t allowed in this cabin, when he finally entered he was surprised by what he found

As kids, we are given countless rules to abide by. We are told to respect our elders, we are expected to do as our parents say, and we are taught to follow the rules of our teachers. Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to follow these rules.

We stop talking to our dolls when it’s lights out, we finish our dinner to get ice cream for dessert, and we stop poking our little sister in the eye because apparently, it’s not very nice. Our little minds are so absorbent and fragile that we’ll follow these rules because we think that they are for our better good – but as kids start to grow up and think with their own minds, these rules sometimes go out of the window.

Yes, more and more kids start to rebel against their family and their rules as they get older, and they start getting themselves into trouble. We’ve all done it. We’ve all stayed out later than our curfew, we’ve all snuck down into the kitchen at night to steal a little bit of the cake your mom was saving for your family dinner, and we’ve all said that we’ve completed our homework when in reality we’ve not even started it. Most of the time, these are harmless rebellions that rarely receive more than a simple telling off.

However, rebelling isn’t always quite as harmless. When one young boy was told that he most definitely couldn’t go into the cabin across from the river, he immediately wanted to do it. Ignoring his parents’ advice, he entered the cabin a few years later and couldn’t believe what was in front of his eyes. He soon realized he should have listened to his parents in the first place.

Fear of the unknown

Were you ever afraid of anything when you were a child? Perhaps you were scared of your neighbors’ dog, perhaps you just couldn’t stand the thought of walking to school by yourself, or perhaps you were scared of a dilapidated building you passed every single day. We wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Horror movies almost always take place in abandoned buildings in the middle of nowhere, and we all know that there are rarely any happy endings in these movies. So, when this man decided to check out an abandoned cabin, he knew the risks were high…

Stumbling across it

Unfortunately for the man, this cabin looked as though it could have appeared on a horror movie set. Once he managed to battle his way through the overgrown leaves and the undergrowth, he was greeted with crumbling stone walls and glassless windows. The roof was falling apart, the trees were worming their way inside, and it looked as though it had been empty for years. Although he was scared, the man knew that he had to go inside and see what horrors were in store for him. After all, it wasn’t the first time he had stumbled across this cabin.

Documenting his progress

However, to truly understand this story, we need to know a little more about the man in question. Why was he never allowed in the cabin? What did he find inside? Well, this story involves a man known as ‘Durnse’, who published his story on Reddit. He wrote about his past experiences with the cabin and why he was so drawn to the dilapidated walls and crumbling roof of this place. Yet, this wasn’t all he graced us with. Durnse also documented his progress with his camera and posted his photographs on Imgur for us all to see.

Story in the making

What’s even more impressive about this story is that it was a whopping six years in the making. In fact, he first took some of these pictures when he was just a youngster. He was 15 years old and wandering through the woods when he first stumbled across the cabin. What he didn’t realize was that this cabin would have such an effect on him he would have to force himself to return at a later date and crack the mystery once and for all. He needed answers to questions that had plagued him for so long.

Nestled in the Ozarks

Yes, Durnse first stumbled across the cabin while he was just a child. Although he did not live in Missouri, his family spent their summers in Rolla where they had a vacation home. They would spend time to bond as a family, they would explore the wonders of the Ozarks, and they would just allow themselves to switch off from everyday life. However, for most of that time, Durnse had no idea that an old and abandoned cabin was staring back at him from across the river…

Overgrown and empty

The exterior of the cabin was almost completely hidden from view from his house. The dense trees were covered the dark stones, and the foliage seemed to swallow the roof and the outside of the cabin completely. It wasn’t until the winter months of 2010 that Durnse looked a little closer and realized that there was something much more sinister hiding behind the trees. He asked his parents about the house, but they forbid him to go anywhere near it. Naturally, Durnse was intrigued, and he knew that he had to ignore his parents’ orders.

The end of the road

So, Durnse collected a bag of supplies and gathered his thoughts. He had decided that he was going to explore the cabin, and he needed to follow through with this plan. To start with, Durnse had to walk up a long and winding road and search behind the trees for the cabin he had seen across the river. However, he was 15 minutes into the journey, and he still hadn’t spotted the dilapidated roof of the crumbling brick. He wasn’t going to give up, though, because he knew the cabin was there somewhere.

Long since departed

After almost half an hour of walking, Durnse eventually found the cabin! His first thought was that it had been long since departed. There were absolutely no signs of life, and he could tell that nobody lived there. It was uninhabitable. The more he took in the cabin and looked at the surrounding areas; he could tell that he was the first person in years to wander through that part of the woods. The trees had fallen down in all directions, and the cabin was overrun with fauna. He was even more intrigued.

Lying around

Although Durnse was intrigued and wanted to know more about the cabin in front of him, he was also creeped out. Who had lived here previously? Why had they abandoned their home? How long had it been empty? The more Durnse walked around the perimeter of the property; he began to notice more and more things lying around that hinted at human life. The outside of the cabin was littered in old rusty objects and machinery, and Durnse knew that whoever lived there must have lived off the land and the river.

Cracked and empty

Yet, this wasn’t the only thing that creeped Durnse out. As he cast his eyes towards the top of the cabin, he began to notice that there were barely any windows left in the frames. They had either been completely removed, or they had been broken in some way or another. The questions were reeling in his head. Had someone forced entry through the windows and harmed the people inside? Had the natural elements broken the windows? Durnse didn’t know the answers, but he was going to make sure that he found out.

Sign of the times

Durnse was looking at everything and anything near to the cabin in the hope that it would give him some hint as to who had lived in the cabin and why they had left or while they felt as though they had to leave. It was then that Durnse heard something underneath his feet. He had stepped on something hard. He took his time to look down, but soon realized it was nothing but a harmless vintage sign for Sunkist Oranges. The sign looked incredibly old… was it another piece of the puzzle?

Finding the entrance

As he continued to wander around the outside of the cabin, Durnse knew that he had to take the plunge. If he was going to answer his questions, he knew that he had to find the entrance and make his way inside of the cabin. Before too long, he had found the door – but he stopped himself. Was this the right decision? What was awaiting him behind the door? Would he survive the ordeal? Mustering up as much courage as he could, he turned the handle and opened the unlocked door…

Still in place

Durnse was a little unnerved that the house was left unlocked. Had the previous owners left in a hurry? Ignoring all of his suspicions and his worries, he made his way through the door and into the main area of the house. Almost immediately, he was struck by how the house still looked as though it was lived in. Although it had clearly been abandoned, there were still little hints of life all around the house. The light fixtures stood out most of all because they were still in place.

Stone cold

All around the room, there were little relics of the past that added to the creepy nature of the cabin. He was used to seeing houses in the woods and the surrounding areas with smoke coming out of the chimneys and light streaming through the windows. However, this cabin was the complete opposite. There was no smoke, and there was no sign of immediate life – but there definitely had been in the past. He knew this because there was a metal stove in the corner that had once been used by the occupants.

Covered in dust

As Durnse moved onwards into the kitchen, he was once again struck by how abandoned the cabin was. He had no idea how long it had been empty, but he knew it had to have been years. There were tell-tale signs that the cabin had not been entered for a substantial amount of time, and the dust covering the cups and saucers was just one of those clues. The shelf was thick with dust, and the ceramics had been chipped and broken. This was not the kind of kitchen that anyone had used in a while.

A terrible smell

Yet, the uncertainties didn’t end there. The more Durnse looked around the kitchen, the more he noticed just how dirty and used it really was. It was as if someone had left in a hurry and not dealt with their everyday tasks – because there was still an unwashed plate and cup sitting by the side of the sink. Whatever was leftover on the plate had not reacted well to being left out for so long, and the plate was thick with gunge and mildew and was emitting a terrible smell.

An unusual bottle

Turning himself away from the unfortunate plate, Durnse came face to face with the kitchen table. He immediately knew that the person who had left this cabin had not thought about the fact that they were leaving. They did not pack up their belongings, and they obviously didn’t spend time making sure they had time to move out completely. The opened bottle of Gum Turpentine, the dirty cup, and the full pepper shaker that was lying on the table hinted towards something much more sinister and rushed…

Feeling confused

Although Durnse tried to keep himself as positive and as confident as possible during his trip into the cabin in the woods, he just couldn’t shake an unnerving feeling of confusion that had plagued him. He knew that it could have just been another abandoned cabin that he just happened to stumble upon, but he had a much bigger inkling that things weren’t quite as they seemed. In his words, it was like someone left in a hurry of “went out after breakfast and just never returned.”

Making a swift exit

Durnse continued to walk through the house and take in more of the creepy property, and he just felt more uneasy the more he saw. He suddenly felt very vulnerable and alone, and he almost regretted his decision to venture into the unknown in the first place. However, he knew that the questions would have plagued his mind for years – and he needed to find out the answers. Thankfully, he decided to document his experience on Reddit four years later, so others could see the creepy house for themselves.

Something of value

Amazingly, sharing his story on Reddit helped Durnse answer some of the many questions he had about the cabin. Because people on the internet forum were just as intrigued by the house as he was, they started doing their own digging after they saw the photographs. It was during these investigations that one eagle-eyed user realized that one of the paintings on the wall could have been a priceless antique. In fact, they noted that it could have been worth a whopping $3,000. Durnse was even more taken aback than he already was.

Left by itself

Although Durnse was overwhelmed to know that the painting inside of the cabin was worth a small fortune, it just added to the mystery surrounding the property. With so many household items still in their places and with the painting still firmly attached to the wall, Durnse just couldn’t get his head around what had gone on in this Missouri cabin. Why had it been abandoned? How long had it been abandoned for? Why was it left in such a way? It seems as though he will never know the answer…