41 Huge Mistakes In Films


It is always entertaining to see which bloopers were overlooked by the editing and production crew and made it into the movie. For example, there may be wardrobe and costume choices that make no sense for the time period the film is set in. Or there may be newspapers and signs with egregious spelling and translation errors in them. While this may be the way it is for the vast majority of us, we must count on the historians to call out and shame directors when they make these funny mistakes. Yet sometimes these mistakes are impossible to not notice.

Movie: The Aviator

Error: We wouldn’t necessarily expect a food related mistake in a historic film as the film that deal with history should probably get its facts right.


But when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character asked for chocolate chip cookies in a scene that was set to be taking place in 1928, he was probably referring to the original Toll House cookies. The term “chocolate chips” as we know it, was only invented later in 1930 by American Chef, Ruth Graves Wakefield. Thanks to her we can all enjoy that delicious snack today.

Movie: Braveheart

Error: It would be quite hilarious and probably break his manly image that we have built in our minds to find out the Mel Gibson and the macho character that he played in the movie wore a skirt for nothing.


One of the actor’s prominent and most recognized with outfits included a kilt, a traditional Scottish garment from the 16th century. As the film was set in 1300, it doesn’t really make any sense that he would be wearing that. Now that’s brave.

Movie: Gladiator

Error: It must have been a very tiring day for the Gladiator’s research team to make this terminology mistake.


Russell Crowe, the big star’s name in the epic fictional movie is “The Spaniard” . This term refers to an old French term from the 14th century, while the movie is set to be taking place a bit earlier in historic timeline, thousand years earlier in fact, it can be quite confusing.

Movie: Panic Room

Error: It’s all about gravity, and understanding a little bit a bout how it works.


In her movie, Foster who was trapped in a scene took the initiative to light a propane canister that would drop to the floor in order to stay away from the rising canister. However, when you actually drop a propane that is heavier than air itself, the result would be that the canister also ends up falling downward.

Movie: 300

Error: We’re starting to sense a pattern here with historical films and getting facts right.


Although the movie was a fictional one, in the fantasy war film, the army that is led by King Xerxes attacks the Greeks with bombs. The movie is set in 480 B.C which is why it makes it impossible for bombs to be used as the substance exists in them which is black powder, wasn’t used until later in history.

Movie: Titanic

Error: DiCaprio must have felt like a fish out of water in this instance!


In one of the many unforgettable scenes in the film, Jack talks to Rose and tells her a story about how he and his old man used to go fishing in Lake Wissota, that must have been hard to do as the lake was originally Now that In the movie, Jack mentions to Rose that he and his father used to fish in Lake Wissota. The problem is, Lake Wissota was structured in 1917 , five years after the tragic end for the Titanic.

Movie: Independence Day

Error: True, New York streets addresses can be quite confusing at times, but it doesn’t mean you can get the address wrong when filming a movie in the Big Apple!


When the Empire State Building was dramatically exploded, it was actually situated at the wrong address than where the real building is placed in reality. We guess we can let that one go as it’s a movie at the end of the day.

Movie: The Mummy (1999)

Error: This mistake is really noticeable, but only if you are a history buff (which the directors of the movie were clearly not counting on).

At the beginning of the movie it is said that the Pharaohs are living in Thebes. However, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids are shown in the shot. This is problematic as the pyramids are in Giza (outside of present day Cairo), yet Thebes is actually located over 300 miles away!

Movie: Django Unchained

Error: We can probably let this next mistake slide as it’s a Tarantino production.


But still, the lead actor, Jamie Foxx wear sunglasses throughout the movie, and although he looks pretty good wearing them, it doesn’t make much sense as sunglasses at the time were only used for medical purposes rather than as fashion statements.

Movie: Back To The Future

Error: This constant traveling back and forth in time must have caused some jet lag and confusion for the characters and writers because when Michael J. Fox, also known as Marty McFly travels back in time to the year 1955, in one scene he plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar.


As much as he sounded good, it couldn’t have really happened as the guitar wasn’t created until later in 1958.

Movie: Halloween

Error: It’s pretty known that in Hollywood to film a movie in one city or town and portray it as if it was filmed in a totally different place, however when you do that you have to pay attention to even the most little details to make sure you make it as believable as possible.


Halloween was set to be taking place in Illinois, but when you see the typical Californian palm trees swinging in the background it’s quite clear the movie was not shot in Illinois.

Movie: The Hurt Locker

Error: As easy as it might seem to think that Youtube has been here forever, the references that were made in the suspense film to the Video sharing website are a little off as Youtube, as we know it, was only launched one year after the film was shot.


The film, despite these false references, was a huge success and even received six Academy Awards which included the prestigious Best Picture Award.

Movie: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Error: When it comes to such an important event that took place in history, it’s almost upsetting to see such a mistake occur.


The dramatic Nazi book burning scene in the movie was portrayed as if it took place in 1938, but the fact is that in real life it happened in 1933, much earlier that depicted.

Movie: Malcolm X

Error: Everyone knows that when in trouble you call 911 and you hope that they will come as quickly as possible.


This was not the case when the famous activist’s house was under fire and he called out to call 911. If this was a real life scene, the poor man wouldn’t have gotten an answer as 911 wasn’t really active until later in 1968, three years after he was assassinated.

Movie: The Patriot

Error: It’s true that you have to be a professional makeup artist in order to depict aging in a flawless way.


But still it makes you cringe a little bit to see that in a five year period, where the characters were supposed to age, naturally, the children cast who played on The Patriot, pretty much look the same and did not age properly.

Movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Error: When you’re the Captain in a fictional picture and you feel like having an apple, you probably don’t care that the breed that you crave for doesn’t really exist.


For example the Granny Smiths apples that Captain Barbossa was craving for in the movie were actually cultivated over a hundred years after the year the film was set in.

Movie: Public Enemies

Error: Well this one is bit awkward when it comes to getting your facts right..


When Pretty Boy Floyd and Babyface Nelson were pretty much finished by the notorious robber, John Dillinger, who was played by Johnny Depp, in real life the Dillinger was dead before they were. These errors get you wondering how much tie the writers actually spend on getting their facts right or whether they just act upon their creativity at that given time.

Movie: Forrest Gump

Error: Who doesn’t love Forrest Gump?


It seems like nothing could go wrong with one of the greatest films in history, however there was one scene where the legendary company Apple sends Forrest mail in the post (yes that’s how it used to work) in the year of 1975, it probably came as a surprise to the company as they have only started their public trading in 1981. It might seem like Apple have been in our lives forever, so it could be quite confusing.


Movie: The Goonies

Error: Sometimes it’s about the little facts and details that you might not even think about.


There was a scene where the group is looking in the tunnels and they encounter a dead body of a man who possessed a Lou Gehrig baseball card. The man whose dead body they found was dead since the 1930’s, so there’s no way that he could had Gehrig’s card in his possession.

Movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

Error: The lovely island of Singapore was founded in 1819 , that’s why it must have been quite difficult for the Black Pearl travel crew to reach the island and actually get there or find the place as it was set in the 18th century, one century before the Island was founded.


Sure, it’s an epic fantasy film, but still.

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Error: It’s not only sad to reminisce on one of the saddest war drama movies in history.


It’s just extremely disappointing to find out that when Tom Hanks, who plays United States Army Rangers Captain John H. Miller,  gets injured and he holds onto a motorcycle to help himself, he actually leans onto a model that didn’t quite exist at the time of World War II.

Movie: The Sound Of Music

Error: A little Geography lesson would have helped the writers in this case.


When the famous Von Trapp family make a decision and make an escape from Austria to Switzerland over the Alps, they probably would have gotten as far as Germany and not quite reach their destination.

Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Error: You never imagined that a small prop like a movie poster would be so misleading.


While Andy Dufresne was thinking hard and planning his big prison escape, he used a poster from “One Million Years B.C” to cover the hole, however that movie was actually released a year after The Shawshank Redemption was.

Movie: Sherlock Holmes

Error: Sometimes you lose track of time or distance when you shoot a movie.


We guess that was the case in the overly short scene where the chase started at the underground conduit at the Houses of Parliament and terminated at Tower Bridge. Two miles separate both locations, so it doesn’t make sense it was so short.

Movie: Top Gun

Error: This fact is making us a little dizzy we have to admit.


We’re glad to know the scene of Maverick and Goose flying so close side by side with one of the planes flying upside down, was a fictional one because in reality they would have crashed and died because the back wings of both planes would have clashed.

Movie: The Green Mile

Error: Hands down, The Green Mile is one of the most emotional and touching films in history and deals with sensitive issues such as racism and death row.


It’s always controversial when it comes to capital punishment so when you see Coffey being executed in an electric chair, a technique that wasn’t permitted in Louisiana at the time that movie was set in, it makes it even more uncomfortable.

Movie: Troy

Error: The epic war film was one of the biggest box office hits of all times so we could probably let this one slide.


But when Orlando Bloom’s character protected his chariot with a parasol it must have been weird to watch as a parasol was only invented 800 years after.

Movie: North By Northwest

Error: Talk about psychic and future telling!


If you look really carefully you can spot the kid at the table with his family covering his ears before the gunshot sound filled the room. We’re pretty sure it’s not a case of ear infection or trying to avoid the conversation at the table, but a case of a real blooper.

Movie: Passion Of The Christ

Error: A white actor playing the role of Jesus has been a passionate subject of argument for years.


While Jesus was living in the Middle East, he must have been Middle Eastern when it comes to his appearance, and not like he was portrayed in the film.

Movie: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Error: Ok so this was comedy and perhaps getting the facts right is not the most important thing in the world.


Still when Snowflake the dolphin was kidnapped he made a sound that was high pitched, a sound that is usually made when dolphins are underwater. Well Snowflake made the same sound when he was out of the water, but that’s ok as we said in the beginning. In comedy everything goes.

Movie: Mr and Mrs Smith

Error: Los Angeles and New York are probably the most popular cities where movies are filmed in, and the two can not be more different.


You might not really notice but the movie is set to be in the Big Apple, although the film was almost completely filmed in LA. The famous stars didn’t leave California and some takes show it quite clearly.

Movie: Schindler’s List

Error: The legendary film has impacted and effected so many people due to its amazing, unbelievable story, therefore a minor mistake such the usage of plastic stamp pads not in the right time in history, can be ignored.


The stamp pads weren’t invented yet when World War II was taking place. The movie without a doubt left a stamp in film history.

Movie: Gladiator

Error: We bet the editors regret not cutting out this scene.


In one of the battle scenes where one of the chariots crashes over, one can notice a gas cylinder in the back which doesn’t make sense. Now we’re not any experts, but even this mistake made us cringe a little bit.

Movie: The Dark Knight

Error: They probably didn’t hear of a spellcheck when the superhero thriller was released, otherwise who can explain the fact that there was an obvious misspell at the Gotham Times.


It’s a minor lettering switch, but it makes the title incomprehensible. Thankfully the word that was eventually posted on the newspaper, Hiest, did not spell something totally inappropriate. Oops.

Movie: Spiderman 3

Error: Another case of missing out when it comes to blurring the background of set.


When Spiderman fights Sandman, it’s a very famous scene that is known to be taking place in New York City, however if you pay attention real closely you can notice one of Cleveland’s landscapes in the background, the Terminal Tower.

Movie: Gone With The Wind

Error: We didn’t know that an oil lamp needs an electrical cord attached to it in order to work!


Melanie is seen grabbing an oil lamp to light the way to the bedroom when Ashley is back wounded. As far as we know, electricity wasn’t invented during the time of The Civil War. It kind of takes out the whole periodic sense.

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Error: The epic movie can get so intense, which is very Tarantino appropriate, that the producers might not notice some of the bloops.


When Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, is given the adrenaline shot, her chest gets marked with red marker in order to survive. However once the shot was given the mark seems to vanish.

Movie: Cast Away

Error: If people had known that FedEx cardboard boxes can survive while floating in the ocean without ruining the contents of the box, maybe they would have send more mail through ocean water.


In quite an incredible way, Hanks opened the packages in the movie, that were cleary not waterproofed to see that their contents are safe and sound.

Movie: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Error: Can you spot the guy in a grey T Shirt who just happens to walk nonchalantly in the background?


The guy plays an extra in the periodic film of Indiana Jones, and he clearly doesn’t fit in terms of his attire to the period of time the film was set in. Talk about misplacement. We wonder what he was searching on the streets of the set.

Movie: Reservoir Dogs

Error: This scene is a classic case of  what we call “in the blink of an eye”.


When the police officer Marvin Nash, who is played by actor Kirk Baltz,  is taken to be tortured, his hands are first cuffed behind his back, however one scene later his hands are seen cuffed to his front. In order to get into character, Baltz asked one of his fellow stars, Michael Madsen, to drive him around while he’s in the trunk.

Movie: The Avengers

Error: It’s true that many scenes are shot at different periods of times and then edited in such a sequence to make sense, but when you do that you have to make sure you are keeping the right order of events.


For example, at the end of the movie during the last battle, Capatain America’s suit gets ripped in one place, but in the next scene you see that the suit has been miraculously sewn back.

Movie: Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Error: The sequel to the Terminator movie from 1984 which includes some big action movie names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger involves a case of big fortune telling.


In the When Arnie shoots the Prototype Series 1000 Terminator, and his head splits open in the epic scene, well it does make you wonder how his head splits open seconds before the actual gun shot. Yes if this was movie error Judgement Day, we would definitely be judging.

Movie: Deadpool

Error: Even Ryan Reynold’s super powers in his 2016 comic based film, Deadpool, helped prevent this following continuity mistake from happening.


Close to the end of the movie there is a scene where Ajax holds a knife to Deadpool’s head. In some magical, the hole that is formed in Deadpool’s mask after he pulls the weapon out of his head, disappears only to be seen in a shot that takes place later in the film.

Movie: Passengers

Error: While it is quite refreshing to see Jennifer Lawrence star alongside other than Bradley Cooper, it doesn’t mean that mistakes can’t happen in her films. The Oscar winner plays the role of Aurora Lane in the science fiction film Passengers.


When the ship loses gravity, Aurora, who was swimming at the time is lifted outside of the pool. All this time Jim, played by Chris Pratt, is sleeping in his cabin and when gravity kicks in, his entire body starts floating in the air. The interesting thing is that, Gus,  the chief deck officer, who is also sleeping in his bed, only has his hands and arms lifted in the air, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Movie: The Nice Guys

Error: It’s hard to imagine anything could ever go wrong with a movie which features two of Hollywood’s leading men, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crow!


The movie, which was released in 2016, is set to take place in 1977. In one scene, we can see a boy telling his dad that he is in the middle of a PacMan game. The only problem is that the arcade game came out in 1980. That not nice, guys.

Movie: Pretty Woan

Error: In the epic film that is Pretty Woman you may think that it is completely infallible. However, there are actually tons of little mistakes found in the film.

One funny one when Vivian takes a huge second bite of her pancake and when the camera shoots her again a second later, that second bite completely disappears. Our guess is that Julia Roberts liked the pancake so much she finished it and they had to supply her with a new one for the next take.