17 Countries With A Super Strong Air Force


Starting out our list is Italy, which is a member of NATO, and sent forces to Afghanistan and Iraq. Italian pilots, and ground crews, have the reputation for being well trained, efficient, and fierce fighters.


It also helps that the Italian Air Force only flies state of the art aircraft from American, and European Manufacturers.


Next on the list, Canada has the advantage of being one of the most advanced Air Forces in the world. Canadian pilots are well trained with nearly all of them going through the same advanced flight training as their Royal Air Force counterparts.


Canadian ground crews are highly trained, and maintain highly complicated aircrafts such as the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. As an added note, Canada is also a member of NATO.


Also known as the Republic of China, Taiwan has a huge incentive, in the form of the Red China, to keep a modern air force. Taiwanese pilots are some of the best trained in the world, and fly state of the art planes such as the General Dynamics F-16, and the Dassault Mirage.


Taiwanese ground crews are also highly competent, and maintain complex aircraft, and aerial munitions.

South Korea

Next on the list, South Korea also has a big reason to keep a strong Air Force, it’s evil neighbor North Korea. South Korean pilots are highly trained, and operate planes such as the F-16, and F-35 Lightning.


South Korean ground crews are also highly competent and operate equipment such as MIM-23 Surface to Air Missile. All of this has proven to be a good detterant against the Communist North Korea.


Located in the heart of the Middle East, the Turkish Air Force has been pretty busy lately, patrolling Turkish airspace, and assisting in Turkey’s fight against the Islamic State.

The Turkish Air Force is well trained, and operates western equipment such as the F-16 fighter jet. Turkey is also a member of NATO, and participates in annual joint training exercises.


Having long had a respectable Air Force, Pakistan’s pilots have been getting a lot of experience in the past few years, because of all the turmoil in the region.


Pakistan’s Air Force is fully professional and uses aircraft such as American F-16, and the Chinese Chengdu F-7.


The Egyptian air force is one of the largest, and one of the most modern Air Force in the Arab world and Africa. Planes in the Egyptian Air Force include the Dassault Rafale, and the General Dynamics F-16.


Egypt’s Air Force has been at peace since the Camp David Accords of the 1980’s.


Our only “Self-Defense” Air Force on the list. Japan is legally prohibited from partaking in offensive wars. To that end the Japanese Air Force is mostly utilized for air space patrols. The Japanese Air Force flies planes such as the F-15 Eagle, and the Mitsubishi F-2. There are also about 40 F-35 Lightning’s on order.


Japanese pilots and ground crew are highly trained, and regularly practice with other air forces.


One of the best air forces in the world, the Australian Air Force is fully professional, and regularly trains with foreign forces such as New Zealand and the United States.


Planes flown by the Australian Air Force include the F/A-18 Hornet, as well as the F-35 Lightning with 70 of them on order.


The famed German Air Force, the Luftwaffe is one of the most feared Air Forces on the planet. A proud member of NATO Many of Germany’s pilots receive training with the United States Air Force, and Germany regularly participates in joint exercises with foreign forces.


Aircraft in the Luftwaffe include the Eurofighter Typhoon, as well as the Panavia Tornado.


One of the most populated countries in the world, India also has one of the worlds most feared Air Forces.  The Indian Air Force is fully professional and has a mixture of Russian, French and American aircraft in its inventory.


Indian pilots are well trained and routinely train with foreign militaries.


Traditionally with a strong Air Force, the French have one of strongest Air Forces in Europe, and the world. Uniquely among most Western European air forces, domestic manufacturers produce most of the Aircraft in the French Air Force.


The French Air Force is fully professional, and is highly competent.


The dominant superpower in Asia, the Chinese Air Force is at the forefront of China’s desire to dominate her neighboring countries. With aircraft such as the Shenyang J-16, and the Chengdu J-10, the Chinese Air Force has some of the most modern planes in the world.


China’s Air Force is well trained, and is rapidly gaining more experience.

United Kingdom

Once the most important Air Force in the world, the Royal Air Force is now in the number 4 spot. With a lot of experience, Royal Air Force pilots regularly train with foreign forces such as the American and Canadian Air Forces.


Aircraft flown by the Royal Air Force includes the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Lockheed Martin F-35B.


One of the most feared Air Forces in the world, Israel’s Air Force has been at the forefront of military tactics and technology. With many of their airmen serving during mandatory national service, the Israeli Air Force has managed to achieve a level of competence that is nearly unmatched throughout the world.


Aircraft flown by the Israeli Air Force include the General Dynamic’s F-16, and McDonnell Douglass F-15.


One of the 3 superpowers on this list, Russia has one of the world’s most powerful air forces. Russian pilots are highly trained with many having recent combat experience from Syria.


The Russian Air Force uses aircraft such as the Mig-35, and the Sukhoi Su-35.

United States

The most powerful Air Force on this list. The United States Air Force is the largest Air Force in the world. It is also fully composed of professional soldiers and airmen.

640px-F-16_fighting_falcon (1)

The US Air Force regularly trains with foreign air forces, and the United States is a founding member of NATO.