5 famous fan theories about TV shows


People love a good conspiracy theory. Is something true, or isn’t it true? We love to think that there’s a deeper meaning, a sense of mystery, to the things around us. One of these is TV Shows – we love to hear people’s crazy ideas about why a certain plotline really happened, or why a character had to die and so on. Here are five of the most known fan theories about TV shows.

Gilligan’s Island – Seven characters for seven sins

Gilligan’s Island is a very old show now, but at the time of its release, it was one of the most popular programs on TV. It focuses on the story of seven individuals who choose to go on a boat trip while on holiday. They get caught in a storm and end up shipwrecked on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. The fan theory surrounding this show is that the group didn’t actually survive the storm! They ended up drowning, and all of them went to hell, with each one of them representing the seven sins. Dark!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will was dead!

Wait, what? Could it be that Will Smith’s character, so bubbly and full of life, was actually dead? Well, apparently so folks! Diehard fans of the show have come up with the conspiracy theory that actually, Will was dead for the entirety of the show! In the popular theme song (you know all the lyrics, right?), Will sings about getting into a big fight, and as a result of this being sent to live with his uncle and aunt in Bel Air. The theory states that actually, Will died in the fight, and his idea of heaven is living in a manor house surrounded by friends and family. The theory goes on to state that the reason his mother and best friend Jazz only appear now and again is because they’re not dead yet, but they’re visiting his grave and speaking to him. Crazy, right?


Friends – They are all mentally ill

One of the craziest fan theories floating around is that all of the characters from Friends are suffering from a mental illness. ‘Friends’ is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and sensational TV shows of all times. People adore the characters, so why would they think that they’re out of their minds? Well, each character seems to have a slightly ‘crazy’ characteristic that could have placed them in a psychiatric ward. Ross can’t cope with the real world and loves to become absorbed in dinosaurs and history, due to Asperger’s Syndrome. Monica was bullied about her weight as a teenager which led to her having an eating disorder and depression. Phoebe is also depressed, following the death of her mother. Rachel has sociopathic tendencies, while Chandler suffered from a traumatic childhood that has left him very much damaged now. Finally, we have Joey, the fun loving character with his cheeky charm. The theory states he slept with a married woman, whose husband beat Joey up and left him with a serious brain injury. We prefer the original plot, thanks!


The Walking Dead – It’s just a dream (or a nightmare…)

Yes, that’s right. Fans of popular TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ believe that the entire show is actually a dream (albeit a very bad one…!) happening in the mind of the main character, Rick. At the very start of the show, we see Rick being shot and his life falling to pieces because of this. When he’s recovered, his life just seems to keep on going downhill, to be honest. Now, fans have come up with the theory that actually, this is all just one long dream going on in Rick’s head while he is in a coma in hospital, trying to recover from the gunshot wounds. When various people die in the show (and so, according to this theory, in his dream) it’s because they have stopped coming to visit him at the hospital.


Sesame Street – The Count drinks the children’s blood

This one is a bit of a dark theory for a children’s show. The fans of Sesame Street claim that the vampire puppet, The Count, lures children to his home to teach them math, but that it’s all just a trap so that he can feed off their blood. This is why Sesame Street continually had to be replaced. The theory even goes as far as to accuse the adults we see in the show of being in on the plan too, because none of them seem to do anything to prevent the children from visiting The Count or notice all of these children are disappearing and being replaced.

As soon as a show becomes popular enough to have a fanbase, the odds are that it will get a fan theory based on some obscure reference made in one episode. Some of these theories are very far-reaching, but some actually make a lot of sense. These fan theories are the best known because they all COULD be real. We’re not saying they are, but we’re not saying they’re not…