29 Songs From The 90’s That Are Still Stuck In Our Heads

‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ By Eiffel 65

Blue by Eiffel 65 has one of the most confusing, annoying, and yet most enticing choruses of the decade. You couldn’t walk into a department store, turn on a radio, or watch a music video on MTV without being subjected to the blue anthem of the 90’s. Eiffel 65 may have been a one-hit wonder, especially since we haven’t heard anything from the Dj boys since their mass hit redefined what it meant to be “blue.” But, you know what? We’re okay with them making a subtle fade away into the entertainment abyss. We couldn’t take the risk of another song like I’m green or something getting stuck in our heads for a lifetime.


‘Barbie Girl’ By Aqua

The best part about Barbie Girl by Aqua, was the bald-headed Ken in the music video. Now that we recall, Aqua herself wasn’t even a blonde. In the 90’s, the electro-pop band was fundamentally praised for Barbie Girl and it’s a catchy tune. But in reality, Aqua was actually a decent music artist. The remainder of their debut album was spunky and dance-worthy. Be My Bad Boy was such an underrated song. Don’t you think?


‘Baby Got Back’ By Sir Mix-A-Lot

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun! Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back was a bit ahead of its time. It was brilliant, don’t get us wrong; but the world wasn’t quite ready for the controversial message that the booty anthem brought to the 90’s. In a time where stick-thin models were worshiped by society, Mix-A-Lot brought curves into the game and shook up perception of personal beauty. Today, we can really see how this song influenced pop culture and the ideal body shape.


‘C’est La Vie’ By B*Witched

C’est La Vie by B*Witched was a song that got stuck in your head and didn’t go away unless you listened to it in its entirety. It eventually became the Disney Channel Original Movie choice for pretty much every film and soundtrack they produced, so B*Witched was quickly perceived as kiddie band and didn’t make it too far after this debut single. We’ll give the jam credit where it’s due, though – it’s a good piece of nostalgia to shake our hips to.


‘Men In Black’ By Will Smith

It was tough to pick the Will Smith song that was most likely to get stuck in your head during the 90’s… and for years afterward. Gettin’ Jiggy With It and Welcome To Miami were top contenders but in the end, Men In Black is the tune that we’ll never be able to shake off. Maybe it’s because it comes from a phenomenal movie franchise that has its own ride Universal Studios. Or, maybe it’s just because the song has an addictive hook with three fine ladies providing the back-vocal in the chorus.


‘Say My Name’ By Destiny’s Child

It’s easy to forget that Beyonce used to belong to one of the greatest girl groups of the 90’s. Sure, Say My Name got stuck in your head like white on rice but it was also one of the longest running songs in the decade timewise. Say My Name is almost 5 minutes long, so should we really be surprised that we carried at least the chorus line with us for 6 consecutive hours after we heard it on the radio one time in the morning? That’s classical conditioning at its finest, folks.


‘All That She Wants’ By Ace Of Base

Ace of Base was cool, simple as that. They were talented musicians and knew how to give their audience something worth listening to without making our ears bleed. All That She Wants (Is Another Baby) may have contained heavy topic content but that didn’t matter to anyone singing the lyrics over and over again to themselves. The rhythm was smooth and the beat was funky. It was perfect for anywhere and anytime at all.


‘Livin La Vida Loca’ By Ricky Martin

In early days of Ricky Martin, we got used to him shaking his and showing off his Elvis-like moves in his music videos. Livin’ La Vida Loca was the latin artist’s first American single and the country ate it up like crazy. It was spicy and upbeat, and dare if we say – a tad bit racy if you remember the video’s content. Lest not forget, Ricky Martin also managed to teach English speakers how to say a complete phrase in the Spanish language. Even if it wasn’t necessarily something we could use on a daily basis.


‘Wannabe’ By The Spice Girls

Yo! I’ll tell ya what, what I really really want! So, tell me what you want what you really really want! Girl Power blew up when the Spice Girls stepped on the scene with one of the catchiest songs of not just the decade, but the whole dang century. Their gimmick was unstoppable, their creative vision undeniable, and every little girl wanted to be them. We’re just glad that we still get to witness the occasional reunion tour here and there ’cause otherwise, we’d be lost without a little spice in our lives.


‘Bailamos’ By Enrique Iglesias

If you didn’t know already, Enrique Iglesias is one steamy man. After the release of Bailamos in 1998, the world would associate him with the nether regions of their bodies. Excuse us for pointing out the obvious. The sultry baby-making tune was a smash hit on more than a couple of continents and it’s still a classic today. We can just hear the lyrics in our heads now as we reminisce.


‘I’ll Be Missing You’ By Puff Daddy & Faith Evans

After the death of his best friend Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy (now P. Diddy) teamed up with the late rapper’s ex-wife Faith Evans to create I’ll Be Missing You in his honor. The sample used for Puffy’s song was originally the hook from The Police’s Every Breath You Take and they hadn’t approved the re-use of the tune until after it was recorded. Still, it was a nice gesture on Puff Daddy’s part and the song is still widely received today. Not to mention, still stuck in our heads.


‘I Want It That Way’ By The Backstreet Boys

The backstreet boys were a solid pop group that knew how to produce a good song. When I Want It That Way was released, they set a new standard for boy bands everywhere in the world. We’re not saying the ballad had an incredible amount of debt but if anyone said that they didn’t love that song, they’d be straight up lying. We’re still listening to this song well over a decade later and chances are, you are too. If you aren’t – you should be.


‘Mambo Number 5 (A Little Bit)’ By Lou Bega

Another one-hit wonder on our list that just wouldn’t live itself down is Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega. Granted, the song was a bit objectifying and glorified a self-proclaimed womanizer but boy, could you get your groove on to it! Its lyrics were also way too easy remember, although, awfully unrealistic. We certainly did know so many ladies in real life, all with rhyming names. Did you? We didn’t think so.


‘Waterfalls’ By TLC

Our heart still bleeds for Left Eye but at least she and the remaining ladies of TLC left us with a great legacy to remember her by. Crazy Sexy Cool was a fantastic album on its own – however, Waterfalls was the breakout jam of the whole playlist. Anyone who was anyone didn’t just love that song, they had an immense amount of respect for it, as well. Whenever we ask ourselves for advice, we simply say: don’t go chasing waterfalls. Listen to the rivers and the lakes, like you used to.


‘Truly Madly Deeply’ By Savage Garden

Okay, fine. Truly Madly Deeply was completely corny and if you were single for pretty much all of the 90’s you never really understand its appeal. Regardless of your relationship status, this type of baby-making music always had a special place in your head, not necessarily your heart, though. After 1999 and the release of their second album, Savage Garden kind of fell off the face of Earth. This song certainly didn’t, though.


‘Ironic’ Alanis Morisette

Ironic was one of the most played, sang, and referred to songs of the decade. In fact, it’s still celebrated and performed today by artists other than the great Alanis Morisette herself. There’s just one problem with Ironic; it’s not about irony at all. Not one single set of lyrics in this is the definition of irony. You know what is, though? Writing a song about things that are ironic and none of it actually is.


‘What Is Love’ By Haddaway

Obviously, Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell were not the music artists that wrote and performed What Is Love but we assumed that most of you (just like us) connect to the dance craze anthem solely through their Night At The Roxbury charm. Haddaway didn’t realize he had a colossal club hit on his hands until SNL made it the staple of one of their most favorite sketches and now, no one on this planet can since What Is Love without bopping their head on their shoulder like a hammer continuously hitting a nail.


‘I Will Always Love You’ By Whitney Houston

There’s one key lyric in the iconic song that hasn’t just been stuck in our heads since the 90’s – it’ll be stuck in our heads for the rest of our lives. Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You achieved monumental success after the release of her film The Bodyguard, co-starring Kevin Costner, but we have a feeling it was going to top the charts regardless of making it on a major motion picture soundtrack. Oh Whitney, how we miss you so!


‘End Of The Road’ By Boyz II Men

Boyz ll Men had a habit of making us cry. Their music usually made us reflect on our past relationships and what exactly went wrong with them. That’s growing up, though, isn’t it? End of the Road was early 90’s classic that’s now 25 years old! Can you believe that? It only seems like yesterday this slow jam was playing on the radio. Oh wait, it probably was. End of the Road has been covered by at least 3 different major artists since the start of the new millennium. Rightfully so.


‘All I Want Is You (Come On Over)’ By Christina Aguilera

If you’ve been waiting for Christina to pop up on the list, then look no further. The 90’s competition of Miss Britney Spears released her debut album in the same year as the Princess of Pop and gave us some new material to be obsessed with for the whole decade. Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants were imminent hits, but it was Come On Over that we couldn’t forget about. Oh, and her voice, too. Christina’s voice was enough to plant the seed of any lyric she sang into our head for years to come.


‘When The Lights Go Out’ By Five

Five wasn’t the biggest boy band of the 90’s but they made their dent in the decade-long trend. When the Lights Go Out was released in 1998 and the boys’ sweet dance moves were definitely something to remember them by. Would it be accurate to place them underneath the one-hit wonder category? They may not have been able to keep up with The Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, or even 98 Degrees, but we remember them fondly.


‘Don’t Speak’ By No Doubt

Don’t Speak is the song that catapulted Gwen Stefani to mainstream success. She took the rest of No Doubt with her for a while, until she didn’t. Most of us remember having long car rides with either our friends or families and singing this song at the top of our lungs like it was karaoke night at the local pub. Still, Don’t Speak is one of the most referenced songs of No Doubt’s career and for a good reason too. We have to admit – it’s our favorite, coming even before Just a Girl.


‘Closing Time’ By Semisonic

You still can’t leave a bar at 3 am without the Dj playing Closing Time by Semisonic as the subliminal message to get the heck out of there. When trying to sing the old school tune, no one really gets past the first two lines. That’s probably because the subliminal message angle really works and people leave their location after hearing the beginning of their song. If they do make it past the first verse, they get the hint when the chorus comes on. “I know who I want to take me home!”


‘That Thing’ By Lauryn Hill

That Thing by Lauryn Hill was every music lover no matter what their age, religion, culture, or gender. Lauryn was the hippest girl on the block and she inspired you to be yourself at all costs. She’s flown under the radar in the last 10 years or so, but we’d like to think she made her mark on the industry with That Thing and Killing Me Softly before she started a family. If there was ever one 90’s song that we’d label as “feel good” in whichever era it plays in, it would be this one.


‘No Diggity’ By Blackstreet

No Diggity is still one of the most re-vamped, mixed, and covered songs today. Blackstreet really hit it out of the ballpark with this hit. The success transcended the 90’s and even though the guys aren’t making music together anymore, we’re sure they still look back and see No Diggity is a huge achievement. We certainly do, and we think that to ourselves every time we get down to it when we go out dancing. Or you know, when we stay at home and dance alone in front of our mirror.


‘Sometimes’ By Britney Spears

The 90’s was the era of Britney Spears; or at least, the beginning of her longstanding era. …Baby One More Time and (You Drive Me) Crazy were definitely fan favorites but when the Princess of Pop released Sometimes, it was a sweet and soft enough song that we never wanted to forget. The ballad stayed with us all the time – probably a result of the loop MTV played the music video on, for hours on end. It’s still one of the best songs in her discography.


‘Bittersweet Symphony’ By The Verve

If Cruel Intentions wasn’t the 90’s movie for you, then maybe you were never introduced to the orchestrated melody of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. But then again, who are we kidding? Everyone and their mother had seen Cruel Intentions at some point or another. Bittersweet Symphony was the only mainstream song that the band produced. It wasn’t the lyrics that got stuck in our heads throughout the 90’s, it was the violin section playing so melodically in the background and at the tune’s intro.


‘Mmm Bop’ By Hanson

Mmm Bop made three boys with long, blonde hair immortal in the eyes of their young, female fans. Mmm Bop was a nation-wide sensation that for a short time, allowed Hanson to understand what life must have been like for The Beatles at the height of their career. To be completely honest, we can’t really remember any of their other songs but we do remember every single word to Mmm Bop. Today, the boys still create music together for the Christian-rock genre and we hear they’re still pretty catchy.