30 rock star daddies and their incredible girls

Georgia May Jagger

The gorgeous British model’s dad has been with some of the most beautiful women in the world, and and so it only makes sense that his offsprings would be just as beautiful. Jagger, the Rolling Stone’s lead singer married former model Jerry Hall in 1990 after the two met back in the seventies. Georgia was born in 1992 and it seems like she is following in her mother’s footsteps as she has appeared on numerous magazine covers and ads. Georgia is just one of eight children that the legendary rock star has, with different women of course.

georgia may jagger

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger

It can get quite confusing to follow with all of these amazing kids that Mick Jagger has, but this time we’re focusing on another daughter that was produced from Jagger’s marriage to former model Jerry Hall and that is the 33 year old Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger who is also the older sister of Georgia May Jagger. Her first walk on the runway was in 1998 when she was part of Thierry Mugler fashion show. She was also chosen to be a representative for Mango alongside other celebrated models.

elizabeth jagger final

Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

Stephanie is the eldest daughter of the long-time rock star, John Bon Jovi and his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley. Stephanie has been in the spotlight for all kinds of reasons, and it wasn’t always for the best reasons including a near death of drug overdose, however she always remained daddy’s little girl. In fact, the song ‘I Got the Girl’ was inspired and written for Bon Jovi’s girl, only girl in fact as she is the older sister of three younger brothers.

stephanie bon jovi

Ruby Stewart

Ruby Stewart, as you can probably guess, is another daughter of the legendary singer, Rod Stewart and she is the half sister of Kimberley, whom we’ve mentioned earlier. She took the best of all of her parents’ worlds when she turned to modeling as well as to a career in music. In 2012, Ruby founded a band called Revoltaire where she serves as the lyricist and vocalist. The blonde beauty has also worked as a lingerie model and has walked the runway during London Fashion Weeks.

ruby st

Calico Cooper

The ‘School’s Out’ crooner who has been in the industry for over 50 years has a 35 year old daughter named Calico from his first and only life, Sheryl Goddard. The mini Cooper pretty much grew up watching all kids of horror shows happening on stage, so it’s no surprise how she chose a couple of horror movies to star in throughout her busy acting career. Currently she is working on an upcoming film called Tales of Hell.

alice cooper

Amber Le Bon

Amber is one of three daughters of Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran’s frontman and his wife since 1985, British model, Yasmin Le Bon. The 27 year old, who looks strikingly similar to her mom, has been following in her mom’s career footsteps as she has modeled for many big brands including Moschino and River Island. She has also been chosen to be the face of Forever 21. Amber was born roughly 10 years after her dad’s band was formed.

amber le bon

Kimberly Stewart

The 37 year old daughter of singer Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton has been one of the busiest rock star daughters around. The socialite has been acting, modeling and even found time to have a child with actor, Benicio del Toro. Some of her work includes having a lead role in Going to California as well as appearing on the covers of different prominent magazines. She has also worked with the biggest names in the fashion industry including Tommy Hilfiger, Max Mara and more.

kimberley st

Coco Sumner

Eliot Paulina Sumner who also goes by the name Coco Sumner Police frontman and bassist, Sting. Coco has taken after her dad’s talent and added it a little indie twist. The Indie rocker has been writing and playing music since she was a little girl and these days she has a band named I Blame Coco. She signed her first contract when she was only 17 years old. Apart from music she also had a small film role in the 2007 film, Stardust.

coco sunmer


Lauren Harris

This rock star daughter knows how to rock it, literally. Lauren is the gorgeous daughter of Iron Maiden bassist, Steve Harris. She definitely followed in her dad’s musical footsteps and ever since 2005 she has been strong in the industry. She has toured around with her dad’s band and got to open for the heavy metal group in 2006 and 2007. We’re sure we;ll be hearing a lot about this daughter in the future.


Alexa Ray Joel

With such an interesting genetic pool, it’s not hard to see how Alexa Ray Joel turned out so gorgeous. Joel is the daughter of Piano Man, Billy Joel and former supermodel, Christie Brinkley from the time she was married to the singer back in the eighties. Besides her parents’ looks, the young Joel also got her dad’s musical gifts and she has her hands full in writing, singing and playing the piano. Her middle name, by the way, was giver to her after Ray Charles.

alexa ray joel

Alexandra Richards

Another Rolling Stone’s offspring is Alexandra Richards, and by her last name you can understand that she is the daughter of the band’s guitarist, Keith Richards and former model, Patti Hansen. The 30 year old has taken after her mom’s beauty and her dad’s musical talents and she found her musical niche as a DJ. She has also had her modeling gigs when she appeared in important magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair and more.

alexandra richards

Kelly Osbourne

Being an Osbourne is without a doubt compelling. It’s like you almost have to have a coolness ticket in order to be considered an Osbourne. Thankfully, Kelly has all of these factors. The 32 year old was born in London and growing up she used to go on tours with her dad. In recent years, Kelly has had a major weight loss transformation and joined E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ as a fashion correspondent alongside the late Joan Rivers. Television is not new to the young Osbourne who had her and her family’s lives documented on MTV’s reality show, The Osbournes.

kelly osbourne

Liv Tyler

You can’t have a ‘rock star daughters’ lost without including the stunning Armageddon star, Liv Tyler. Tyler, who will be turning 40 next year, is the daughter of Aerosmith’s frontman, Steven Tyler, has established her stardom status in Hollywood and she has many films under her belt. When she was younger, she also collaborated with her dad when she appeared in his music video, Crazy, alongside actress, Alicia Silverstone. She recently welcomed her third baby.

liv tyler

Jesse Money

Jesse Money is the daughter of the Eddie Money who was mostly successful during the seventies and later in the eighties. The 29 year old has had a pretty calm life growing up, considering she has four brothers! She has followed in her dad’s footsteps and started a singing career quite early in her life. There’s no doubt that Jesse drew her talent genetically and by watching her dad on stage while she used to dance to his songs backstage. She is very close to her dad and she can play all kinds of instruments including the piano, the guitar, the tambourine and more.

jesse money

Daisy Lowe

We have to admit, we were a little surprised to find out that Gavin Rossdale, Bush’s frontman and Gwen Stefani’s ex, has a 28-year-old daughter, after all he looks almost as young as 30! But apparently the rock singer has a daughter named Daisy from when he was in a relationship with her mom, Pearl Lowe. Until the age of 15, it was believed that someone else was Daisy’s father, until it was revealed that her godfather, Rossdale, was in fact her biological dad. The beauty has pretty much been modeling since she was two years old.

daisy lowe

Bijou Phillips

This stunning lady is a star on her own. Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips, The Mamas & The Papas lead singer. The socialite is a busy model as well as a busy actress. In fact, when she was just 13 years old she appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue, making her one of the youngest models to ever be featured on the prestigious magazine cover. She appeared in many films including Almost Famous and has been happily married to That 70’s Show’s star, Danny Masterson since 2011.

bijou philips

Lily Collins

Lily Collins has established her stardom and has been very busy in the entertainment industry as well as in the fashion business. The 28 year old is the daughter of Phill Collins and Jill Tavelman, whom the musician was married to from 1984 to 1996. Lily has appeared both on the small screen as well as on the big scree. Some of her work includes Mirror Mirror, The Blind Side, 90210 and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Lancome also chose the actress as their face.


Micky Sumner

Another rockstar offspring coming from the Sting household is Mickey Sumner, who was born Gordon Sumner. She is the oldest daughter of the Sting gang. The 33 year old British actress has followed in her mom’s footsteps, and pursued a career in film. Sumner started acting in 2006 and in 2011 she got her big break when she landed a role on The Borgias, playing Francesca. She has also done some off-broadway work.

mickey sumner

Apple Martin

She is only 12 years old, but it’s very clear that the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, a vey talented and pretty tree. Apple is the daughter of Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin and actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. The couple was married from 2003 to 2016 and they have remained good friends even after their divorce. We can’t wait to see which path the sweet Apple will choose to walk in, whether she will pursue a career in singing or in acting, or perhaps both?


Lara Johnston

So many rock star daughters choose to follow in their dads’ musical footsteps and Lara Johnston is no exception. Lara is the daughter of Tom Johnston, the founder and lead singer of The Doobie Brothers. In 2011, the young Johnston has tried her luck with the singing reality show, American Idol, and although she was eliminated quite early on, that didn’t stop her from continuing to pursue a singing and songwriting career.

lara johnston

Lucy Walsh

Lucy Walsh is pretty much a rock star kid all around, as she is not only the daughter of Joe Walsh, the guitarist of Eagles, but she is also the niece of Ringo Starr, the Beatles’ drummer of course. The talented 34-year-old has music running in her veins so it only makes sense that she chose a musical career. Besides singing and writing, she is also a talented pianist and an occasional actress. Her famous dad has been married five times and her mother is Joe’s third wife, Juanita Boyer.

lucy walsh

Ava Sambora

This 19 year old beauty is certainly not shy of the camera, and she has every reason not to be. Ava has some of the best genes running in her blood with her mother being Melrose Place alumni, Heather Locklear, and her dad is Richie Sambora, the Bon Jovi band’s lead guitarist. Her parents married in 1994 and separated in 2007. The young blonde has already made her steps in the fashion industry and is running a very active social media account.

ava sambora

Chelsea Tyler

It seems like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith knows not only how to make great music but also how to create gorgeous kids. Chelsea is Tyler’s 28-year old-daughter from the time he was married to his second wife, Teresa Barrick. Just like many rock star kids do, Chelsea, who is her dad’s mini me basically, has turned to modeling and she recently walked the runway for Philipp Plein at New York’s fashion week. She married Jon Foster two years ago. The two have a band called Kaneholler.

chelsea tyler

Theodora Richards

We’e mentioned her older sister earlier, but we just couldn’t ignore the fact that there is another stunning Richards daughter and her name is Theodora. The 32-year-old has also turned to modeling and when she was 16 she modeled for Tommy Hilfiger alongside Alexandra and Mick Jagger’s daughter, Elizabeth. In 2011 she was arrested for inking graffiti in New York City while possessing marijuana, but she swayed from that rocky road and is continuing wth her modeling career.

theodor richards

Zoe Kravitz

The Big Little Lies actress was pretty much brought up into the entertainment world. Her father is singer, songwriter and producer, Lenny Kravitz who is known for his rock, blues, soul and other music styles. Zoe is a mini-me version of her actress mom, Lisa Bonet who was married to Kravitz from 1987 to 1993. After Zoe’s parents divorced, she split her time between two homes. She has always wanted to be in the film industry and today she has her hands full with not only acting but also modeling and singing.

zoe kravitz final

Minka Kelly

Not many people know this, but the gorgeous Friday Night Lights actress is the daughter of Rick Dufay, Aerosmith guitarist. Minka and her late mom, Maureen Dumont moved quite a lot before they finally settled in Chicago. Kelly, who also strikingly resembles actress Leighton Meester, is a busy actress is mostly known or her roles on the drama series, Friday Night Lights and on Charlie’s Angels.

minka kelly

Frances Bean Cobain

When France Bean Cobain was born, she pretty much had no choice but to be born into the world of rock n roll. The 24 year old is the daughter of not one, but two rock star parents, Niravana’s frontman, Kurt Cobain and Hole’s lead singer, Courtney Love. While her parents have had their fair share of ups and downs when they were together, Frances managed to build a life of her own and find her own niche in art. This rock royalty kid has also been married to The Eeries’ member, Isaiah Silva for two years. In one of her interviews Cobain said that she is “not a fan” of Nirvana. Ouch. In 2010 she received all publicity rights to her late father’s name.

frances bean

Lisa Marie Presley

She was only nine years old when her legend-rock-star-day died, but his legacy has been an inseparable part of Lisa’s life. Being Elvis’s daughter pretty much means that you have one way to follow, and that road has to do with music.  Although the actress and singer has released a couple of albums, she kept busy maintaining her father’s estate. Marie Presley has been married and divorced four times, including two high profile marriages to the late Michael Jackson and actor, Nicolas Cage.

lisa final

Stella McCartney

Probably the most fashionable rock-star-daughter on our list, Stella is the daughter of the former Beatle and rock legend, Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney. There’s no doubt that the successful fashion designer has taken the best of both her parents’ worlds. She took the ability to work hard for her success from her dad and being compassionate with animals from her mom who was a big animal activist. In fact, the young McCartney, doesn’t use fur nor leather when designing her clothes.

stella mc

Stella Santana

The 32-year-old daughter of the Mexican-American musician who rose to fame in the sixties, has followed in her father’s musical footsteps, however, she has decided to try some R&B and soul, rather than rock. Stella has appeared in her own music video, where she showed her unique and soulful qualities. We have a feeling, we’ll be hearing a lot from this rising artist.


Nicole Richie

Lionel Richie is one of the greatest artists of all time, with 5 Grammys under his belt and over 100 million records sold around the world. Nicole, who became famous when she appeared alongside BFF socialite, Paris Hilton on Fox’s reality The Simple Life, is the first daughter of the legendary singer. Nicole has led anything but a simple life. She has starred in several films and she has been married Joel Madden of Good Charlotte since 2010. The couple has two children and have been very bust with their Richie Madden Children’s Foundation.

nicole richie final;

Hollie Evans

Another U2 member, David Evans, also known as The Edge has three daughters, from the time he was married to his first wife, Aislinn O’Sullivan. His eldest daughter, Hollie, is 32 years old and although the talented guitarist has tried to keep his daughters away from the public eye, Hollie is keeping a very active Instagram account. She even took to the social media platform to share a photo of her famous dad walking her down the aisle at her wedding two years ago.


Kimberly Petty

Her father was the frontman of Ton Petty and the Heartbreakers who is responsible for some of the greatest hits in the world. The iconic rock star who was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, has two daughters. His edgier and younger daughter is Kimberly Violette Petty, is an artist a fashion and style icon who goes by the name Annakim Violette. She has one colorful personality with her vampire-free spirited aesthetics.


Jade Jagger

Another Jagger offspring on our list is Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger who is a British socialit and a jewelry designer who is also the daughter of the Mick Jagger and his first wife, Bianca Jagger. The former model who grew up in London spent a lot of her time in Manhattan after her parents broke up. She has three children and has been married to graphic designer, Adrian Fillary since 2012.

jade jagger

Sara Gilmour

The iconic guitarist of  the Pink Floyd has just like his fellow rocker, Mick Jagger, not less than eight children. His stunning daughter, Sara from his first marriage to Ginger Gilmour, is a fashion model who has appeared in numerous prints ads including Tank Magazine, V Magazine and other editorials. Her father was part of the the successful band that was responsible for the legendary albums, The Wall and The Dark side of the Moon.


Lee Starkey

It wouldn’t be a complete list without another Beatle. Richard Starkey, who is probably mostly familiar by his stage name, Ringo Starr, was the group’s drummer and was part of the Beatle’s sensational success. Lee was born in 1970, a little after the Beatles broke up and while her parents’ relationship was also on the edge. The fashion designer who founded the L.A based boutique, Planet Alice was diagnosed brain tumor in 2002 and underwent many surgeries. These days she is better and in a mother of three children.

ringo starr final

Mia Tyler

The third Tyler daughter on our list is the 38-year-old Mia Tyler who is the daughter of Aerosmith’s frontman and her actress mother, Cyrinda Foxe. Her famous dad even wrote a song named after her, which was part of the Night in thr Ruts album. Tyler did not stay away from the spotlights and at the age of 7 she was already starring on MTV’s House of Style. She is also a plus-size model who has appeared in some of the biggest magazines like Vogue and Teen People. She was also part of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club back in 2005 and was a reality judge on Pretty Wicked. In 2013 she appeared with her dad o Season 13 of Hells’s Kitchen.

mia tyler

Ashley Campbell

The rock and country music legend has been married four times and has no less than eight children. The singer, who was mostly famous during the ’60s and ’70s, passed his country roots and his love for the genre to his 30 year-old-daughter, Ashley. She is the youngest child of the late singer and is a rising star herself. She recently performed in the Country to Country festival.


Kamila Thompson

The British rock star who has his musical debut in 1967 and has recorded with some of the biggest stars in the music world ever since, including R.E.M, David Gilmour, Elvis Costello and more. His youngest daughter, Kamila, has followed in her dad’s footsteps, like many other rock star daughters do, and pursued a singing career. She has been touring with her band, The Rails, all over.


Ruth Clapton

Ruth Clapton is considered the secret love child of one of the greatest performers and artists in the world. When Clapton was married to his first wife, Pattie Boyd, he had an affair with Ruth’s mom, Yvonne Kelly, and although the two haven’t always been in deep contact, their relationship grew stronger and stronger over the years. It must be awesome to be the daughter of the only artist who is a three-time-inductee to the famous and prestigious Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

ruth clapton

Zofia Page

Founder of Led Zeppelin and later the band’s guitarist, Jimmy Page, has had a prosperous music career as well as a dynamic love life. The artist met his third wife, Jemina Gomez, in Brazil while on tour, and they had two children together, Zofia (pictured) who is 20 years old and a son named Ashen. The singer also adopted Gomez’s daughter, Jana, from her previous relationship.

zofia final

Pixie Geldof

The 26-year-old daughter of legendary rock star, Bob Geldof, has been modeling for quite some time now. She has been the face of Diesel, Pringle of Scotland, Levi’s and more. The young Geldof has also modeled for big British designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott. Besides her modeling career, she’s also into music and was even scheduled to be a DJ at the 2014 Coachella festival, however, she had to cancel due to the tragic death of her sister.


Shana Morrison

Her rock star dad is the Irish singer and songwriter, Van Morrison, who has been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Shana, who split her time between two homes after her parents split up, was always around music. From performing in musicals during her studies, the 47-year-old is now an established singer who tours around the country. She released her latest album in 2010, named Joyride.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.25.43

Emily Ruth May

Emily is the 30-year-old daughter of 69-year-old rock star, Brian May, who is the legendary guitarist of one of the most successful groups in the world, Queen. May is responsible for composing some of the greatest hits in history including ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘I Want it All’ and ‘The Show Must Go On’. The singer was married to Emily and her two siblings’ mother, Chrissie Mullen from 1974 to 1988.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.30.41

Norah Jones

Ravi Shankar might not be the typical rock star dad, but he worked with the greatest names in the genre who were influenced by the Indian musician’s work. Shankar was introduced to the Beatles back at the time and worked closely with the successful group. His daughter, Norah Jones, is an extremely successful artist and has sold over 50 million albums around the world. Norah was born after her dad had an affair with Sue Jones, a concert producer from New York, whom he lived with until 1986.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.35.52

Mary McCartney

Another Beatle offspring on our list is the 47-year-old daughter of Paul McCartney and his late wife, Linda. Just like her mom, Mary turned to photography. In fact, photography has always been an inseparable part of Mary’s life as one of her pictures as a baby, which was taken by her mom, was featured on the back cover of McCartney, her dad’s first solo album. Just like the rest of her family, she is also an animal activist and long-time vegetarian.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.42.07

Carmen Jane Plant

Carmen is the only daughter of Led Zepplin’s lyricist and frontman, Robert Plant. With his powerful voice, he has been considered one of the greatest vocalists in rock n roll history, who has been the inspiration for other artists such as Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury. Music stayed in teh family for Carmen when she married her dad’s bass player, Charlie Jones. She is a professional dancer who specialized in belly-dancing and splits her time between her family and performing in music festivals.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.45.55

Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison sure knows what it’s like to be “The Lady in Red,” after all, her famous father is the one who wrote and sang this hit song in 1986. The art-rock artist,Chris de Burgh, sold nearly 50 million albums worldwide. His daughter, Rosanna, is actually a formal beauty as she won the Miss World competition in 2003. The 33-year-old still models these days.


Amber Jean Young

Talent definitely runs in the Young family, even if it’s not in the form of music. Amber Jean Young, is one talented artists who has a Master of Fine Arts. She is also the daughter of one of the most famous rock stars in the world, the legendary Neil Young. Young the father, was even named by the Rolling Stone magazine, one of the greatest rock n roll artists of all time. he also worked with the biggest names in the industry including Pearl Jam.

neil young final

Layla Brooklyn Allman

Layla is the 24-year-old daughter of the Allman Brothers Band member, Gregg Allman. It’s no surprise that Layla Brooklyn chose a musical path after both her dad and her uncle were in the business for so long. She has her own band named Picture Me Broken, however she chose a different sound than her dad. She went to a more alternative rock sounds than a organic mix of rock and blues that her dad was famous for.

layla allman

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof, was another daughter of the rock legend. The former model and columnist was sadly found dead in 2014. Apparently she died of drug overdose. This came as a shock to the entire family, the media world and the fashion industry, as well as her private family. She was only 25 years old when she died, but she had already been married twice and had two children.

PicMonkey Collage

Stella Rose Gahan

Stella Rose Gahan is the 17-year-old daughter of British performer and songwriter, David Gahan, who will forever be the legendary frontman of Depeche Mode, who were extremely successful in the 80’s. The group has been responsible for some of the greatest hits in the electronic and rock genre and Dave himself was named one of ‘The 100 Greatest Frontmen’ in history. Stella is leaving the life of a typical teenager.

stella rose

Fifi Trixibelle Geldof

Fifi is the eldest daughter of the legendary Irish singer, actor and author. Fifi, who recently got married, has been trying to shut herself out of the spotlight and the glitz and glam of the family, and that’s why she hasn’t been photographed much over the years. She has also struggled with clinical depression which all started when her parents were in the midst of an ugly divorce process.

fifi final

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof

We know it might be confusing with such a long name that has Geldof at the end, but the 20-year-old has literally moved from one musical family to another. Heavenly is the biological daughter of Australian rock singer, Michael Hutchence who was sadly found dead in a hotel room in Sydney back in 1997. His daughter was later placed under the Geldofs’ (yes, as in Bob Geldof) custody, and she has been considered his adopted daughter ever since.

tiger lili final

Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson is the daughter of U2’s frontman, Bono. The stunning 25 year old was actually named ‘eve’ because she was born on July 7th at 7 AM, and ‘eve’ are the three middle letters of the word, ‘seven’. When you are brought up in a family of music, inspiration is everywhere. For instance, the famous song by the band, Kite, was actually inspired from a time Bono was with his two daughters, Eve and Jordan, when they took a kite up which later crashed. Eve got her first big break in 2011 when she landed a role in ‘This Must Be The Place’. Eve has been dating One Tree Hill’s actor, James Lafferty for almost ten years now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.59.40

India Waters

Her dad is the celebrated progressive rock band founder, Roger Waters, who co-founded the one and only group, Pink Floyd. India is the daughter of the songwriter and composer from his second marriage to Lady Carolyne Christie. While she didn’t really follow in her dad’s footsteps in terms of her career she does work as a model and is quite successful in the industry. The beauty did lend her voice though for her father’s 1987 Radio K.A.O.S album, but that was her only connection to music thus far.

india waters

Avy Lee Roth

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a Van Halen offspring. Avy is the 37-year-old daughter of David Lee Roth, also known as Diamond Dave, and she decided to go a different path from the other rock star daughters when she chose to be a porn star. While it still remains unclear who her mother is (at least not publicly), after all her famous father has dated many women at the time.


Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke is the talented daughter of drummer Simon Kirke. Simon was a member of Bad Company and Free in his prime. Jemima is known for her role as Jessa Johansson on the hit HBO show Girls. Jemima and Lena Dunham, the writer and creator of Girls, are childhood friends. Jemima is married and has two children and lives in, where else, Brooklyn, New York. Her latest project is the 2017 film Untogether, that is currently in post-production.


Rashida Jones

Music producer, composer and overall magnate, Quincy Jones is the father of funny lady Rashida Jones. Rashida is a famous actress in her own right, starring in productions like The Office, The Muppets, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and Park and Recreation. She is also a screenwriter. She co-wrote the screenplay for Toy Story 4. Rashida is involved in the political sphere and has been vocal on her opinion on the new administration.


Brooklyn Sudano

Brooklyn is the daughter of two musicians – singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano, and musical icon Donna Summer! Brooklyn got the best of both of her parents. Sudano is an actress, singer, model and dancer – a true quadruple threat. Some of her acting credits include My Wife and Kids, Turn the Beat Around, and Ballers. She has modeled in campaigns for Clean & Clear, K-Mart, and Clairol.


Sophie Simmons

Sophie is the daughter of 67 year old musician and television man, Gene Simmons who is also known as The Demon or Dr. Love. The former Kiss bad member must be very proud of his 24 year Jewel, who apart from starring on the family’s reality show, a Gene Simmons Family Jewels, is also a humanitarian working in order to promote several charities. Sophie has also appeared in a few films and is set to have a role in an upcoming 2018 film.

sohpie simmons

Erin Lucas

Cliff Williams has been the bassist for the Australian hard rock group, AC/DC since 1977 which gained huge success and was even inducted into the American Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. His daughter, Erin Lucas, is a busy model and actress and you might recognize her from MTV’s The City, a reality show which was a spin off of the hit show, The Hills. Lucas is 32 years old and she lives in L.A. these days.

erin lucas