5 reasons we love Terminator 2: Judgment Day so much

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the movie of a generation. The ‘90s were pretty much peak time for action films, and Terminator 2 is one of its the best. Despite the fact it’s 27 years old, it is still one of the most beloved films of all time, and here’s why!

Arnie acknowledged his catchphrase

In the original Terminator film, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, the Terminator, tells a police officer he’ll be back, before returning to wreak havoc. Terminator 2 sees Arnie bring out his old “I’ll be back” catchphrase and it was the moment fans had been waiting for. The catchphrase was pretty much used in every single Schwarzenegger film after that, and Terminator 2 was the start of it appearing more often.

Better than the original?

The original Terminator movie came out in 1985. It was a commentary on our over reliance on technology, with the machines rising and turning on us. By the end of the film we believe the world has been saved, but as Terminator 2 opens, it becomes clear it’s not safe at all. The first move is pretty simple, as far as time-traveling robot assassin stories go, but the sequel steps things up.

We knew Arnie as the bad guy and when he appears we suspect he is once again the villain. Instead, he was sent back to protect the hero from another, more sophisticated terminator. It becomes a battle of the terminators, something fans had been hoping for since the first movie.

Liquid metal was terrifying

The villain in T-2 is one of the scariest of all time. Bullets can’t stop it, and even shattering it into a million pieces doesn’t work. It is an indestructible machine. It could take the form of anyone or anything it touched, meaning any character could be the terminator, leaving everyone on edge.

Linda Hamilton

When we met Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in the original Terminator, she seemed like your average young woman in the ‘80s. Cut to Terminator 2 and Hamilton transformed into a hardened woman, determined to stop her son coming to any harm. Hamilton got into shape through an intense workout regime to become the Sarah Connor we all know and love. She is fearless and completely different to the young and naive Sarah of the first film.

Arnie was the good guy

Everyone was expecting Arnold Schwarzenegger to once again be the face of evil in this sequel, but he surprised us all by doing a 180. It didn’t seem too much of a stretch of his acting abilities to play a robot, but Arnie even managed to make us feel sad for him in the end. Broken, he is slowly lowered into a fire pit with many people shedding a tear for our new favorite robot assassin.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is approaching the 30th anniversary of its release, but we still love it so much. With audiences sympathizing for a previous villain, a great ‘90s soundtrack, and an iconic female hero Terminator 2 will go down as an all-time action great.