These awesome people have life all figured out

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, sometimes you don’t have any sugar, and you’re allergic to lemons. Our point is, sometimes life is just a kick in the pants. Not for these people, though. Far from it, in fact. These people took those lemons and just plopped them in their mouths and ate them, peel and all, because lemonade is for weaklings. When you look over the photos of their exploits, you may be impressed, taken aback and occasionally maybe even a little nauseous. That’s normal. Greatness comes with a price.

If you look over all of them, we guarantee that the next time life throws you a curveball, you’ll just grab your slugger and knock that sucker right out of the park, because inspiration can be found almost anywhere, and sometimes we only need that little nudge to get us on our way. So next time life has you a little down, always remember: someone, somewhere, has it worse. And if they could muster the courage and ingenuity to get out their respective holes, then you sure can too. Read on to discover the people who have made “If it looks stupid, but it works – it ain’t stupid” their life’s motto.

Planet of the… ex-girlfriends

We’ve all been there. “We’ll be together forever,” we told ourselves. “She’s the one.” “You had me at hello.” Well, maybe not that last one. Still, we all thought we found our soulmate at one point or another, and decided the best way to commemorate the awesome decision of dating her would be the even better decision of having her angelic features permanently etched onto our skin. There’s no way we’ll ever regret that decision, right? Well… It might never happen to us, but it happened to this guy. And we think he found the best possible way of putting that mistake behind him.

Queen a rook and a hard place

Traffic jams are the absolute worst. You finally got off work, you’re dying to get home, you hop into your car and… stand in traffic along with 400 other people. With all of modernity’s creature comforts, sometimes we feel like we’d go back to the Middle Ages and travel only by ox-drawn cart. Sure, they didn’t go fast, but at least they weren’t in a standstill on the 405. Road rage was just humanity’s way of dealing with traffic jams. Not these guys, though. These guys saw traffic grinding down to a halt, broke out the chessboard and just said, “Well, time for a little a bit of the Game of Kings.”

Trust me, I’m an engineer

It’s so important to keep healthy. You plan ahead of time, slice all your veggies at home and take them to work in a box. A few hours later, it’s past noon, so you take out your box of greens with a smug little smirk and… realize you forgot to bring a fork. Lunch ruined? Not if you’re this gal. It just goes to show you, a little ingenuity and a lot of hunger can go a long way. Bon appétit!

Taking inventiveness to new heights

Everyone’s crowding around the luggage carousel. It’s been a long flight, and you’re dying to just grab your suitcase and get your vacation on. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, some bags are starting to come out on the conveyor. You look hard for yours, but they all just look exactly the same. Problem? No problem, says this guy, who may get some weird looks at JFK, but will never, ever lose his luggage. Now let’s talk about that sandals/socks combo…

No time to lose

Time and tide wait for no man, the saying goes. Now, we don’t know much about tides, but time sure seems important. Important enough for us to want to keep track of it. It’s on our walls, on our wrists and in our pockets – that’s the nature of modern society. Imagine the shock when your trusty timepiece crashes to the floor and a sizeable chunk of it comes flying off. You could just throw it in the bin and go buy a new one, but… we mean, it’s just numbers…

A Lego Master Builder

Kids have the best ideas. Their imaginations are boundless, as the crushing dreariness of the grownup world has not yet affected them. Honestly, we envy them a little. There’s nothing a child can’t come up with. Just look at 10-year-old Will, who used a lot of Lego bricks to build the “ultimate car”! Or take 12-year-old Riley, who… umm, used one brick, said it’s a worm and called it a day. Who hurt you, Riley?

“Hell hath no fury…”

Once again we come upon the “I never thought I’d break up with my girlfriend” collection. And it’s another full portrait of the lucky gal, too. We’re just willing to bet that – at the time – it signified precisely what he felt for her, before it all went south. Now this new tattoo? Well… It still probably signifies pretty well what he feels for her now. We bet the tattoo artist saw the guy walking in, noticed the tattoo and thought, “Better stock up on some red ink.”

Quake-er skater

So apparently a natural disaster has struck the road in your nice little suburban neighborhood. It’s an almost apocalyptic scene, with the asphalt cracked and it seems like demons are trying to escape from the very depths of the underworld. Others are shocked, horrified even. They can’t believe this is happening in their own backyards. You, however? You look at that scene of devastation, and think, “Sick ramp, bro!” and continue to shred like you’re Tony Hawk.

A bit of a fixer upper

Speaking of natural disasters, one seems to have already struck this guy’s home. And everything around it. Most other people will look at the shattered remains of their entire existence, fall to the ground and shake their fists in anger at the sky, demanding to know why it happened to them. This guy, on the other hand, saw it as a good opportunity to trade up. Look, he even knocked a few zeroes off the price. What a good deal.

Cone of happiness

There comes a time in every pooch’s life when there’s no choice but to heed Bob Barker’s words, and spay or neuter your pet. And we all know what happens then – the little furballs have to wear that awful “cone of shame” so they don’t pull out their stitches. It can be a little rough (ruff?) on them, so anything that makes it slightly easier is welcomed. This dog’s owner, for example, decided to make a party of it, and all of his puppy’s little friends are invited.

No lock? No problem!

Public bathrooms are the worst. Sometimes we just hold it in the entire day just so we don’t have to use them. If public bathrooms were a cake made of broken glass, then stalls with broken locks are probably the poisoned cherry on top. You can’t hold it in anymore. Nature isn’t calling so much as screaming at the top of its lungs. You brave your way into the public restroom, and… privacy isn’t included. “No worries,” said this guy. “Me and my friend unsharpened HB pencil have got this.”

Air Jordans have been grounded

Having a broken leg really sucks. You hobble around for a few weeks, your toes are always cold and you’ve had that itch for four days that you can’t scratch and it’s driving you absolutely insane. But hey, at least people will sign your cast! This guy, though, isn’t about that. And he isn’t about letting a teeny tiny little thing like a broken leg cramp his style, either. “Just do it”? Well, he certainly did.

A spicy breakup

Okay, it’s the last one from the “ex-girlfriends collection,” we promise. Picture the scene: the guy walks into the tattoo parlor. “Your finest ink, my good man,” he tells the resident artist. “Nothing but the best for my lady Sarah.” And then, like all classy gentlemen, he has his lady friend’s name tattooed across his chest, like a necklace of bad decisions. As you would imagine, sometime down the line, it doesn’t quite work out, and well… Let’s just say the guy really likes hot sauce now.

School’s out… whether it wants to or not

Snow days were about as exciting as it got when we were in grade school. The twin temptations of missing school and playing in the snow all day are too much to bear for most children. Imagine, then, how awful these kids must have felt when they realized it was a snow day… but school wasn’t out. The very picture of industriousness, they decided to take matters into their own hands. If school wasn’t going to shut down because of the snow, they were going to make it.

The sun – nature’s dishwasher

We’ve all had a large dinner party over. It was a blast, catching up with old friends over some choice dishes. But then everyone leaves and you’re stuck doing the dishes. You spend hours scrubbing away, until all those pesky crumbs are gone, only to realize your dishwasher’s on the fritz. It would be a problem for most people, who’d have to wait for them to dry naturally like savages. Not this person, though. No, this person happened to look outside at the clothesline, and figured plates sounded an awful lot like pants.

A wooftini

While the dog owner mentioned before cared a lot for his dog’s well-being, this one seemed to mostly be concerned with having a laugh at the poor thing’s expense. His German shepherd offered him nothing but years of companionship and loyalty, and was dutifully rewarded by his owner dressing him up with big fake olives, putting a tumbler next to him and putting on his best Sean Connery accent. “One dogtini, pleash. Shaken, not shtirred.”

I see-ling what you did there

Oh, those hot, balmy summer nights. It’s so hot you can’t even think, let alone get some shuteye. That’s precisely the reason fans were invented. Now, fans come in all shapes and sizes – and locations. Some of the more fortunate among us were blessed with ceiling fans: just four blades of rotating bliss. Others, not so much. Others still looked at the first group with envy, the second group with disdain, and said, “Hold my beer.”

Moldy the Snowman

He’s a beloved children’s character. We bet you’re humming his song right now, in fact. Go on, we’ll wait. Done? Okay, so this guy should really take better care of his house. Mold is actually really dangerous. But we guess he just has too much on his plate, and he’s really into the Christmas spirit, so hey presto – why not decorate your abode and bring in some holiday cheer as you’re slowly choking to death on fungus?

Scar Wars

Suppose you had a really nasty injury. Maybe a papercut. Those things are the worst. Then, when it finally heals, it leaves an ugly looking scar. People always tell you it adds character, but you’re a little self conscious about the whole thing. At a loss as to what to do? Why don’t you just use the Force, and turn that sucker into a lightsaber like this guy did. That way, people will no longer think you’re a dangerous hoodlum, just a hopeless nerd. Problem solved!

An illuminating idea

We’ve all heard the expression a “hole in the wall” but what about a hole in the ceiling? This guy wasn’t about to be kept in the dark, and a real lightbulb went off, giving him this bright idea when he found out he could no longer see anything. Is he down one coat hanger? Sure, but at least he can see what he’s doing now, and hang that coat on a doorknob or something. It’s not like anyone’s going to notice after they look up once.