Amusing photos that show the many faces of jealousy

Jealousy is often called the “green eyed monster,” and if that was true, then these people might as well have legally changed their name to the Incredible Hulk, because they’re completely green – all over! These are the times when folks just couldn’t help themselves, and let their envy show.

We all scream for ice cream

Look at this poor kid! We’ve all been there when we were young kids (and some of us as adults as well). This boy just doesn’t get how these girls can sit there and enjoy an ice cream cone, when he has to stay outside and not get any ice cream at all.

Sometimes it seems that the world is completely unfair. When you’re forced to look from outside at other people having what you want more than anything, hope is all but lost. And the worst part is, these girls don’t even realize how lucky they are to be sitting there with their ice cream cones, while one boy must go home and eat his vegetables instead.

Wardrobe malfunction

Legendary actress and entertainer Jayne Mansfield was known for pulling off publicity stunts, and what the media likes to call “wardrobe malfunctions”. One of these stunts involved wearing an extremely revealing dress (which exposed body parts most women are interested in keeping hidden) to a party thrown for Sophia Loren, the equally legendary Italian actress.

Apparently, the starlet was trying to steal her thunder, and as you can imagine – all eyes were on her. “She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching,” Sophia said. “There may be other photos, but this is the picture. This is the one that shows how it was. This is the only picture.”

Eyes wide shut

We’ve all been through this kind of situation. While we are supposed to trust our partners completely, we still don’t want their eyes wandering anywhere but on us.

This girl saw her boyfriend looking at another girl – who is dressed to impress – and did the most sensible thing a girl could do: she covered his eyes, to help him control himself and not stare at the pretty girl. We think it’s adorable, especially since these two seem to be having a laugh about it.

How dare she

Have you ever considered how tough it can be for a dog? All you have in this world is your owners, and when one of them betrays you in such a way, it’s infuriating.

It’s probably thinking, “How dare this human girl hold a fuzzy kitten in her arms, instead of petting me?” Truth be told, we can’t decide which one is more adorable – the little girl, the tiny cat, or the jealous stare on this dog’s face.


We can’t really blame Julie Bowen for having that look on her face, while sitting next to her Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara. No doubt Julie herself is gorgeous, but Sofia has that va-va-voom quality to her.

The Latina bombshell has certain features that are just too prominent to ignore. So we’re pretty sure if we were in Bowen’s position, we’d be side-eyeing Vergara as well. In actuality, this is a reenactment of the Jayne Mansfield photo, but we can’t help thinking there’s some truth to the envy…

Why you should get a dog

They always say that if you want to attract women, you should get a dog. We don’t know why, but girls seem to be instantly drawn to guys with adorable dogs – and if they want to pet the dog, it can really break the ice.

The guy in the back really wishes he had gotten a dog as well, after seeing how well it worked out for his pet-owning friend. You can actually see the regret on his face.

Grass is always greener

These ladies were caught on camera staring at their friend during an interview, and it’s hilarious. The Spring Breakers stars, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, are seen here looking directly into their co-star Ashley Benson’s cleavage.

Look at Vanessa’s eyes, she is clearly impressed with what she’s looking at. These gorgeous girls looking enviously at their co-star is the ultimate proof that people will always want what someone else has – even if they themselves seem perfect in other people’s eyes.

Cake envy

Imagine this. You’re sitting at a restaurant, happy with yourself for getting the salad, when all of a sudden a waiter is approaching, while holding a plate with a delicious looking dessert on it.

You look upon them with hope, until they pass you by and give the dessert to someone else. This girl certainly knows how much it stings to see this, and we have no doubt her next step was probably ordering that exact same dessert.

Give me love

Babies are attention-grabbing and needy creatures. They constantly need someone to look after them, hold them, and give them love.

And even if we give them all the love in the world, should we ever decide to direct that love to someone else – say, our spouses – they could get incredibly jealous. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this adorable baby pouting as his mommy and daddy are directing their kisses towards each other, and not him.

Not pictured

If we were standing there instead of this girl, we’d be upset too! How could her friends do this? Take a picture without her and exclude her like that? Girls don’t do this to each other!

So this girl rightfully decided to claim her spot in the picture, and let everyone know that she just wasn’t going to take it. Next time these girls might want to include their friend, because she seems kind of scary when she’s mad.

Big fish

Many people love to go fishing. It can be really satisfying to know you’ve caught your own meal, or even just knowing you succeeded and let the fish back in the water.

But when you go fishing, you don’t really think about what happens if you don’t get a big catch. You think you’ll be standing there at the end of the day with a huge fish, smiling for a photo. But instead, you end up standing next to the guy who caught a huge fish, while holding the tiny little one you managed to catch.

Who do you think you are

As we’ve already discussed, it’s never nice to see your spouse looking at other people, let alone gawking at other people. Celebrities are no exception to this. Just look at Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham’s expression in this picture.

Her husband, soccer legend David Beckham, is clearly staring at the cheerleaders during a basketball game, and she’s throwing him all kinds of shade for it. We’re with you on this one, Posh Spice – he should only have eyes for you.

Love is in the air

Everyone knows that when your bro is chatting up a girl, you don’t interrupt him. This doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it.

This guy went to some kind of convention with his friend, and while his friend caught the eye of a lovely cosplayer lady, his friend was less fortunate. He was just left standing on the sidelines, and his jealousy is showing through not only in his facial expression, but his entire demeanor.

Poor choices

The look on this little boy’s face is something that we all know. It’s that look you get when you realize you made the wrong choice, while your friend made the right one.

In this case, he probably wishes he didn’t ask his parents for a popsicle, but asked for ice cream instead. Especially since the girl next to him seems to be enjoying her ice cream cone so much better. Next time ask for ice cream, little man.


Sometimes, even if we’re confident enough in ourselves,someone comes along that makes us wish we looked like them – or had a certain feature that they have.

Apparently, even when you look basically perfect, like musical artist Rihanna, you might get jealous of other people. Her fellow singer and rapper Nicki Minaj certainly has body parts that would make any woman jealous, but we still think RiRi should feel lucky to be as gorgeous as she already is.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Some people are more competitive than others, but nobody really likes losing. It feels terrible, especially when you’re a tennis player and your whole career depends on winning.

This could explain the expression on Andy Murray’s face, when he’s looking at his fellow player Novak Djokovic and his big, fat trophy. This was back in the 2016 Australian Open final, when Murray lost the match to Djokovic, and you can tell the tennis player took his loss hard.

Up in the air

Babies aren’t the only ones who want their parents to give them their undivided attention. Dogs love their owners so much, they can’t stand it if their affection is aimed anywhere but on their cute and fury selves – even if the owner is just hugging someone else.

This dog is so jealous and upset that their owner is not focusing on them, they are making quite an impressive jump off the ground to stop the madness. These two are lucky this dog is so small, otherwise they might’ve been pinned to the ground.

Under my umbrella

We don’t even need to see this woman’s face in order to get how jealous she is. We kind of feel sorry for her; it’s never a pleasant feeling to be alone, while watching a happy couple doing happy couple things, like having a meal together.

To make it worse, it’s raining, and she’s sitting there watching these two share their umbrella and flaunting their love. We would be huffing as well! She deserved an umbrella buddy, too.

New kid on the block

It’s never easy for a kid when another baby joins the family. Everyone is so happy and excited to welcome the infant to the world. They can’t stop gushing over the baby, taking pictures of it, and commenting on how cute it is.

This is all the while forgetting to constantly reassure their older child that they are still loved – how rude! No wonder this kid isn’t looking happy when his parents are so focused on his little sibling.

Third wheel

It can be a real bummer when your friend finds himself a lady love and you’re left all alone.

No one likes to be the third wheel, and in this picture, it’s pretty obvious who’s the third wheel here. But really, if you’re so jealous of your friend and his girl, you needn’t sit on the couch with them. Go out and find yourself a loved one, too. We believe in you!

Major shade

Back when Jennifer Aniston and The Leftovers actor Justin Theroux were still together, there were many tabloids writing stories about the two.

They seem to insist on labeling the gorgeous actress as the poor woman who can’t catch a break, but we’re not buying any of it. However, we have to admit Jennifer is sending some major side-eye Justin’s way in this picture, and we can tell she’s pissed about something – perhaps about not getting his attention.

Baby food

When you’re a little kid, there are many things that you’re too young to eat. Take burgers for example.

You would need teeth to be able to bite into one of those. So this toddler has every good reason to jealously stare at his sister, who’s biting into a delicious looking burger, while he’s left with nothing but baby food. The world is such an unfair place at times, as this kid is already beginning to realize.

Lurking in the shadows

It might take you a few seconds to spot the jealousy ridden person in this picture. We’ll give you a little hint – she’s standing right outside the bathroom in the dark hallway.

These girls look like they’re having a blast taking their selfies together in the bathroom. But they failed to include this girl in their fun evening, which could be the reason why she’s standing there in the dark and just creepily staring at them.

Bad blood

Ever since Kanye West stole Taylor Swift’s limelight when she won at the Grammy awards, there’s been an ongoing feud between the two.

The spat became refueled when Kanye used a mockup in Swift’s image for his music video Famous, which also included some explicit lyrics about her. There have been many claims that Kim is actually jealous of Taylor Swift, and this picture definitely makes us wonder whether there’s any truth to the rumors.

The Terminator

Don’t feel bad, kid. Not many guys can live up to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, especially from his body building days.

While it’s something to aspire to, men shouldn’t be surprised if they fall slightly short of the Austrian legend in the muscle department. You would probably need to spend your whole life at the gym and eat nothing but protein to achieve this look. There’s no need to be jealous though – we think he looks fine just as he is!

Fooled you

Dogs being jealous of other dogs is a very common thing, and quite understandable. If their owner is giving attention to another pet that isn’t them, they’re most likely to huff and bark at you until you pay attention to them.

It can be pretty funny. But a dog jealous of a stuffed animal is even funnier. This dog can’t control his jealousy when its owner is pretending to play with a plush toy. It’s so jealous, it later proceeded to tear the plush toy apart!

Middle child

This kid has a lot to be jealous of. Welcoming a new brother or sister into the family when you’re a child isn’t easy at all. You’d have to forgo much of the attention you’re used to getting, and that can be tough.

The older brother already went through this once, when his younger brother was born. So now he seems less fazed by the birth of another sibling. The younger brother, however, is not taking it well. He’s not the youngest kid anymore!

The ring

Remember when actors Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis first got engaged in 2013? The adorable couple seem so perfect together, their fans couldn’t be more excited about the news.

And apparently, neither could Tom Hanks and Christopher McDonald. When the two went to a basketball game and ran into their fellow actors, they couldn’t help but admire Olivia’s ring as they closely inspected it. And so did the girl behind them, who didn’t hide her envy while checking out the incredibly unique, two-carat diamond ring.

Family feud

This mother was hoping to take a beautiful picture with her three daughters, all wearing something white. While her older daughter was behaving while posing for the picture, her middle kid went rogue and got mad at her baby sister.

We would be a little concerned if it didn’t look so darn cute, the way she’s seemingly screaming at her. We hope she gets over her jealousy soon enough, or this baby might just be in for some major sister rivalry.

Friendly competition

Sometimes, other people have what you just don’t have. When you’re a girl who’s always dreamed of turning heads wherever you go, you can’t help but feel that spark of jealousy creeping in sometimes.

If you’re standing next to a girl with much more impressive prospects, you might find yourself surrendering to the green-eyed monster, wishing you could look like her. We see the jealousy on this girl’s face, and we totally feel for her.


Eating cake is one of the many joys in life. Who doesn’t want to take a bite into a piece of yummy sponge with some delicious frosting? Everyone does!

This woman isn’t at fault, because when she see someone else eating an appetizing cake right in front of you, you immediately want to get a piece for yourself. We would probably look the same if someone ate this next to us, and looked like they were enjoying it so much.

Quality man-dog time

This dog looks so adorable when it’s mad, it actually became a meme! This couple just wanted to take a selfie, and they even let their dog be included in the picture with them.

But their dog still doesn’t look very happy. It looks like it wants to spend some quality time with its owner, without the girl he’s seemingly dating. And the irritated look upon its face just makes us want to burst into laughter.

We’re all jealous of Amber Rose

Amber Rose is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful models in the world. She looks amazing in everything she wears, so we can’t blame this woman in the back for being jealous of her.

Amber looks stunning in that red dress, and has probably turned every head in the street her way – men and women alike. That woman, who happened to see her walking somewhere and being photographed, probably didn’t realize her envious look would be captured on camera.

On the bus

We all try to be happy in our day-to-day lives. We go about our routine and try to be content with everything we have in life.

But sometimes, we see someone who has that eye-color we’ve always wished we had, or that shaped bottom we’ve been working so hard at the gym to get. Those are the times when we feel totally jealous, and it’s much too hard to try and hide our feelings about it.

Equal attention

When you have more than one pet, it can be difficult to split your time and attention evenly between them.

It’s like having two kids – you don’t want either of them to think you love the other one more than you love them. But this girl was caught cuddling her puppy by her pet cat, and it did not seem happy about it! We imagine this cat went on to snubbing her for a few weeks after this incident.

No harmony

Fifth Harmony became a girl band when they were grouped together during The X Factor in 2012, and have been trying to send out a message of girl power and sisterhood ever since.

But it’s also no secret that there was quite a bit of drama between the girls, specifically involving the now-retired bandmate, Camila Cabello. In this picture, Camila is rolling her eyes at Lauren Jauregui so hard, it’s breaking eye-rolling records. As we’ve said, the face of jealousy usually isn’t pretty.

Winner takes it all

Pageants are a gruesome business. The competition is so high, because these girls probably spend their whole childhood dreaming about becoming beauty queens.

This girl won the competition, got her tiara and flower bouquets, and was smiling happily at the crowd. The girl next to her, however, couldn’t quite muster up a smile as she clapped her hands together for the girl who won the title she was hoping to win. She might be trying to hide it, but her jealousy is pretty visible.


Cats and dogs are often jealous – it’s not a rare thing to see in our everyday lives, especially if we live with pets. But have you ever seen a seal jealous of another seal?

It’s incredibly cute to see this seal resting its head enviously as it watches another seal grabbing all of the attention. Next time when it’s time for a photo-op with tourists, it should be the first seal to volunteer for it!

Bandmates envy

It’s only natural to be jealous of other people’s looks. We are too often unhappy with what we have, and although we should always try to make peace with ourselves, sometimes we just can’t.

But former Girls Aloud band member Sarah Harding doesn’t only look jealous, she seems almost depressed as she looks down her own dress, while standing next to her former bandmate Cheryl Cole. While she’s very pretty, we would probably feel bad standing next to Cheryl Cole, too.

Keeping the women away

When in a relationship, many times we fear other people would look at our partner and want to steal them for themselves.

This girl found an original solution to keep other girls away from her boyfriend on Instagram. Instead of tagging him, she tags “haha you wish sweetie keep scrolling,” sending out a message for other girls to just move along. This guy is all hers, and we hope he appreciates her as much as she does him.


We’ve seen cases of partners being jealous for one another, or even getting territorial. But this one definitely, without a doubt, takes the cake.

This girl had her beau wear a shirt with her face printed all over it. And as if that weren’t enough, it also says if you’re reading this, you might want to back off, because this guy has a girlfriend – and she’s a bit on the crazy side, as it would seem.

He better propose fast

You often come across marriage proposals during basketball, baseball, or football games. It’s a grand gesture, professing your endless love to your partner on a huge screen for everyone to see.

And while some people find it puts the receiving end of the proposal on the spot, this couple seems to be having the happiest day of their lives. The proposal was accepted, and the crowd is cheering! Well, except for the woman whose face is circled, who seems to be telling her boyfriend off for not doing the same.

And the award goes to…

During the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, as actor and comedian Will Ferrell won his well-deserved Comedic Genius award, Parks and Rec actress Aubrey Plaza took the stage.

Everyone seemed shocked, including Will himself, when she went straight for the award and tried to wrestle it away from him. While Will tried to spin it as a rehearsed sketch, Aubrey reportedly seemed intoxicated and was kicked out after returning to her seat, dropping her drink on the carpet on her way there. Seems pretty real to us, but we’ll never know.

Poor Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio has a long history of not winning Oscars for his phenomenal performances. So much so, that at some point his losing faces became internet memes.

In 2014, he lost his Oscar for Best Actor (for Wolf of Wall Street) to Matthew McConaughey, and this time he couldn’t quite conceal his disappointment. Luckily, Leo broke this unlucky streak of Oscar losses by finally snagging an Oscar for his role in The Revenant. And after almost getting mauled by a bear, he sure deserved it.

Baby love

When you’re a child, your parents’ love and affection means the world to you. While as grown ups we usually tend to limit the public displays of hugging and kissing our parents, as children we can’t get enough of those snuggles!

So this kid can’t be anymore jealous to see his sibling getting much more attention than he is. You can see that the little guy wants a hug too, and it’s straight up adorable!

One bachelor

The Bachelor is a popular reality show, where almost 30 contestants compete for the heart of one desirable bachelor. Sounds like that would go smoothly, right?

And indeed, these shows always contain a huge amount of jealous faces, side-eyes, and straight out fights. This picture perfectly demonstrates it, because the bachelor of season 19, Chris Soules, is probably the only one looking content in this scenario. All the girls look like they’re about to jump each other.

Party down

Some girls love partying. Dressing up in pretty dresses, going out, taking selfies with your friends – it can be a lot of fun sometimes.

But some girls aren’t exactly into these kind of things. Take the girl on the left, for instance. On one hand, it seems like she would rather just get out of there. But on the other hand, it seems like she’d want to join the girls in taking a picture together.

Keeping fit

Sometimes we try so hard to work out and keep our shape up, but we just don’t have the energy to do it. We try to motivate yourself and go outside to get some important exercise done.

But then when we’re outside, we suddenly come across people who work out every day and are in the best shape of their lives. These people aren’t lazy – they’re the opposite. They’re everything we ever wanted to be. And by the look on her face, the girl on the bike feels the same.