Troubled news anchors do the unthinkable on air

There are many different forms of entertainment on television. There are fictional shows, with a large range of genres to offer, such as drama or comedy. There are your sports channels, such as the annual long awaited NFL Super Bowl or the NBA All Star Game. And of course, there are the news channels – our source of real information and events that are happening in our world. One of the reason we love our news channels is because they tell us what’s going on around the world. They are the ones that are first on the scene when something groundbreaking happens, and we need our favorite news team to inform us about it.

But another reason we love watching the news is not just because of the news itself – we also just love the reporters. The overall culture in the news world has an air of professionalism, and we love that about it. But what about when the people that are supposed to be acting professional start making mistakes? What happens when their not-so-professional side comes out?

There have been anchors delivering news to the public ever since television was invented, so it’s natural for them to have a couple missteps. At the end of the day, even the best of the best are human, and we love them for that. While there is normally a sense of neutral objectivity on the complexions of reporters, too much objectivity would make them seem like outright robots, with no feelings or sense of humor, and we don’t want that. This is why most news anchors have certain trademarks, certain signature sayings that allow us to remember them and identify with them on a personal level. Reporters must remain professional, but they also must connect to the public.

But there have been many times when certain reporters went too far. There were moments when their sense of humor got the better of them, and we were happy that we were there to see it. In addition, there have been many occurences in which a reporter was out in the field, and external factors pushed them over the limit – such as a bug even flying into a reporter’s mouth!

Anyway, whether or not these occurrences were laughing matters, here are 30 times that embarrassing things happened unexpectedly to news reporters on camera. We are quite certain that you will not be disappointed with what you see.

A case of the giggles

Ah, probably one of the most beautiful capabilities that we humans possess is the ability to laugh. And isn’t the best laughter the kind that we cannot control? Ironically, sometimes this wild laughter occurs in the most awkward and inappropriate of situations, such as this Australian news anchor. She had been covering the story of an Irish adventurer, and she began to move on to something more tragic, when it happened – unfortunate news on camera, delivered with laughter – not a good mix.

Puddle slip

In the entertainment business, if you want to win a crowd over, sometimes you have to take risks. The question is, does news count as entertainment? A Russian reporter from Novosibirsk seems to think so – she was reporting a story about bad road conditions. She figured that she would try to impress the viewers at home with a nice leap over a puddle – the result would be what we like to call an epic fail. She landed in the wet dirty puddle, and the viewers at home certainly were entertained.

The mask

Do you know who Max Headroom is? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t, but needless to say, there was once a man in 1987 who owned a Max Headroom mask, and became very famous way back then when he hijacked a broadcast and jumped around and around, yelling inappropriate words to the camera. Somehow, this masked mystery man still has not been caught, and for all we know he could be anyone. To this day, people still remember him.

Sick of Kardashians

Okay, so we’re guessing you’ve heard of the Kardashians, right? The reason we’re guessing this is because they are one of the most talked about families in the world. John Brown, a talk show co-host of Good Day Orlando seems to think so too, to the point where he actually thinks it’s overblown – and we know this because he said so on camera! He revealed live to thousands of viewers that he was literally “sick of talking about them”.

Not quite president

This was a very interesting blunder that happened during the 2000 U.S. presidential election, between Al Gore and George Bush. After the election, and the votes were getting tallied, CNN decided to broadcast to the world that Al Gore had won. Viewers took it quite seriously, not knowing that this declaration was very premature. Soon enough, the full votes were in, and Al Gore was not named president – as we know, George Bush was the victorious one.

Kelly speaks

Megyn Kelly is a well respected reporter from Fox Sports News, who is known for unapologetically speaking her mind on camera, especially when it is about something close to home for her. Such was the case when was involved in a discussion on camera regarding spouses that cheat. During this time, she revealed on air that she was no stranger to this topic, because she had also been cheated on by her first husband, a man named Dr. Dan Kendall.

Grape mistake

As previously mentioned, sometimes reporters like to get in on the fun. Such was the case for Melissa Sander, field reporter in Atlanta, Georgia, who decided to engage in a grape stomping competition with a local. During their head to head matchup, things got intense and Sander decided to cheat (albeit playfully). It turned out that her attempt to cheat didn’t give her such fruitful returns, and she fell off the grape mashing platform, and face first into the dirt.

Unicorn lady

Another story of an unwelcome visitor – however, while the other instances involved real animals surprising news anchors, this is a story of a fake animal surprising a news anchor. Indeed, a woman wearing a unicorn mask decided to implode her presence onto a Jacksonville reporter’s personal space. He was in the middle of reporting a story when it happened, and he was very much trying to keep a straight face – but if this picture is any indication, he was having a hard time.

Toboggan crash

When we are watching something amazing, we always want a nice piece of the action. But we can’t get too greedy. When Rob Leth, a reporter from Global News covered a live toboggan race on a snowy slope in Toronto, he treaded a very dangerous road by literally standing in the middle of a tobogganer’s path! He reasoned with himself that he could jump over the racer. The result wasn’t pretty – a head on collision and him laying face down in the snow.

Don’t be so cold

Okay, this one had us in tears, as well as her producers and numerous home viewers, and the reason is because we can all relate to it. When this Milwaukee reporter was given the task of reporting a snowstorm, the grueling hours began to test her patience. “I’ve run out of things to say, it is snowing, and it sucks here!” Doesn’t that just say it all? Haven’t we all been forced to cover our own “snowstorm” at one point in our lives?

The sidler

This situation is not only funny, but it’s just plain bizarre. When Wendy Burch was reporting a story about Los Angeles’s venture to potentially host the 2024 Olympics, she didn’t realize that there was a “sidler” in her midst. A sidler is someone who simply appears by your side out of nowhere, and you never even noticed them walking over. Such was the case here, when this middle aged gentleman decided to walk on over and give Burch quite a fright.

I’m not changing

Sometimes, our emotions get the better of us, and this is also true when we are on the air in front of thousands of entertained viewers. These three Australian female newscasters were about to start their show when they realized that they were all wearing white. The middle one, Amber Sherlock, was adamant that she was not changing, and she basically bullied Julie Snook, the woman on the left, to change. As you can see, Snook relented, but thankfully the exchange was captured on camera.

The proposal

Some of these stories are very embarrassing, and some of them are outright heartwarming. In a twist of fate, a woman news anchor from Huntsville, Alabama was reading her teleprompter with her usual vigour when she noticed that she was actually reading a marriage proposal to her (clearly, it was arranged by her boyfriend). Positively taken aback, she sought out her prince and told him that she would marry him – much to the relief of her boyfriend, and all who were watching as well.

Quit bugging me

When you’re just starting out as a reporter, sometimes you’ve got to do the hard jobs, such as field reporting – the outdoor adventures where literally anything can happen. For KSNT field reporter Katya Leick, she may have been ready for the unexpected, but she probably didn’t expect to get attacked by a horde of angry cicadas. Cicadas are flying insects, and Katya wasn’t looking to mess with them – she tried to keep her cool – but that didn’t stop them.

Her name was Lola

Speaking of getting unexpected animal visitors, come check out the story of this lady who was greeted by a parrot in the middle of her segment. The reporter, by the name of Brittany Kleyn immediately started screaming her lungs off, and the cameraman came to her rescue. Interestingly enough, this parrot had a bit of a backstory after all. Her name was Lola, and she was a lost pet (not a showgirl). When the story went viral, Lola was actually reunited with her owner.

Aspiring diver

Sometimes, even the best of us can get starstruck when we encounter someone of great importance. A Dutch reporter was promoting a festival for the Easter holidays when she saw the mayor himself, and decided she had to get an interview with him. Unfortunately, in her valiant attempt to get into contact with him, she got a bit too close to the ocean, tried to grab hold of what she thought was a rope, and before she knew it – splash!

False earthquake

It’s always easy to make fun of people after the fact, but we must remember that everyone is human, and we all have basic survival instincts. These instincts came into action on the set of KTLA news, when a Los Angeles news team was live, and all of the sudden they felt the ground shaking! They immadiately declared, “We’re having an earthquake,” and ducked under the desks. While the anchors’ reactions were quite understandable, they were nonetheless mocked afterward, even by television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Take this sweater

Now this is just a story that’s plain old awkward – nobody wants to be in the situation that Liberte Chan, a KTLA meteorologist was in when all she wanted to do was give a simple weather report. That morning, she got up, got dressed without thinking twice that there was anything wrong with the dress she was wearing – but viewers didn’t agree with her. A view moments into her weather report, complains were sent in and Chan was given a sweater to put on – awkward!

I’m so tired

Tucker Carlson is a human being just like all of us, and what that means is – he gets tired! Only thing is, perhaps he should’ve taken his nap off the set of Fox and Friends, an early morning show where he was a co-host. But even funnier is the fact that Carlson actually fell asleep when they were on break, and his sly co-hosts decided to jokingly turn on the live camera while he was still sleeping, so the whole world could see him snore!

Cameraman blitz

Perhaps when you’re a cameraman, and you’re constantly watching others in the spotlight, you can get antsy and try to be a part of the action. Lee Valsvik, a Minneapolis NBC reporter was just trying to do a football segment at a local bar when her cameraman decided to go rogue. Without warning, he decided to go ahead and tackle her to the floor while she was doing her piece. Taken aback but chuckling, she assured everyone around that she was okay.

Hot as the sun

How many of us have been the victim of a practical joke? For Cory McCloskey, a weather reporter from Phoenix, the practical joke that was played on him got witnessed by thousands of people that had tuned in to watch. Apparently, some jokester changed a few numbers on the weather map, making it seem as if a few cities had temperatures of 1000 degrees, all the way up to 2,960 degrees! Realizing it was a joke, he laughed it off and even played along.

Unhappy birds

This reporter was covering a story about a tree that had been severely infested with birds, and perhaps they didn’t take too kindly to his presence, because one of them decided to poop on his shoulder. The fearless reporter laughed it off, thinking that would be the end of it, but it was not to be. For some strange reason, he decided to look up, and soon enough, the same substance that lay on his shoulder would also appear in his mouth – and that’s when he began to scream.

I said bedtime

Perhaps the more serious something is, the funnier it becomes when some light humor is introduced. Take Robert Kelly, a guest expert who was reporting live about the president of South Korean, Park Geun-hye, when his kids rushed into the room out of nowhere. Trust the younger generation to make something serious seem comical! Funnily enough, the video of this segment went viral and now Kelly is an internet star, thanks to his jovial, rambunctious children.

Pregnant woman

Any woman that has ever gone through pregnancy will probably tell you that it is no piece of cake. And whether you’re at home or at work, certain symptoms are bound to show themselves one time or another. Just take Poppy Harlow, a CNN news anchor who was in the middle of a live segment when she began to mumble her words. Soon after, she was forced to leave the set a take a quick break. Harlow was pregnant at the time with her daughter, so it was quite understandable.

More bugs

Man, is there anything funnier than people being attacked by bugs on camera? Well, maybe, but it is certainly very funny. News reporters are supposed to look professional, put together, and unafraid of anything – so when their human side comes out, and they get a little scared, it’s always a sight to see. Just take Brad Willis, a field reporter who thought he’d enjoy a nice day of reporting on a sunny beach when a giant bug flew right in front of his face!

The model wobble

Even beautiful models makes mistakes sometimes – even the ones that we think are so perfect, with their graceful walk and talk, every once in a while have a nice fall. Such was the case in the 2007 Paris Fashion Week, when a model had a misstep, and her wobbling legs led her to fall down – and not just once, but twice. We’re not proud of it, but it was very funny to watch – and the Channel Four News team could help but crack up on air either.

Open wide

We have a lot of tales about bugs who flew too close to a reporter’s face, or something of that nature, but this may be the best one of them all. In this story, we have a Channel Four reporter who had a bug literally fly right into his mouth! Needless to say, the man did not keep his cool. There is certainly a difference between being an anchor in an air conditioned studio, and a field reporter that must travel to all sorts of random places under the sun.

Just a bit smashed

Don Lemon, a reporter from CNN, is a man who likes to have fun. If there used to be any doubts about this fact, they were immediately dispelled on New Years Eve of 2017, when he and his co-host set up shop in a local bar, and Lemon started to get a bit carried away with the drinks. He got so drunk that at one point his co-host told him that tequila was emitting from his pores!

Interesting dress choices

Meet Jackie Guerrido. She is certainly something of a gregarious television persona. A journalist and a weathercaster from Puerto Rico, she is known for her controversial yet appealing dresses that she likes to wear on camera. Most people are grateful that she expresses herself in a fun, yet professional way, and some people aren’t so cool with what she decides to wear. But if there’s something we learned from the Broadway musical, Annie, it’s “what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters.”