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Athletes’ daughters show their skills

There have been many professional athletes who’ve competed over the years on the biggest stages of the world. There’s nothing like sitting down on your leather sofa, excited to watch your favorite team square off against those annoying opponents who just won’t go away. Sports is a way that we can not only unwind, but stimulate our competitive juices as we vicariously live through our favorite players. But sometimes we forget that these players have their own lives away from the court, and their own families too. They have sons, and they have daughters. Speaking of daughters…

When it comes the players who are old and grey, their daughters have already grown up. Many of them have already entered their 20s, and some have even entered their 30s. Many of these girls are quite stunning, and they have the Instagram pictures to prove it. They have received the “spotlight bug” from their overachieving fathers, and are intent to show that they too have something to say. There is that old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you believe that’s true, then these wondrous gals have already told us quite a lot. Now it’s time for us to listen…

Abby Hornacek

If you’re not the biggest NBA fan, you might be asking yourself who this lovely lady is – but if you are, chances are you’ll recognize her last name. Her father, Jeff Hornacek, was a sharp shooting guard for the Utah Jazz during their heyday in the 90s, and helped them compete against the likes of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals. Hornacek may not have succeeded in winning a title against the Bulls, but there’s one thing he did succeed in – having a beautiful family. Jeff and Abby are incredibly close, and we’re guessing that she is one Utah Jazz fan who never lost her loyalty to the team.

Sydney Esiason

Well lookie what we have here. It’s Sydney Esiason, the stunning daughter of legendary quarterback star Boomer Esiason. But even though Sydney’s father played for the NFL, she’s actually also a huge fan of hockey, and it’s probably the reason she was attracted to hockey star Matt Martin, who she is currently dating. Regardless her career, she has done a fair amount of professional modeling for Sports Illustrated. It was probably easy for her to get the job, when you consider two key facts. One is that her father probably got her some good connections. The other is… well, just take one look at her and you see our point.

Kylie Jenner

The only people in the world who probably don’t know who this girl is are hermits that don’t use internet and never leave their house. That’s because Kylie Jenner is an honorary member of the “Kardashian Klan,” whether it’s on their hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or behind closed doors. Kylie is also the daughter of Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner, who remarried Kris Jenner, thus combining their two families.

Kendall Jenner

Since we gave you Kylie, we knew we couldn’t hold out on you by not giving you Kendall. You see, former athlete Caitlyn has not one, but two lovely daughters who seem to have such loyal fan bases. Kendall was an Instagram star before she even downloaded the app on her phone – that’s how famous she is. And if she keeps putting out cute little pictures like the one you see here, something tells us she’ll be shining in the spotlight for years to come.

Diana Larionov

Do you need sunglasses? We’re guessing you probably do at this point, because this picture is illumination at its brightest. Diana Larionov is radiating waves of wondrous energy out at us, something that we didn’t think was possible to do through a digital interface. If you weren’t sure, she is the daughter of Igor Larionov, the former NHL star and player on the Detroit Red Wings. We’re betting you had no idea he had a daughter who looked like this.

Alyonka Larionov

And we have another one. Since we’re already in the sisterly spirit, we figured we share with you yet another daughter of Igor, Alyonka Larionov. It’s funny, because Igor’s nickname in the NHL was “The Professor.” In the same vein, if we were his students we would ask him how he managed to have not just one, but two daughters of such mesmerizing qualities. Alyonka is just as captivating as her sister, and combined they are a force to be reckoned with.

Brittny Gastineau

You may or may not know Brittny Gastineau’s old man, Mark Gastineau, from his time that he was a beastly defensive force for the New York Jets. He certainly wasn’t an old man back then. But regardless of whether you know him or not, the time has come for you to get to know his bright daughter Brittny. Not only has she done plenty of work as a model, but she’s also been the star of an assortment of reality television shows such as Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive and Gastineau Girls.

Rachel Bradshaw

Any time you have an athlete as legendary as Terry Bradshaw, everything around him gets magnified. So when you consider that he has a daughter named Rachel who is a real looker, we’re not surprised that she’s become a social media sensation. Of course, even if she wasn’t Terry Bradshaw’s daughter, we wouldn’t mind spending a night on the town with her. Or a dinner. Or a lunch date. Or bowling. Seriously though, anything would work.

Avery Schlereth

Another daughter of a former NFL player, Avery has been spreading her wings ever since she’s been old enough to fly, and boy do we love watching her do it. Even though her father is well known for playing football for the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos, and winning three Super Bowls as well, Avery has slowly but surely garnered fame for her own accomplishments, such as becoming a model, as well as a charismatic television personality.

Bianca Gascoigne

When you grow up in a household that doesn’t have any money problems, you tend to live your life with a mindset that almost anything is attainable. Bianca is the stepdaughter of NFL star Paul Gascoigne, who’s nickname was “Gazza” while in the league. As a result, Bianca has been able to not only become the manager of an exotic dancers club, but she’s also starred in a reality show, and allegedly had a fair share of Botox injections.

Britney Calcavecchia

Now it’s time that we plunder deeply into the (not too) boring, but actually overall pretty cool world of golf. Mark Calcavecchia is known as a golfer who enjoyed a pretty solid amount of success during the years he was active. Although he was no Tiger Woods, he did manage to bring this lovely lady into the world, his daughter Britney. As she stands proudly in front of the American flag, you can bet that Mark raised his daughter right.

Kate Mara

We’re going to bend the rules a bit over here, because we just love Kate Mara that much. Her father may not have played football, but this girl’s family is rooted in the football industry more than perhaps any girl out there. Not only does her father’s side own the New York Giants, but her mother’s side owns the Pittsburgh Steelers! Talk about growing up with football in your veins… still, instead of going for an athlete, she opted to marry fellow actor Jamie Bell.

Nastia Liukin

We have a wide array of different types of ladies on our list, from models, to club owners, to girls who love to hang at the beach. But we also have ourselves some girls who are known for their accolades that they’ve garnered as athletes as well. That’s right, Nastia Liukin may be the daughter of well known retired artistic gymnast Valeri Liukin, but she was able to cement her own athletic legacy, winning a fair amount of gold medals throughout her career as well.

Brooke Hogan

Well look who it is, it’s none other than Brooke Hogan, the daughter of iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan. It really doesn’t get any more classic than the Hulk, so we really can’t imagine what it must be like to be his daughter. She probably got somewhat overshadowed as a kid, but considering the way she looks now, something tells us she isn’t having that problem. But beware, boys… her father’s a wrestler, and a pretty good one at that.

Angela Rypien

The daughter of the first Canadien ever to win the Super Bowl MVP, Angela Rypien grew up in a household that focused on athletics, and this picture certainly is a testament to that. Her father Mark was a quarterback during his time with the Washington Redskins, and his daughter Angela was so inspired by him that she became a quarterback too, eventually playing for the Seattle Mist in the Legends Football League (a league which is also named the Lingerie Football League).

Alexa Flutie

Any diehard football fan remembers Doug Flutie from his time in the NFL, but that doesn’t they knew about his daughter Alexa. When she entered the league as a professional cheerleader for the New England Patriots, people had to do a double take. How often do you have an NFL player whose daughter becomes an NFL cheerleader? Probably not too often. Anyhow, Alexa is now done with her cheerleading days, but is currently a dancer trainer.

Courtney Force

Courtney is one of three daughters of well known former race car driver John Force, and guess what – she’s a professional racer too. Once again, we have a situation where influence is so strong within a family, and spreads like wildfire. In fact, Courtney’s two sisters, Brittany and Ashley, are also racers, making it one big happy racing family. They probably had a lot of experience racing each other down to the living room on Christmas mornings.

Leigh Mayock

Meet Leigh Mayock, the daughter of former New York Giant safety Mike Mayock. But Mike has upkept his reputation in the football world as a voice for the NFL Draft on the NFL Network. Like her pops, Leigh is a huge football fan, and actually became a sports journalist. She currently works for Fox Sports, where she does a lot of work covering the Minnesota Vikings. She even used to have her own show called Around The Dome with Leigh Mayock.

Paulina Gretzky

Here’s one daughter who has taken the world by storm with her brilliant Instagram pictures and her talented ability to pose for the camera. Of course, it doesn’t hurt matters that she is the daughter of legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky. We are talking about arguably the greatest NHL player of all time, someone with a statue at Staples Center in Los Angeles. But if she keeps this up, she could have a statue of her own one day…

Noelle Foley

There seems to be a wrestling mood in the air, so we might have well keep the train running. In this corner of the ring, we have Noelle Foley, the insanely memorable daughter of Mick Foley. We first saw her when she appeared as a little girl in Beyond The Mat, a wrestling documentary – but she’s clearly grown since then. Seriously though, is she for real? This girl is on another level as far as models go, and we want to know what Mick serves his daughter for breakfast.